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Amber Fried - Home Foreclosed

9/19/2008 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amber FreyAmber Frey of Scott Peterson fame has felt the economic pinch. Her house is going on the auction block.

TMZ has obtained a Notice of Trustee's Sale which says, "You are in default under a deed of trust dated 9/30/2005." According to the Notice, the property, located in Fresno County, CA, will go on the auction block next Wednesday, September 24 at 10:30 AM.

The auction will be held at the County Courthouse in Fresno. Starting bid - $454,262.11.


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A house payment is roughly 1% of the sales price. So at $440K her payment was about $4400/mo, give or take, with taxes and insurance. Totally agree with you Jen2k, take the time to get to know a guy before laying down with him. She's still stupid!!!

2036 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Sleeps with a killer on the first date. Is "confused:"about who the daddy of her baby is. I bet her
kids will be proud when they get old enough to search the Internet . Oh, by the way Amber, HIV tests
are usually free at clinics.

2036 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Its her fault Scott had to kill his wife.

2036 days ago


it's really hard to read the things that peole would write, well it's really SAD. I do commend this woman for coming forth with the information regarding the cheating man but, this has nothing to do with her losing her home. We don't know if she could afford it we don't know how much she paid for it. and for the people that are only thing of what they could do with her you need help.

We Pray for you all.

2036 days ago


Dave? What planet are you from????

2036 days ago


This woman could have been set for life if she had played her cards right. Now you tell me she can't make her house payment? What? Is she a gambler?

2036 days ago

Melon Head    

Maybe Scott's parents could help her pay the note off, I hear they are flush with cash.

She could call them up and ask for a killer loan. lololololololol


2036 days ago


I'd kill to buy that house!

2036 days ago

Melon Head

You are a moron But you are funny

2036 days ago


Prostitution sales are down. Hookers are struggling all over the country. Hang in there Amber (yo homeless bitch!)

2036 days ago

who dat    

If they are asking 450K, dont bid any higher than 200K. Amber is just another bottle bleach bimbo.

2036 days ago


For the person who wrote she worked at Mcdonalds nope thats wrong she owns her own spa!!! Not only that but the simple fact is the housing market has been over inflated for the past few years, houses were priced higher than they were really worth!!! It's a huge crisis right now....pick up a newspaper and read about the housing crisis before you say there is no such thing going on.
Also you people are really mean to be saying such terrible things about her, umm hello nobody is perfect so she slept with what she assumed to be a single man on the first date, who the hell cares.....does it really concern any of us? NOPE!!!! She did the right thing once she found out what was going on.
Also in regards to her book deal, my personal opinion is that most people would have done the same thing in that situation not to mention that there is nothing wrong with writting a book about the situation, for the record Lacis' mother wrote a book about it called FOR LACI and scotts sister also wrote a book so there is no huge shock or terrbile thing that amber did the same!

2036 days ago


Amber didn't write no book; it was written for her! She is a HOOKER. A pass a-round whore for police officers. Ever see PORKY's? Allred knew she was a hooker and still represented her. Amber is a PIG.

2036 days ago


Why are people being so mean to amber? She did NOTHING wrong...its a shame that there are such hurtful people in this world. I live in a small town near were laci peterson used to live and so I feel very connected to this case....So yea its just really sad to see people being so mean to someone who helped the laci peterson case

2036 days ago


Actually, that is not a lot for a home in FRESNO... she owns a salon there I beleive. I ran into her a couple of doors down from it at a sandwich shop not too long ago. She didn't look like she was rich, in fact she was driving a volkswagon. IF you have been there, yes it is hot but no, that amount of money is typical for a home there, and i don't mean mansion.

2036 days ago
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