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Mommy & Me: More Beautiful Than You

10/2/2008 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momgelina Jolie arrived in New York on Wednesday holding the only female more gorgeous than herself -- two-year-old daughter Shiloh Nouvel. Look at that face!

Being this cute is even more ridiculous than having Sarah Palin as a running mate.


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It's kind of ridiculous to add a politcal jab on a picture that has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. Why don't you jump off the politcal band waggon and get a little creative.

2190 days ago


Cheap shot...that is a joke please did you watch the interview she did with Katie Curic did with Sarah, or the interview with Charlie, or her town hall meetings she is a absolute JOKE running mate...WHY DIDNT he pick KAY BAILEY and real strong QUALIFIED vp running mate.. I bet all of u complaning know nothing about politics and have not been paying attention but take the information your husbands and fathes give you and regurgitated...THAT was not a cheap was the truth...JOHN I love you what where you thinking!?!

2190 days ago


I thought this was an entertainment site. Not political.

As usual, you guys SUCK.

And Angelina is one of the ugliest women in show business.

2190 days ago


"More ridiculous than having Sarah Palin as a running mate?" You just lost yourself one more reader......

2190 days ago


and all of you saying this has nothing to do with politics are MORONS...If you are a american or an american website, american company, you should be smart enough to back your nominee in every way...heres a idea stop complaining about celebs do there part to back there candidate...and go get ACTIVE...see i dont get offended b/c i volunteer, I go to the phone banks, hand out info at that "jab" as you want to call it does nothing...but i guess if i was lazt and did nothing it would upset me

2190 days ago


To comment# 63....educate yourself, woman! People like you scare the crap out of me!!! Palin has more experience than Obama -- this election shouldn't even be close. But thanks to the liberal media who are all in Obama's coat pocket and have their noses jammed up his arse, people have no idea who the real Obama is.

2190 days ago


sorry about all the spelling mistakes...i was rushing threw

2190 days ago


She is adorable -- but why do you feel the need to throw a political statement in there? And a nasty one at that.
Geez people -- we get it - lots of you don't like Palin -- good - don't vote for her -- Oops wait she's NOT running for president.

I'm tired of hearing the celebrities telling us who they like or dislike or downright HATE -- I have a mind of my own - and you won't sway me just because you can act. When you have a degree in Political Science or Economics then maybe I'll listen.

Just give us the pics and remember you're a tabloid website -- not a political blog!

2190 days ago


To comment 50: You are a cruel and heartless person to refer to one of Angelina's children as a porch monkey.

2190 days ago

Paris Hater's Live Sad, Dull & Pathetic Lives    

What's more ridiculous than having Sarah Palin as VP: Having Barack Obama as President!

2190 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

oohh, Jackie sounds SCARED of VP Palin! Better a beauty queen for VP than that Hag, least world leaders won't have to check their balls in a lockbox to deal with her.

2190 days ago


I wish you would shut your trap on the political comments. You know you don't speak for all of your readers when you throw around your liberal bias. Sarah Palin is just as qualified as Barack Obama in my opinion. I know not everyone would agree with that, but you seriously should consider keeping those cheap shots to yourselves. It really angers me when I see them on here, so I am sure that my fellow conservatives, or anyone voting for McCain/Palin, are equally annoyed. Yes, I am here still reading your site, but I have NO problem discontinuing my support if you continue to show your liberal bias. I, along with 10,000 others, canceled my subscription after they continued to show unbelievable bias. Either throw cheap shots at both sides, or don't do it at all. Just be responsible- it's so damn annoying.

2190 days ago


Oh Moses smell the Roses. Angie is BEAUTIFUL and her LIPS are natural. She's had those LIPS since she was a little girl. And as for Shiloh... HOTDOG! if she is not one of the CUTEST kids I've ever seen.

Why do people feel the need to tear others down? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

By the way, for those of you stating "AMERICA" loves Palin.....who are you speaking for? I'm AMERICAN and I can't stand her. She's FAKE....McCain could have picked a BETTER VP. But he knew stupid people would not see through the FACADE. She can't even talk a good game. Every interview she had done had been horrible. She can't form a coherent thougt in her head. I have yet to hear her answer one question intelligently or thoroughly. And it's a real possibility that she could be PRESIDENT if something happened to McCain......we'd be better off keeping the Jackass we have for PRESIDENT now then this Palin chick.

Obama BIDEN "08"

2190 days ago


Shiloh is darling, Brad and Angelina should be very proud.

2190 days ago


Anna Nicoles daughter is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter than Shiloh. Shiloh is still cute but Danilynn will make Shiloh want to crawl under a rock.

2190 days ago
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