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Condition Update -- Barker and DJ AM

9/20/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Travis Barker has been burned from the waist down, but he is expected to survive the plane crash. DJ AM's face was severely burned and is being tended to right now.

We're also told the tragedy is all the worse because one of the passengers who died, Chris Baker, Travis' assistant on "Meet the Barkers," was married recently and has a new baby.


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Say Hi to Richie Valens and The Big Bopper for us!

2231 days ago


Way to stir the pot FlBiker.

2231 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

TO Sentence structure matters

You are a dumb a@@ You are not mad at these two. Alll you are doing is venting your miserable life on this story. And later today it will be another story, and 2morrow another one.

You see you are the waste of space. What is your life worth. Why do you bother living. If you have kids they will grow up not to love you because how can any parent write something like that. The prob is when you die no one will care not even your family, because all you did with your life is judge with hate on the internet.

I guarantee you if you were some what happy you wouldn't be talking like that.

2231 days ago

Hopeless in PA    

yes, it's heart breaking.
Yes, it's sad.
Yes, I made a joke, but haven't you heard that some people deal with issues in different ways.
And for all of you saying how vile and disrespectful all the others are being, make sure that every person in this country who dies before his or her time and leaves young children and new wives behind, gets 25 websites talking about them before you condemn the rest of us.
Yes, it's a tragic accident and i feel terrible for the families, and I think that both Travis and AM are incredible in their own fields, but seriously, would you be so vindictive if this was Joe Schmoe from Bumblehell?

2231 days ago


You know what if anybody comes on here to make stupid jokes and comments about the victims and this horrible tragedy, you should be rightfully kicked off. Now is not the time to be cracking jokes. Not the right move.

On the other hand, I am glad Travis and DJ AM survived and I wish them well. My condolences to the families of the deceased.

2231 days ago


As a firefighter and a music fan, I have to say that this is truly a horrible thing to hear.I wish Travis and DJ AM the speediest of recoveries...

Just to bring things into prespective for everyone, the palm of your hand is considered to be 1% of your body surface. When you hear that someone was burned 30% of their body, think 30's a lot of surface area and it doesn't take much to add up quickly.

Generally speaking, once you start getting 50% and higher, the odds are against you for survival. It's not so much the burns that will kill you, it's the secondary infections that result from severe burns. The skin is one of the primary defences against infection and once burned, it loses that ability to protect.

In this case, where the burns are likely extensive and severe, the problem is that the body will lose a large amount of fluid we all know, the body is made up of a lot of water (Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water, blood contains 95% water, body fat contains 14% water and bone has 22% water)...what happens in severe burns is that it disrupts the blood circulation and causes problems with the body's salt balance.

If the reports are accurate and Travis was burned from the waist down, then his odds are good for recovery. Depending on the severity of the burns though, he still could face amputation of one (or both) legs. It's very doubtful that he will ever play drums again..and it's still possible that he may not recover though.

Unfortunately, from the sounds of it DJ AM is definitely in worse shape with burns to his face. People who have burns to their face usually also have burns to their nasal passages, windpipe and possibly lungs. Skin grafts can repair your face, but nothing can repair your windpipe and lungs from damage.

Either way, my thoughts are with both of them. I truly hope they do recover from this.

2231 days ago


So where has it been listed that they are confirmed dead?

2231 days ago

who dat    

The accident was natural selection gone wrong. The two highly skilled pilots died and the slackers survived.

2231 days ago


Someone who was very meaningul to both my husband and me was killed in a plane crash this year, along with his son. It was devestating. No, they didn't get 25 posts on tmz, 1frthard, but is was very hard. If Travis survives, he faces much painful rehab. There's truly nothing funny about that.

2231 days ago


As a former burn victim and survivor, this breakMY HEART because I know is going to be so hard, they are going to spent few months in the hospital, treatments that are very painful and phisical therapy as well all depending on the burn degrees, if is sec ond degree burn is harder... look like dj is in worst condition because the burn are in the face... God bless them keep fighting you guys are ready a survivors

2231 days ago


To anyone who has anything negative to say regarding this situation where human beings NOT CELEBRITY images are involved, you CANNOT be serious. This was NOT a result of any one persons KARMA, this was a tragedy in which any decent human being can only take one moment in time and thank whatever it is that you believe in and realize life is extremely precious. I give my deepest regards to those families and friends involved and to the 2 gentlemen Travis and DJ will find the strength to pull through this. You survived for a reason and I am very thankful that you did. Get well...and God Bless.

2231 days ago


Oh, God. That is terrible. I sincerely hope Travis and Adam are okay, and my deepest condolences go out to all the victims' families.

2231 days ago

who dat    

Can you hear me in the back...

I said regular or extra crispy.

2231 days ago


Thank you #73, gcd. Somebody to put things in perspective for all these morons.

2231 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Of course people die every day, but we kinda feel more sympathetic towards people that we are familiar with or know somewhat about their lives. And no one really "cares" about anyones death anytime unless you are personally close to that person, but that doesnt mean we cant have compassion for anyone who dies, and that doesn't meant that we cant be a little more vocal about someones "death" who entertained us on some level.

People are so stupid. Always turning something in a way that reflects their life instead of recognizing something for what it is..a$$holes

2231 days ago
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