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Goodyear Breaks Silence on Crash

9/22/2008 3:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Goodyear -- the maker of the tire that may have blown out before Friday night's plane crash -- tells TMZ they have gotten the call from the NTSB, and they'll be working with investigators.

In a statement, Goodyear says, "We have been contacted by the NTSB and will cooperate fully with its investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this accident."

The NTSB said the black box recording revealed the plane's crew said a tire might have blown before the Learjet overran the runway and crashed into an embankment. Four people were killed; Travis Barker and DJ AM remain in critical condition, but are expected to make a full recovery.


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On one of the news stations here in Columbia... think the website is they had video from the dashcam of the cop car when it came upon the crash. You could hear someone yelling for an ambulance, and you could see the plane was just engulfed. It really is just amazing that those 2 got out alive.

2121 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

What's the difference between that Learjet's tires and a thousand condoms . . .
wait for it . . .
One is a Goodyear the other is a Great Year.

2121 days ago


I'm still in shock anyone survived. Someone up-'stairs' loves those two man. Prayers out to the familys and friends of those who lost their lives. ~+~ RIP

Have they started any type a fund for Chris Baker's daughter?

Now too GOODYEAR....

...these a-holes cannot make a decent NASCAR tires, do we expect them to do any better with tires for any aircrafts, let alone a learjet.

2121 days ago


so sad, so much PAIN. unneeded PAIN, ...

From A FireFighter (my mom) :
The torso is the chest area. Depending on how badly burned he is … area and percentage … will determine if he lives or not. In other words … if he has 3rd degree burns over more than 50% of his body he will probably not make it! 3rd degree is the worst! You don’t feel like anything has happened … you feel fine, you can talk and most times people with 3rd degree burns don’t even understand why they can’t just get up and go home … there is NO PAIN! That is the problem … you have damaged your nerve endings to the point where there is no feeling. When you do start to heal it is terribly painful … the nerve endings start to figure out what has happened … the skin gets a charred and black and they have to start a process called debredding …. That is when they soak you in a tub of water and have to peel off all the burned skin areas so new skin can grow … it stinks and it is soooooo painful! I can’t even begin to explain the kind of pain a person feels with 3rd degree burns. Of all the hospital time I did the burn unit was the worst!

2121 days ago

Lori Ann    

I hope DJ AM and Travis make it!!! I know burns are severly painful and they have a long road ahead of them. Take this as a sign from the good man above guys and don't ever take anything for granted. Live your life through, he saved you for a reason.

My condolences go out to the family of the 4 people who parished. May they find peace in their time of need.

Good Year needs to take a loook at their tires. But if servicing was not done properly, it is the owners fault. I'm sure the investigation will show more.

Get well soon Fellas!!!!

2121 days ago


Over Macho Grande?

2121 days ago


My condolances to the familes of those who lost their lives. For Travis and DJ AM what an amazingly horrific story to live and tell...I wish them both very speedy recoveries.

2121 days ago


Four people died so these 2 a--holes could drink and do lines on a private plane. I'm sure these two musical "geniuses" were the first out the door.

2121 days ago


Wow, for a website that intrudes on the lives of celebrities under the cloak of the 1st Amendment, y'all are sure quick to exercise censorship on your comment boards.

2121 days ago

learjet jockey    

I would be amazed if this is any kind of a tire issue unless there were a big piece of debris on the runway. A blown tire at that speed at 2800 foot down the rumway would not keep this aircraft from taking off or landing safely. They are probably checking wheels, brakes, etc. for something that might have locked everything up.

2121 days ago



2121 days ago


Does full recovery mean they won't be scared or disfigured? I pray it means so but I can't imagine having third degree burns without some of after-effect.

2121 days ago


wow P Diddy can't afford to fly his private jet...and they can. THere are advantages to flying commercial.

2121 days ago


i dont think the tire company can be to blame. if we didnt have tires people would complain about it. . accidents do happen and not everything in this world is guarranteed. now if they can figure out that the tires were not made properly because of negligence than they might have a reason. sorrow goes out to the families of the lost ones. i hope the two survivors plan on doing something nice for the deceased parrties familys to honor them. rest in peace

2121 days ago


Well I know that with car tires, even if they are new, have a shelf life. If they've been sitting in a warehouse for years, they can and do blow out. There is an actual code # on the tires that gives the shelf life. Should be the same situation with jets.

2121 days ago
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