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Britney Lights Up the Night

9/23/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her ragged weave and holding a light snack ... of cigs, Britney Spears was escorted to a Hollywood dance studio on Monday.

It's great to see Brit getting back to work. Now if she'd just lose that dazed look and get rid of the cancer sticks.

Baby steps.


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Where's the kids, Mom?

2228 days ago

citizen kope    

the dazed look is from her meds...........ya'll should try having some compassion for her, instead of all your negative comments, like that's really going to help her situation..........give the girl some credit she's trying really hard to turn her life around.............i have bi-polar as well and it is a very difficult and stressful mental illness, so until you walk a mile in her shoes, stop throwing stones.........

2228 days ago


Dazed look? I would think this look is pretty good considering the 30 photographers who are screaming her name and asking her stupid questions.

2228 days ago


#2 if you don't like TMZ why do you watch ?

2228 days ago


Hasn't it become obvious to TMZ that Brit is recovering and getting her life back together? So f... what if she has an ugly weave! Leave her alone to heal, take her meds and get her career back.

2228 days ago


The dazed look is probably because its 5 AM! So what she smokes? Its not illegal! I bet she doesn't do it around the kids! Leave Brit alone for God's sake!

2228 days ago


Wait, let me get this straight - it's early morning, and she is on her way to the dance studio to WORK OUT, with about 50 cameras in her face and she should be the picture of perfection? Um, first of all how many people get all dress up, put on a picture perfect face to go work out? And her hair? Should it be in some fancy up-do to work out in? HOw about the one tmz guy on TV with the long blond hair? HE'S ON TV and his hair always looks dirty!
As for the cigs, I bet many of TMZ's camera totin' whores smoke!

2228 days ago


Don't worry about the haters Britney, just do your thing.

2228 days ago

citizen kope    

hey goodwin, i never said that i didn't like tmz, i was just suggesting that they lay off a mentally ill person..........why do you care what i think anyway? are just as insensitive as they are..........

2228 days ago

Merghh others have said, you try fifty cameras flashing at you anytime you're out in public, and you try to not look "dazed".

I agree about the cigs, though.

2228 days ago

hot snot    

everything gives you cancer now....SMOKE 'em if you got 'em!!!!!

2228 days ago


She had been looking fabulous lately even with papparazzi attacking her. This picture looks like the old Sam Lufti Model of Britney -- terrible. Sure, people have times when they leave the house without makeup and dressing up, but that's not the point here. She looks bad like she's stoned or whatever. Of course Britney has never been able to stay inside her house and away from cameras. So it's inevitable they'll catch her looking this horrible sometimes, I guess.

2228 days ago


Does anyone really care what she is doing. I don't. Never have and never will.She can't even sing.She sounds like a frog in a sewer pipe.

2228 days ago


Britney has done so well lately, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't try to knock her back down. She has come a long way since early this year. All she needs right now is continued encouragement.

2228 days ago

citizen kope    

hey #14 , your the one who's in the sewer and your insecurities show just how small and inferior of a person you are.......if you don't care, why even comment? go back into the hole you crawled out of......

2228 days ago
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