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Goldman Attorney to O.J.: So Long Sucker!

10/4/2008 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One attorney for the Goldman family is speaking out about O.J. Simpson's 12 guilty verdicts -- and he isn't holding back his dislike for the Juice.

David J. Cook tells TMZ, "Finders keepers, losers weepers. Going to that Las Vegas hotel room was a very bad idea. Robbing those two snookes was a worse idea. But going to jail for beating Fred Goldman out of a payment for the wrongful death judgment ... priceless."

Cook takes one last dig at O.J. saying, "The road to justice runs from Brentwood and ends in Las Vegas." Ouch.


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Truth hurts but it still hurts

You want the truth...the TRUTH IS...your black brother's and sister's found OJ not guilty 13 years ago because they were racists with chips on their shoulders. I am not a racist. My point is, OJ, perhaps was guilty 13 years ago...however, IMO, that has nothing to do with this last trial. So back off.

2174 days ago

Johnny D

Suck on this fairyboy.

2174 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Gisele - You are a crazy racist - no matter what your ethnicity! And if you love OJ so much - why don't you go and marry him in jail. It might be safe enough for you there. Oh wait - they make homemade knives. Oh well - go for it anyway! You'd be doing the world a big favor!!

2174 days ago


Dear Greta, I dont care to know your race. Your words speak volume, you are a fool. IMHO :)

2174 days ago


SCREW THE GOLDMAN,S........ They will never be happy no matter what happens . Money cant buy them love and bring their son back from the grave.

2174 days ago


Dude's finally gettin' put away. He's a disgusting piece of trash and the country will be better off with him safely locked away.

Poetic justice. He should have been nailed 13 years ago and he thought he was invincible because he's that high on himself. Now, he'll have alot of time to sit in the cross-bar hotel and review his disgusting past. Karma is a bitch, baby!

2174 days ago


I'm glad that OJ was finally found guilty of something and feel he should have been in prison 13 years ago. However, having said that, I'd like to say to Kim and Fred Goldman, you will never find peace as long as you hold on to the hate that this terrible thing has come into your lives. I too am a victim of a murder that was never solved but you can't hold onto the hate as it changes who you are and live the rest of your lives in misery. Kim, especially since you now have a child, you need to focus on your child and this doesn't mean that you loved Ron any less, it's just that he would want you to remember the good times you had and to move on. You and your Dad didn't die the day he did so please move on and get OJ out of your lives. Living with hate in your heart is like letting a no account live rent-free in your head.

2174 days ago

Dick Pudenda    

THERE IS A GOD! and he's apparently White! bye bye Juice!

2174 days ago

OJ will be out in 5 years or less. They'll never sentence him to life...this is not your classic case of kidnapping, etc.

2174 days ago


Reality for real, I'm so far from a racist. Wait a minute I may be racist against my OWN race because of the trauma that we have caused this country with the hate of our forefathers but you need to really wake up!!!

2174 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

OMG - Greta just cannot figure out that it's time for her to shut up and calm down.

Get help for yourself, my dear. Your anger consumes and confuses you.

2174 days ago

gis is the real deal

2174 days ago

I am not angry.



2174 days ago


The hateful public will not be happy until death comes to O.J. and you know what this still will not make them happy. You are a bunch of miserable cry babies straight up from hell itself. I do not like Fred Goldman at all. I feel bad for his son,s death BUT him everytime he opens his mouth flies and snakes crawl out of it. Fred Goldman is an unhappy bag of disgust to this case. His son is gone what the hell does he want. See this case isnt fair because of Fred Goldman,s ass. O.J. cant ever get a fair trial at no time. The murder trial wasnt fair because it was an all BLACK JURY just about and now the ones who feel he should go for what this petty crap. It will never be right bitches.

2174 days ago


The facts are OJ went there to commit a crime! Does not matter that people wanted to get him on tape or video...The man was an animal and deserves to be locked up for life! As for Poor Ron&Nicole...Yeah 13 years ago and Karma. But really to me it's sad that an almost black jury then found him innocent! The blacks cheered in the streets and on TV for a man who butchered two people. I can't get over those fact's and no one else should either. I keep seeing everyone getting racist...Well it isn't racist to speak the truth! Yup white men commit horrible crimes just like blacks. But here's where it's different! If a white man would have killed Ron&Nicole he would have went to prison and probably be on death row as i type this. Every white person would have been happy and said that man got what he deserved. With blacks...They do in fact play the race card and get away with murder if they're rich. This is not a racist comment from me...It's the truth! I hope OJ lives in that cell and cries each night like a baby because his cell mate want's some man love!

2174 days ago
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