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Britney Lights Up the Night

9/23/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her ragged weave and holding a light snack ... of cigs, Britney Spears was escorted to a Hollywood dance studio on Monday.

It's great to see Brit getting back to work. Now if she'd just lose that dazed look and get rid of the cancer sticks.

Baby steps.


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Okay....i've got the net and opened the doors to the looney bin...quick...someone distract shelly with a bright, pretty light!!!

2185 days ago


trailer trash: pure & simple, tried & tested. I bet she's barefoot too & still holding the seed of the last 4 guys she's banged within the last 6 hours. :) You're disgusting Britney: drive off a cliff with your trashy whore sister too.

2185 days ago

citizen kope    

the only light you're going to see riptorn is the one on the end of my rifle scope as it rips your head to shreds.......didn't your mother teach you not to antagonize the crazy people? i guess she must be a little off herself to have had you...........leave us loonies alone, if you know what's good for you................

2185 days ago


That's the Britney we all enjoy to watch..... Dance studio = night club right?

2185 days ago


Jesus H... enough with the bad's been how many years since the head shaving?...has this girl not yet grown a head of hair??

2185 days ago


Shelly WTF???

Why the hostility, Why do you even care about what people say to you around the internet. Do you even read the stuff you type out? Calm down. As for Britney, She looks dazed because of all the god damn cameras flashing a foot away from her. Brit isn't crazy, I'm sure we would all be in a similar position if you went through what she did.

Now Back to Shelly, If you don't like how some on here treat you, try not to prove them right by saying all that crap.

2184 days ago

citizen kope    

#51 you are absolutely right........i might not of gone through exactly what she did, but it was similar.......i do have bi-polar disorder and i have one child.....she is 22months, and three months after i had her, i was commited to a psych ward for post partum depression and the bipolar as well, i also have post traumatic stress disorder from my mother, she is a validated child abuser, yes i am emotionally screwed up, i have a lot of issues to deal with, so i get really offended when people go after britney, they have no idea about what she's gone through, but i do. i just wish that they weren't so mean to her.

2184 days ago


She's starting to really show her age & she isn't even that old yet! Keep it up with the tanning, drinking, drugs & wh*ring around & you'll look 20 years older soon. Please give us all a break & just go away already.

2184 days ago


whoever wrote this story needs to get a life she is getting he life back on track clearly! What would you expect your self to look like coming out of a dance studio, the dazed look is room the flash

2184 days ago


I get you Shelly, But you can't control that, some people will understand and some people will keep going at it. I know it sucks, especially for you having to read it, but thats the way it is. Everyone has issues. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't got any, including me..

It is offending having to make fun of someone who has an issue that you share and having to listen / read to all the crap. But that's how it goes, But you can't go on and saying the crap you said earlier because of their ignorance. other than that , I'm sorry for what you're going through, Thing will work out, just don't stress over people who don"t care. Focus on the ones who do.

2184 days ago

Semper Fi    

Shelly I went through all that child abuse crap and so did my brothers. It's never gonna go away. It affects everything you do all day long every day and it will for the rest of your life. You just have to make friends with it.

2184 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

F'ing psycho nut that you are Shelly! Someone should turn your ass in to the authorities! I'm serious! You think it's funny to threaten people on a blog with death? Be careful, because there are some who might get pissed enough to come and hunt your ass down! I'm not that person, but I sure the hell would defend myself from a psycho like you! You deserve to be locked up for life! You've already confessed that you are not right mentally, so obviously you probably could flip out enough to actually kill someone if given the chance! I'm thinking very seriously about who I can contact about your sorry insane ass! You seriously need to be locked up for a very, very long time! Maybe TMZ would be willing to contact the authorities to save others from you having another bad day! Don't be surprised if people with badges come knocking on your door! At the very least, I hope they will ban your IP and emails from ever haunting this board again!

2184 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

And contact has been made! Buh bye, Shelly!

2184 days ago


I have a theory on why this woman -- who has pretty much tried to take herself off the radar screen for a couple of years -- is so incredibly popular. No doubt, young girls who loved her back in the day still do. But the fascination is much broader.

I don't mean this disparagingly, but Britney Spears is a real life Beverly Hillbilly and the only roots she's lost are on top of her head. When she told Matt Lauer that she's "country," it's true.

A few years ago, I was working out at my gym in Los Angeles. The workout floor is fairly small, so everyone sees everything. Suddenly, I see Britney enter with a very large bodyguard, who stood his distance.

It was utterly fascinating. I've seen plenty of stars cop an attitude in public but there was none of it with her. She was completely real. For starters, she was not looking in the mirror to see who was looking at her. She went about her business, smiling, chewing gum, doing her thing. At one point I was on a bench next to her and it was "hi, how ya doin'?"

Every guy in the gym looked but tried not to and she was just as regular as people get, with one exception -- she put headphones on and shortly thereafter started to dance.

I know she's taken her lumps on TMZ from time to time, but I actually love her -- maybe the most "real" young star out there.

2184 days ago


are they making Shawn of the Dead part 2 or Leaving Las Vegas part 2? On the plus side, that is a fantastic Halloween costume. Trailer park poor white trash mom on welfare, right? From that picture she looks around 40yrs old or so, and a hard, hard, 40yrs at that. There are street walkers in Hollywood that look less torn up, damn woman get to a spa or something, stat!

2184 days ago
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