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Green or Gas Guzzling?

9/25/2008 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Saving our planet is all the rage these days. While some stars are jumping on the green team, others aren't so eager to hug a tree.


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someone tell Leo you're not supposed to talk on the phone while pumping gas. great example!

2217 days ago


Isn't it dangerous to pump gas and use a cell phone?

2217 days ago


Oops, The page you were looking for doesn't exist.
You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

2217 days ago


Ummm...your link is not working to "Launch the Photos".

2217 days ago


that's an urban myth. you have more chances of catching fire by getting back in the car and then getting out due to the static electricity. some people are so gullible.

2217 days ago


TMX broken links again

2217 days ago


Come on people.........lets get it right. Just because "Leo" is driving a Toyota Prius, that makes him automatically a hero for being green? In reality, buying a "Toyota" is killing more off in the U.S. than that Hummer is to the environment!!! BUY AMERICAN!!!!

2217 days ago


For a guy that doesn't like to be seen in public why is he advertising his name on his shirt egoooooooo

2216 days ago

your mother    

Can someone tell Leo that wearing a shirt with his name on it, even though I realize his shirt is the zodiac sign, is just tacky.

2216 days ago


Hummm that so called green car has a bajillion batteries in it and where do they go when they don't work anymore? GREEN my ARSE! What a scam.

2216 days ago

northern gypsy that i've knocked back a double train of thought is clear... in a city like L.A. good luck with walking anywhere...public transit is ok ...if you've got all day to get from point a to point b !!!...only effective option (in L.A.) is a car...start using alternative methods... getting jacked at the pump with conventional fuel in not going away...

2216 days ago


I agree with#10...research what it cost to ship and make the batteries for those unsafe little cars. And when one of those young Hollywood kids drinks and drives then crashes that big ass SUV into your little bitty pseudo "green" machine...hmmm lets see who survives to go to court. You'll be dead or paralyzed.

2216 days ago

spread the love    

hmmm...seen dicaprio in nyc three times.....each time he was being carted around in an suv. guess the prius is dusted off for photo op's....also last I heard he flies to all of the 'green' meetings and everywhere else, in a private plane. He is the ultimate hypocrit. His carbon footprint is 100 times the size of the average american. douchebag!

2216 days ago


um..........just because your driving a "Toyota" Prius doesn't mean S#%$. That Toyota does more damage to the American economy than that Hummer could ever do to the environment!!1.........BUY AMERICAN!!!!!!

2216 days ago


Clean - my you know what! Pleeeaaassseeee they fly to all their premieres in private planes, the electricity/energy used to make their movies is astronomical. Any star who claims they are green is a LIAR and hypocrite. You can not be in that business and be moral or green. Maybe in their la la land heads they think they are green but they need a dose of reality. The energy used on my ouse in 1 yr doesnt equal what they use on a movie set in 1 hour!!!!!

2216 days ago
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