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Heather Locklear Busted

9/28/2008 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Heather Locklear was arrested yesterday on suspicion of driving while impaired.

Locklear was pulled over while driving in the Santa Barbara area.

Law enforcement officers tell us alcohol was not involved, but they are conducting tests to determine if Locklear was under the influence of drugs.

We're told she was released on her own recognizance, without having to post bail.

This could set up a bizarre custody battle given that Locklear and ex-hubby Richie Sambora have both been busted for similar charges.

Sambora pleaded no contest to DUI back in March -- his daughter Ava was in the car at the time he was popped. We're told Heather's kid was not in the car when she was arrested.

In June, Heather checked herself into an Arizona medical facility to fight anxiety and depression.

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Heather's reps have yet to get back to us.


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The old saying "can't get arrested in Hollywood" needs updating. It didn't help Paris or Lindesy's careers and it won't help Heather. Maybe she should turn Gay.

2181 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

No one in Hollywood can handle getting old. Their whole existence is in being young and hip, so when the wrinkles start to appear they party hard to convince themselves and others that they are still young and wild. All you people out their who have never set foot on a TV or movie set should realize that you don't know anything about these people but those of us who work with them everyday know all about them. She has had a problem for years. Hey, I just found out on Friday that the hot chick who plays the CIA agent on the TV show CHUCK is doing a P.A.. That's like the president of a big company doing someone in the mail-room. Lucky dude; she is hot.

2181 days ago


Oh it's so hard to be rich and beautiful, good thing she's not fat, ugly and broke. Get real

2181 days ago


People stop giving a flying frig about these Hollywierd Whacks. They do not live in the same world you and I do. They are just a bunch of better dressed (in some cases) Ho's who make more money than they are worth and are too stupid to appreciate the fact they have jobs for which the compensation is too much and the responsibility is too little. Send them all a message we have had it with all of you. We don't care who you are wearing, don't care who you are dating, don't care who you are voting for. Shut your pie holes and speak only the words someone has written for you to speak.

2181 days ago


How do you get arrested for DUI but not have to post bail? Oh, that's right, Heather is female and we all know the rules are much easier and leaner for women because they are 'equal' in every way. (cough, gag, ack) What a bunch of sexist cow dung.

2181 days ago


I met her once. I'm only a mailman, but she was very sweet, kind, and friendly, and gave me her complete attention and solid eye contact when she was talking to me. Translation......she treated me like a friend and a real person for a few minutes, and didn't seem bored or in a rush to get rid of me..........made me feel special. I've always respected her since, not like a lot of other Hollywood Phonies. I'm really sorry she's having problems, and hope you folks who think all of Hollywood "beautiful people" are all alike will cut her some slack. She is a real classy lady.

2181 days ago


Clealry there is a thread between EX-wive's of Richie Sambora and DRUGS/ERRATIC BEHAVIOR. Hollywood go figure? Hollywood, drugs and Barack Obama. ????? WTF?

2181 days ago


AW, life is short and kids aren't little for long...get help, Heather....we love ya!

2181 days ago


Oh no.............poor Heather. My husband and I loved her as Sammy Jo on Dynasty. She has had a rough few years with Richie and all. Since she was released without bail, it probably was a misunderstanding and the media is blowing it out of proportion. Take care Heather, there are better days ahead.

2181 days ago


Amazing how many finger pointers, "I've never done anthing bad in my life" clowns have an irrational comment to post.

2181 days ago


Clealry there is a thread between EX-wive's of Richie Sambora....How if he's only been married to Heather?

2181 days ago


Too much money, very little brains. Even if it was just her meds, when the label says don't drive, then DON'T.

2181 days ago

Betty Boop    

Maybe she had taken Nyquil the night before. Maybe she has allergies and her meds made her sleepy. Maybe she had a hangover. Maybe she was tired and didn't have her morning java. Maybe she was just fine and some dopey cop took her in for the hell of it. Maybe everyone should just mind their own damned business and leave her alone.

2181 days ago


I feel sooooooo sorry for her daughter! Two Drunk or Druggie parents. What a crying shame! These people need to have all of their $ taken away and get real jobs. Then lets see how they would act. Didn't she just get out of rehab, in Arizona? These expensive rehab places must laugh ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK, They do nothing but make big bucks off of these weak ,minded rich people!!!

2181 days ago


Not Heather she's a good person it's all bs

2181 days ago
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