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NASCAR Dispute Turns NASty

10/1/2008 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NASCAR star Robby Gordon claims he's been defrauded in a failed deal with Gillett Evernham Motorsports and wants a judge to excuse a million dollar bill.

Gordon's company made a deal to merge with Gillett Evernham Motorsports (a huge race team owner). According to legal documents, an investment company was hired to make the deal. But Gordon claims the deal went south because it was "fraudulently induced." As a result, Gordon and Co. want the judge to excuse an obligation to pay a $1,013,656 investment fee.

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Envy Me    

Racing star does not necessarily mean just NASCAR. Everyone is so caught up in the aura that is NASCAR that it is the only form of motorsports in the world. Robby may not be a front runner in the Cup Series, but he is one heck of a driver. He has done very well for himself in the world of auto racing - Baja, IndyCar, etcetera - otherwise, he would not have the funds to own a team. He is a fiery competitor, and while his team has struggled, it is not like he has Hendrick or Roush-like equipment. I am happy he and his team have survived this long with the way NASCAR is - so economically hungry. For his sake, I hope the judge gives him what he deserves - $$$!

2175 days ago

Wild Hog    

He's still a baby. He still sucks! He had a good ride when he was driving the 30 or 31 Cingular car.... he's always crying about something. Makes me sick.

2175 days ago


Yes he might have been once called a bad a$$ driver but right now he is just track filler. The real story should be why he doesn't acknowledge the new baby that his barely legal ex gf just had.

2175 days ago


Robbie Gordon is not a racing star. He sucks. He only races in cup for the paycheck so he can finance that baha crap that he likes so much. He doesn't belong in nascar. He sucks on the ovals.
He just sucks.

2175 days ago


my friend just pointed out that I spelled baja wrong in my comment.

2175 days ago


Hey Waffles!!!!
I didn't hear anything about him having a baby. I thought he was gay. He seriously has a baby? When?I can't find anything about it.

2175 days ago


Hey stef...you spelled Robby wrong too.

2174 days ago

Joe Mama    

nascar is so lame. it's a bunch of rednecks going around in circles for 2 hours.

2174 days ago


As much as I don't like Robby on the track, I have to admit I may have more respect for him than any other racer in the garage. He owns his own one car team, and although he's not usually racing with the "big boys" he is still decently competitive. I think that if he is required to pay this more than $1mil fee, this could be the beginning of the end for RGR.

2174 days ago


Mark, could you help me out. You obviously feel very strongly about Robbie that you would point out not once, but twice that he "cries." According to you, he's a "crybaby" and he was "crying". Here is what I'm asking from you, becuase I am obviously missing something. Mark, could you, or would you please define what "crying" is in your book?

I have watched a lot of racing. It is not limited to NASCAR. I am a huge fan of F1, NASCAR of course, getting back to Indy cars, but when they split, they lost a lot of their story lines. Now that they've merged again, the Indy-500 will get the respect and excitement it should have. With that being said, I have seen Robbie race in a lot of different types of races. I know he also does "endurance" races like the Rolex 24 hours at La Mans. In all of the interviews I've seen him in, or all of the times that he has passed by the camera, or even the times I have seen him in real life when I've been to the races, I can honestly say that I have never seen, nor heard of him "crying." So, once again Mark, if you would be so kind and just type out your "laymens" definition of "crying" I think you'd help us "short-busers" out a lot.

BamBam, I could not agree more. The amount of hate that is going around in the "comment" sections of TMZ, makes it hard to not only write a comment, but to even read them. It amazes me the amount of people that really have no idea what they are talking about with Mr. Gordan, and trust me, I am not a huge Robbie Gordan fan, and just obviously start making things up. However, even if I'm not a fan, I can still honestly say that I have a huge amount of respect for him and his abilities.

Ok, with that said, I feel better. Thanks for getting that definition for us Mark. And BamBam, keep the love flowing here at TMZ. lol God bless us everyone!

2174 days ago


After all these years, I thought Robby worked for Jeff.

2174 days ago


When this was lead story on TMZ, I thought it would be baby momma drama. Not another lawsuit. Come on TMZ...Cover the REAL story here!

2174 days ago

Wild Hog    

I'm sure you know what I mean when I say he is always crying about something. He was crying about the Danica Patrick situation because she weighs less than the male competitors. I remember a few years ago at a road course when they still had the "gentleman's agreement" and raced back to the yellow flag, He spun out his own teammate to get to the caution flag first. Obviously showing us that he is no gentleman. There have been several other issues that have made me dislike him so much, but I can't remember all of those. But I did find another Robby Gordon hater and he had this quote on his web site that is making fun of Robby Gordon and his complaints about Danica Patrick:

"Gordon is absolutely right. In the spirit of unity, this I vow: I will not compete in the NBA finals until the league does something about the fact that Shaquille Oneal is a foot taller than I am and outweighs me by 140 pounds, giving him an unfair advantage in the paint. Similarly, I will not report to training camp with the Dallas Cowboys until they look into the fact that the players are all stronger and faster than I am."

ForFackSakes: I have my right to dislike anybody, do not be offended by it. I don't like him and you do, that's just how it goes.

2174 days ago


Robby is an aggressive driver. He takes chances he often shouldn't. He has no problem risking his car to keep from losing a position.

That sounds a lot like a couple of the most popular "bad boys" in NASCAR... the only difference? The money to buy the best equipment.

Unfortunately, he's thick headed and does things his way. That's why he left Childress to create his own team. I hope it doesn't drive him into the ground, though.

2174 days ago


Robby Gordon can't drive and is a big whiner!! He is a danger to the real drivers and I get tired of hearing that he is going to do something on the track by the commentators and he gets nowhere!

2174 days ago
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