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Alleged Bank Robber Also Stole Fergie's Heart

10/7/2008 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fergie's high school prom date has a record, too!
Back in September, a man wearing a Guitar Hero t-shirt and carrying a silver handgun was caught on surveillance video robbing a Wells Fargo bank inside a Ralphs supermarket in Santa Ana, Calif.

Vincent Dean Malicek was arrested last Friday on armed bank robbery charges. And guess what we found out -- Malicek was Fergie's 1993 prom date.


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Pathetic.I know the guyz who gave the photo 2.Shez such a backstabber claiming to be a "family friend" of Deanz.The guy she is with is not much better. Can not believe they betrayed him and his mom LOZERZ!

2192 days ago


What is wrong with you ? What IS pathetic is that he robbed a bank teller at gunpoint Maybe you would like to have a gun pointed at you while you were working trying to support your family. I hope this never happens to you, it effects your life more then you can imanage. And giving this guy a website for his support club? Give me a break. How about some support for the teller. I think you are forgetting who is the victim.

2192 days ago


your right that a**hole and that alcohilic wh**re that tipped off TMZ are LOSERS. Now they can buy some drugs.

2192 days ago


Who cares who tipped them off, Fergie is lucky she dumped that meth head. YOU probably tipped them off because he threated your kid, and you called the cops. Get over yourself. Like Joe said the vitim is the bank teller not YOU.

2192 days ago


Oh bite my ass Scott. You have no idea what your talking about. By the way your an assh**e too.

2191 days ago

Dean's Mom    

Okay, why are you so sure that Dean is the robber? The teller saw a picture and said now there are two victims. If I had to choose between being a teller that was robbed at gunpoint or being in prison because I look like the guy in the photo, I'd definitely choose NOT to learn overnight just how corrupt our government is. INNOCENT until proven guilty...wake is a myth. Even at this moment...the FBI has never asked Dean where he was, who he was with or what he was doing at the time of the robbery. They never, let me reiterate NEVER searched our house, they never even knocked on this door. They do not have any evidence other than a "few" vendictive, retaliatory, vengeful jackasses with ill feelings for Dean "screaming" that's the guy! It will all come out at the trial. The FBI offered him 3 years and he refused because he did not do it. Dean will come out of this with a knowledge and insight that none of you will ever have and he will be a better human being for it. I taught him to always find the good within the bad and this is exactly what he is doing. He would not wish this situation on his worst enemy and judging by some of the posts, he has a few. As for Meth use...some of you don't know much about Stace, do you? This is not a time to be hateful and play the blame game. Everybody has problems and issues, life is short, be compassionate and empathetic. Jumping to conclusions and making assumptions is a true sign of immaturity. Hopefully, those of you who make the ridiculous and idiotic posts...don't have children. If you do, I really feel sorry for them. For those of you who know that Dean can be a turd and yet you still love him and know that he is not capable of robbing a bank, thank you for the respect.

2191 days ago


I've read the above comments and feel another adult should step in. Like I have stated in the past i worked with Dean for about 4-5 months In Rancho awhile back. We hung out quite abit. I'm tired of seeing these ridiculious comments posted when his mom is going through enough as is. Regardless if he did or didn't give this woman a break. I hope for his sake, his son and for the Mom he didn't do this and returns home to be a good role-model for his child. Reading these comments where as we all are in our 30's makes me sick. Time to grow up and weather you agree or disagree this is still someone's mother and you should have some respect. For the record for the clowns kicking someone while he is down, if the F.B.I. had something on him they wouldn't only offer him 3 years.. I appreciate the Mom giving updates on what is going on and try too ignore the immature little comments as possible.

2158 days ago


You pushing the ol' Low Double Digits on I.Q., are ya there Brett?

The Justice Department is eyeballs deep in Bank Robbers at this point in time, and this apparent intellectual giant seems to have been given a gift of the highest magnitude, which he has so cavalierly cast aside. He has no previous record to speak of, nor a long jacket of criminal activity on any level, therefore, he is a prime candidate for this type offer to be bestowed upon him in the name of expediency.

