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Sir Paul Goes Sho Far for Security, It's Absurd

9/25/2008 4:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul McCartney is giving peace a chance in Israel ... with 5,000 guards just to make sure.

Sir Paul is playing tonight in Tel Aviv, and he's hired the small army of security from MI6 and Mossad, not to mention the police, at a cost of nearly $3 million, to make sure nothing goes fekakte during his gig. He's playing in honor of Israel's 60th anniversary, and his life has been threatened by Islamic extremists.

He's even taken three whole floors at the Dan Hotel to make sure he's safe.


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Paul was married to Heather Mills. He KNOWS how dangerous crazy people are!

2217 days ago


He has got to be the most over rated person on the Planet Earth. Next to Obama of course!

2217 days ago

Lenn K.    

Good one Kay, couldn't have said it better!!

2217 days ago


For once, I say- GOOD JOB on spending! He had very reliable sources threatening him at this concert in a country where, unfortunately, they mean business. Paul has more money than God...why wouldn't he spend that much? He's a dad, and human. He wants to live. I wish him well.

2217 days ago


Um, the thing I like about this is that Sir Paul won't be one of these hairbrained Muslim sympathizers like we see way too many of in this country. Hopefully he gets it, that they are a religion of violence. Their religion teaches them to enslave and kill those who they do not convert. The true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, teaches love and patience, peace and compassion.

2217 days ago


When you're dealing with lunatics like Islamic radicals, I would think that 5000 on security might not be enough. But, as for Sir Paul.... My opinion of him just went up a notch, because he chose to recognize the good guys (Israel) instead of the "other ones"... It's sad that, these days, such courage, in the face of popular opinion, is not more widespread.

2217 days ago


That 3 million in security could have been well spent on buying food for Palestinian refugees.

2217 days ago


So Sir Paul is helping to celebrate the stealing of Palestine and just handing it over to one of the most murderous regimes in history which coincedently is funded by the United States, eh? Good Guys of Israel? Can you read? Why don't you do a little search using google regarding Israel stealing land, shooting at unarmed Palestinian fishermen, Israeli false flag terrorism especially the unprovoked attack on the US ship USS Liberty and then blaming it on Egypt. Eat more Snickers brainwashed america!

2217 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

You people at TMZ are mornons....I guess it the Islamic nuts blew him up, you'd be the first to show his bloody remains. Then you'd criticize what he was wearing. What a load of crap you are.

2217 days ago


If I was dong a consert in Isreal I'd want 5,000 gards too.. Whats wrong with that?

2217 days ago

Dick Hertz    

How stupid! There is the law of diminishing returns in personal protection: the higher the number goes regarding bodyguards, the more likely someone is a mole within. Dumb ass. More bodyguards doesn't necessarily guarantee safety. He should take 10 ex-USS agents with him. They could do much better than a bunch of Israelis (half of whom probably have Arabic blood). Sometimes more IS less.

2217 days ago

northern gypsy    

soooo...sir P.M. is doing a concert in israel... if you have to hire that much security...doesn't that tell you something ??? hummm...that $$$ could have gone to ALL the refugee's effected in that god forsaken war-zone...

2217 days ago

Democrats are evil    

So much so the Liberal Pacificist approach to life. What do you think about gun control now Sir Paul?

2217 days ago


7. That 3 million in security could have been well spent on buying food for Palestinian refugees.

Posted at 10:14AM on Sep 25th 2008 by Crabby

Maybe the Palestinians could BUY FOOD instead of MAKING BOMBS!

2217 days ago


Politics aside.....Paul would have to be an idiot to stay at that hotel now. Couldn't you have waited to post where he was
staying until after he left, or better yet, not have given the exact location at all? I really could care less which hotel he is staying at, the concert is the news, not which hotel he has booked. If you need a pat on the back for tracking down his location, good job!! But seriously, his life is being threatened, and you give out that info??? I hope that Hotel reservation is just smoke and mirrors, and that he will safely be staying somewhere else. Does he have a choice now??

2217 days ago
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