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Heather 911 Caller Up to No Good

10/1/2008 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather LocklearThis is the craziest story ever. The woman who called 911 on Heather Locklear is a former Us Weekly staffer who was under investigation by the FBI -- and she's the one who tipped off the paparazzi!

Jill Ishkanian, who allegedly hacked into Us Weekly's computer system to locate celebs after she left the mag, was following Locklear in the Montecito area. Ishkanian watched the actress go to a market. When Heather got in her car, Ishkanian called 911, even though the car wasn't even moving at the time.

Now get this -- sources say immediately after Ishkanian called 911, she called a paparazzi agency to give them the heads up Heather was about to be popped. TMZ obtained those photos, not knowing it was Ishkanian who set the ball in motion.

And it gets worse. Ishkanian apparently is the only witness who says Locklear was driving erratically and that she was drunk, even though it's already established she was not under the influence of alcohol.

Sound underhanded? That's what we're thinking ...

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My God what did Heather ever do to anyone to deserve this treatment by a want a be cop. Heather I hope and pray you are in a good spot and second that you go after this mean person for doing this to you. I also hope that Jill gets what is about to come to her. Heather Locklear is one of the classiest actress around. She is nothing but kind and sweet, and while she may be going through a tough spot now, nothing NOTHING warranted this has been to do this to her. Good luck to Heather and her family in dealing with this horribly mean person. Jull remember karama is a bitch and Heather played one of the best bitches on tv in Amanda Woodward on Melrose, hmmmm, maybe some Amanda rubbed off on Heather?!?!?

2213 days ago


Hi all, did you know that Heather was going to UCLA when she was younger, she was taking premed!!!!!!!! She is very smart! Hollywood found her, she started doing commercials and the rest is history. Heather, Denise doesn't hold a speck of sand to you! The best thing about your ex- was you being at his side. Take it easy sweetie... Maybe you'll feel better if you get closer to who you are.... wanna go back to school or something like that? Take care dear, Love YA!!!!! Just rise above those 2 trash cans! On yeah, and sue that lady that was STALKING YOU - Did she make any money or benefit at all from calling the cops - take that sleezy slime bucket down, Heather!

2213 days ago


See what happens when you report stuff before checking it out. Not that you (TMZ) care a hoot about reporting false information. That's what you do. Go Heather, put this behind you and move on....

2213 days ago

two cents    

Let's see.... Harrassment, making a false report, abuse of the 911 system, there should be quite a few charges available to reprimand that nutcase. Heather needs to sue her for ever cent she has. And if she is in ANY way tied to that skank Denise, there should be hell to pay!

Poor Heather, you go girl. To try to play games with someone that has a history of mental illness? What a b!tch!

2213 days ago



2213 days ago


I am so glad this person was 'called out'. I love Heather Locklear.... I wish there would be New Melrose Place. With the original stars (Heather, of course, Rob Estes, Lisa Rinna, Doug Savant, Laura-sorry, forgot her last name, Josie Bissett, etc. Oh, Grant Show..)I was a faithful fan of the Original.. No potty mouths, though, unlike "90210" hate THAT SHOW. Aaron Spelling would be spinning in his grave if he saw how that show is being MASSACRED.... Just my two cents..

2213 days ago


Just my opinion, but I don't think Denise Richards has anything to do with it. I am not any 'insider' either. I think this 'person' and I use the term lightly just wanted to try and make a name for herself and FAILED MISERABLY. The whole thing backfired on her. Just by reading the past posts, I see Heather has alot of fans.. YOU GO, GIRL!! I hope you find a nice man and settle down...

2213 days ago


She needs to go to jail for this one. And I dont mean Heather. BUST HER

2213 days ago

glad to be black    

How in the hell can the freaking cops arrest someone just like that without having proof, just because someone tip them off? that is nonsense and abuse of I know how to avenge my enemies

2213 days ago

glad to be black    

Obama asked her to do it!!!!!!!!!!!! he hates white people

2213 days ago

glad to be black    

this is really creepy! Those freaking cops should have not arrested her just because someone tipped them off...Heather is not a criminal on the run. I hope she sues the LA Police Dept for abuse of power

2213 days ago


Jill Ishkanian should be charged wit Stalking as I see it.....or am I the only one that finds is extremely BIZARRE that this woman is always around when Heather is vulnerable.

2213 days ago


I worked on two projects with Heather. (I do behind the scenes, on set work) I've spent a LOT of time around her and I can honestly say she is one well adjusted professional actress. Not to mention the crew loved her because she was always so sweet to us.

Just sending best wishes from Toronto.

2213 days ago


My Two Cents:

Heather Locklear was arrested for DUI, because obviously failed the field sobriety test and for that I say thank you. I'm glad she didn't hurt herself or anyone else. However, Jill Ishkanian is not the hero in this story. Who knows how long she waited to alert the police, putting Locklear and the public in danger, in order to get her pictures. A real concerned citizen would have put the safety of everyone first. Jill Ishkanian wanted notoriety and/or a payday. Since TMZ has her pictures, I will assume she got her pay. As for the notoriety this is it. Jill Ishkanian is a person and should seek professional help for her celebrity addiction.

2213 days ago


If this story doesn't get some of you to understand this is a rag, and they print stories before they know anything for sure, then nothing will - they write what they 'here', not what they know -- how some of you get so involved in comments and such is scary.

2213 days ago
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