His attorney, and anyone else who allowed him to move forward in a trial that is for all intents and purposes one having a high probability of loss on his side, needs a good, swift kick in the gash. Double Duh.

With the potential of 20 years plus on conviction, rest assured, that 3 years will get to looking better and better as his days plunge headlong towards Judgement Day.

In short, The PTB would have loved to close the case rapido, without the necessity, and COST, of a full blown trial, hence, the more then generous offer.

To assume that their case is inherently weak due to the generosity of the Plea Bargain, was rather ill informed on his part, and quite obviously, on yours.


2155 days ago


JRagman...your writing style and ignorance is all too familiar. balls? Can't use your real name? I know who you are. Brett, thank you for being a decent person. I am sorry that the moron attacked you for saying a word or two for me. Just ignore him, like we have always done. He has severe emotional issues and refuses to get help. It is difficult not to get angry at him and he really does try our patience. Just have pity on the worthless human being. That half-baked idiot does not have a clue about the system. Obviously, he does not know anything about plea bargins. Enough of him...let's talk about Dean. This is what the Prosecution has in the way of tangible evidence...nothing. No DNA (3 different agencies tested the counter), no fingerprints, no Guitar Hero shirt, no money, no dye stained skin (or anything else), no gun (he hasn't owned one since 2000). He has a solid alibi (and it is not me), The actual teller did not pick him out of a line-up. The description that two tellers gave the FBI was a man with blond hair, green eyes and a slight build. This is the opposite of Dean. And now, two and a half months later, the second teller was given a line up and she identified Dean from a driver's license picture that was taken when he was 21 years old. Let's figure this out...Dean's prom pic when he was 17 and a driver's license pic from a few years later. Humn. The teller is young and I am sure that she just loves bragging that her bank was robbed by Fergie's ex-boyfriend. Just one problem...Fergie's ex-boyfriend did not rob the bank. The teller is lying and her own statement proves this. I hope that she is prosecuted for lying on the stand. Dean has accounted for every dime that he has earned and spent since June. When he was arrested, he had $12.00 in his pocket. I have faith that the jury will not send a man to prison for 11 years simply because he resembles a bank robber. For those of you who do not believe that something like this can happen, research the Key Bank in Lakewood, Washington. On September 15, 2008 a man named Mitchell Pyle was arrested because he was identified from the surveillence photo. Sound familiar? No other evidence. He went through the process just like Dean is. However, Mr. Pyle got very lucky. The real bank robber told the authorities that they had the wrong man. Chris Gideon is in the Santa Ana City Jail with Dean. This is how I found out about the incident. I called the DA in Washington and confirmed the facts. Mr. Pyle was released on October 22, 2008. He spent 5 weeks in jail for a crime that he did not commit. If the real bank robber had kept quiet, Mr. Pyle would still be in jail. The sad part of Mr. Pyle's ordeal is that the newspaper that wrote about the arrest on two different ocassions did not write a damned thing when he was released. So don't tell me that mistaken identity cases don't happen. Dean's trial begins on December 2, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. at the Ronald Regan Federal Building. If anyone wants to come and show their would be appreciated. Hopefully, this will be my last post. Once Dean is home, his website will be up and running and he will tell his story and post his cartoons. This has been a life changing experience and he has many things to share with all of you. You will be amazed at what Dean has learned about our Government. I am proud of the manner in which he has handled this bizarre incident. He said that he would not wish this on anyone. My grandmother used to say, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Be good, be kind and take care of yourselves. Life is all too short. Dean's Mom

2154 days ago

Dean's Mom    

Dean's web address will be
He has some great pics of Fergie and him. However, out of respect for her and her new life, I don't know if he will share them on his website. Please visit right around Christmas. Thanks again to all of you.

