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Ms. Jackson Gets Nasty

9/18/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing Sanjaya's ponyhawk and some dominatrix fetish gear, Janet Jackson got freaky on the Thunderdome stop of her tour last night.

FCC be damned, Janet has finally figured out how to make fans sit through her entire show.

Janet Jackson


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2224 days ago

arte help    

Issues at home I think....

2224 days ago


Sodom and Gomorrah? Cute little Janet has turned evil on us.

2224 days ago

Get Over Yourselves    

She always does something like that at her shows. She's a supafreak! Love you Ms. Jackson

2224 days ago

Deport All Illegals    

She is so desperate. All she has are antics and "controversy". I think she was way over rated. She can't sing live and her music sucks.

2224 days ago

mickey lou    

She is sooooooo Gross! A very gross family too!

2224 days ago


you guys are so lame... janet doesn't need antics and controversy to have ppl attend her shows ... this is how her shows have always been ...she has always had a segment where she brings a fan up on stage since the 90's ... and her concerts are SOLD OUT ... so clearly people wanna see her !!! hating ain't a good look !!!!!!! :s

2224 days ago


Janet has alot of talent.. I mean alot! So its sad to see her have to resort to freaky sideshows during her performances. To the other commentators who say she has always done stuff like this.. Are you for real? Her shows were always (well they used to be)abt the music and the performance not the hardware on stage. For the most part concerts are the way the majority of artists make their money because record sales are divided with their record companies who take huge sums. Example TLC is the best comparrison that comes to mind of how little artists make from the revenues from these records. She isnt that relevant to todays music buyers so she is having to resort to outlandish behavior to remain relevant to the new generation of ticket buyers.. Sad because she has a core group of fans that she is turning off with these Madonna like antics. But she deos have to make money becuase we all know that in the Jackson family someone has support the family because they all have such a sense of entitlement in regards to other siblings supporting the "family" great legacy Joe you reap what u sow.... Jackson familys legacy wasted talent.

2224 days ago


If she could sing, she wouldn't need all the flash. I have nothing against her personally, but anyone who needs to go to have such lavish productions (i.e. Madonna, et al) is just distracting people from the lack of true talent.

2224 days ago

northern gypsy    

does this dancer get extra in danger pay???

2224 days ago


I'd wondered about that sheriff's-star nipple cover. She probably has a whole basement full of this stuff. Poor little Jermaine.

2224 days ago


i think it is interesting to see that once again she has copied madonna... Madonna did this 2 years ago on the Confessions tour... Then Janet did a Asian themed look on another tour.. and Madonna did that on the reinvention tour.... I love Janet... i just expect more..... Am i worng? Also.. is Janet getting a little thick around the middle?

2224 days ago


Janet is Legend. You either get it or not, and for those who do, "Oh Yeah" and for those who don't ..."big loss". I saw janet last night in L.A. and DAM. Great Show, Hit after Hit! The crowd was so much fun, Miz Janet let us have it!! Thanks Janet, I Love You!!!!

2224 days ago


That family has ISSUES

2224 days ago


Too bad she has to do this sideshow act. I don't think that it is a act for her , and it's sickening. What the hell is wrong with good music now days. It supposed to be about music not stuffing a apple into some guy bound and tied up, never would I go to see something like that. Janet keep your concerts if they is what you feel that you have to do to fill them up. And you need Jesus girl.

2224 days ago
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