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Newman's Own ... TMZ Tribute

9/27/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Newman made everything better, from salad to movies to charity work. Check out the TMZ photo tribute to a true legend.


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I knew Paul and his wife fairly well. My mother was a stunt woman in movies and TV for about 15 years. (Glynn Rubin). She was also engaged to Scott Newman for a time. They broke up, and within a year he committed suicide by overdose. My mother was devastated as was Paul and Joanne. My mother created an ever stronger bond with Paul right after. My mother raised me alone from the age of 2, while doing stunts. There was a time where my mother and Paul bonded after Scotts death, I think because she was his last serious relationship. We were evicted from our appt, and Paul and his wife let us stay in their Malibu house for 2 weeks. One thing I remember most about Paul as, we were filming a flop of a movie (eventually) called "Under the Volcano". My mother actually had both stunt parts, and "extra" parts. It's rare I got to see my mothers face in film. Remember Private Banjamine where Goldi is falling all over herself in the obstacle course? Anyway, we're staying at this hotel in hawaii. I'm about 10 years old. We're at lunch at the hotel between shooting, and me my mother, Paul, and Joane are all sitting at a 4 person table eating. These two sweet looking girls walk up, about age 5 and 8, both holding paper and pen close to their chest... so nervous, and slowly approach Paul and ask for an autograph. I paused for a second, Paul had his hand on his head, leaning on the table, and when they walked up he casually glanced at them and waved them off. They of course didn't understand, and thought he didn't hear them. They asked again, he waved them off again placing his face right back in his hand. My mouth dropped open, but I composed myself. I asked my mother later, she said "he doesn't give out autographs... he thinks people value them too much, and that it's what a man does with his life, not his signature, that's important.

I saw Paul only about 20 times between the age of 10 and 25, then never saw him again. That memory though will follow me forever. I still to this day understand his admirable quality, and yet the look on the faces of those two girls.

Paul was a step above, and complicated to the last. The world is a smaller place today.


2225 days ago


He is the last of the great actors of the silver screen. He was nominated 10 times for an Academy Award, and he did countless of classic movies including Cool Hand Luke, Hud, Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, The Sting, The Hustler, and my personal favorite, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. A kind and charitable man who also loved his wife and family. You couldn't get any better than that!

2225 days ago


Class, integrity, and compassion. He didn't just talk the talk--he lived by the values and ethics he believed in.
For a man who was famous for those beautiful blue eyes--he was famous for so much more.

2225 days ago


CLASS's actors can't even come close to matching his talent, humanity, generosity, decency and morality. ONE OF A KIND------mankind lost an angel and heaven gained one. My deepest sympathy to his wife, children, family & friends. He will be missed.

Rest in peace...

2225 days ago


To the TMZ staff and all who had a hand in gathering the photos of Paul Newmans' career, I can only say CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done! There were many photos I had never scene and many that brought back alot of memories,,,This world has lost a great human being and philanthropist. My sincerest sympathies to his family and all those whose life he touched.

2225 days ago


I was always a fan of his and admire all of his accomplishments. When God made him, he threw away the mold.

As far as his products are concerned, I purposely drove across the city to buy his organic dog food but when I got to the store, it was out of stock. Very disappointed. My little dog has been getting some of Newman's Own canned food, but the stores can't seem to keep the dry food on the shelves.

Everything Newman touched was positive!!! So sad.

2225 days ago


This guy was the coolest man ever. Since Paul Newman (and Bob Redford), no one, male or female, has come close. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, the guy who plays James Bond now.... All those guys PUT TOGETHER don't have, and never will have, the raw charisma, the true grit, that Paul Newman had. A true humanitarian and a fawkin' good outcast. I loved that man. Met him at a race in CT early '80s. We had many kind words together. 'nuf said. Thanks, Paul. I'll miss you too.

2225 days ago


Paul Newman lived a life of excellence…and we are all better off because he was here. I’ve been using his products for 25 years. Basically, what Newman did was make us all donate, to date, about $250 million to charity and most of us didn’t even know what! Cool trick Paul…A friend of mine, many years ago, sat next to Newman on a cross country plan ride. They had some pleasant conversation and they parted ways. Then, as my friend was leaving the baggage area, he heard someone from a distance call his name. It was Newman flagging him down in the airport. Newman then said, “ haaa…I just wanted you to meet my wife Joann”…

2225 days ago

White boy    

paul new man is a CORN HOLIO HEAD!

2225 days ago


He touched our hearts with his smile and his kind heart.He will be missed but never forgotten.
He made this world a better place with his kindness and giving the children a special place to go and be happy.
Thank you for the memories when movies were so good. You were one of a kind. The very best.
My prayers go out to the Newman family. God Bless you.

2223 days ago

cathi smith    


2217 days ago


He will be loved He will be remembered....'Well, sometimes nothing is a real COOL HAND!" CHEERS TO YOU!
'Burgers & Fries & everything NICE!"

2204 days ago

CT 2 AZ    

It's funny that so many people recall Paul as an actor, because, of course, he is a "movie star". I remember most of my childhood life growing up with him racing the cars my Dad built for him. I remember his Wife, his kids, his thoughtfulness and I witnessed firsthand many, many times just exactly why he could never sign autographs. Had Paul started to sign autographs, he would have never gotten all of the great things he got accomplished done, because he would still be there signing autographs for all of his adoring fans.
I always found it funny how his being in movies always attracted so much attention and his racing and charity work never quite attracted as much. He was a true friend to those he was close to, I know this because he loved and respected my Dad so much, he landed AT the hospital when my Dad grew ill from cancer to visit him. My humble Father never knew just how truly amazing he was at what he did, but because of what he knew of Paul, he supported his efforts and his charities as I will always.
God Bless you both! The world has lost two truly amazing men! R.I.P.
–Love always, Geno's baby daughter, Jode

1640 days ago
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