2154 days ago

Dean's Mom    

My heart is breaking and I don't think that I will survive all of this. Today was Dean's Status Hearing. The judge is blatantly biased and she is allowing the Prosecution to introduce evidence for the purpose of prejudicing the jury. Lisa (Dean's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son) is going to take the stand and tell the same lies in Federal Court that she told in the Family Law Court. All Lisa wanted was to have a baby. Once she found out that she was pregnant, she refused to allow Dean or any of his family to know anything about the baby. After Dean petitioned for visitation, she filed for a Restraining Order. She is very devious and quite convincing. It was a bitter custody battle. The baby was 18 months old before Dean ever got to see him or hold him. Lisa bent over backwards to help the FBI. When Dean gave her cash, she called the FBI and said "there was dye one it." Of course this was a lie because the lab results were negative. Lisa and the Prosecution are going to paint a false picture of Dean because there is no evidence whatsoever that he robbed a bank. If the jury finds him guilty, it will be because of Lisa and her evil motive. She wanted Dean out of the baby's life and now she just might get her way. I have been researching the Federal System and it is more corrupt than I ever imagined. I pray that at least one juror will see through the Prosection's deceit and look at the evidence...which is none! No DNA (3 different agencies tested for DNA), no fingerprints, no gun, no clothes, no sudden wealth, every dime accounted for, and the teller that was robbed did not identify Dean as the robber (she described the robber as blond, green eyes, slight build - opposite of Dean). The only crime Dean is guilty of is getting Lisa pregnant. To this date, I have never seen my first and only grandchild. Dean's brother has never seen his first and only nephew. If Dean is sent to prison, I will petition for visitation of Blake. Every child deserves to know that they have a family that loves them. So please, keep us in your prayers for the next week. Anyone doubting the facts, come hear it for yourself. Tuseday the 2nd at 10:30 and then Wednesday at 9 a.m. The Federal Building in Santa Ana. Thank you.

2150 days ago


Hey, can't get off today, keep us posted on what happened in court today Thanks. Kris

2150 days ago

Dean's Mom    

To those of you who want to be informed, I will do my best. Jury selection took 6 should have taken 1 1/2. The twelve finalists seem to be very decent people. One woman has the prettiest painted toe nails, one gentleman wearing my favorite color of blue sweater has a very nice smile, one woman reminds me of a grandma, one guy looks as if he could be Dino's brother...I pray that they are all sensible and honest. The verdict has to be unanimous. The Prosecution's opening statement was over dramatic and I believe that the jury could see this. Chase's opening statement was perfect. It made sense, Ashley's (Prosecutor) didn't. I can see the terror in my son's eyes. Our Government is supposed to protect the innocent, but when they are wrong...there is no recourse. From this point on, I want to encourage everyone to serve on jury duty. Don't avoid it. You just may be able to save an innocent person from going to prison. I am going to apply for the Grand Jury. I want to make a difference,,,stand up for what's right. I don't have many years left (doctos say I won't live to see 60), but I can give um hell while I am still kicking! Chase said that it could not have gone any better today. I truly hope that any of you that can show up tomorrow, will do so. 10th floor, Room A. Remember, strength in numbers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

2149 days ago


Thanks for keeping us updated Kris

2149 days ago

Dean's Mom    

Well, Lisa surprised us today. She did not do as much damage as we thought she would. However, her motive is clear to everyone...get rid of Dean so she can have the baby all to herself. The second teller was caught in so many lies that I think that the jury wanted to convict her right then and there. How sad that such a horrible human being exsists. What she wanted to do to my son and his family is unforgivable. The lead FBI agent just wasn't credible, almost to the point of seeming dishonest. The second FBI agent was so ridiculously handsome that he should be plastered all over billboards. Chase is excellent and we could not have asked (or paid for) a better attorney. The court room was full of high powered attorneys this afternoon...all for our side. Dean said if the jury finds him guilty, that is was just meant to be. He will definitely win on appeal. The judge is biased and even a blind person can see this. Hard to believe that she is so prominent and respected. That is our government...go figure. Tomorrow is the final day. Closing arguments will probably be in the afternoom. Pray, please, I want my son to be a part of his son's life. Innocent people should not be in prison. Good night and thank you to everyone.

2148 days ago
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