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Babwa Has to Bwing the Hammer Down

10/7/2008 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd looked for all the world like she was going to smack up Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View" this morning. Barbara Walters stopped her. Unfortunately. Discuss.
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Britney Spears    

Sheri is a self-proclaimed baby killer. No wonder she supports Barack "Closet Muslim" Obama.

2176 days ago


Sherri was totally out of control and acted badly. She really needs to learn how to make a point without losing control of her emotions. No matter what their opinions, she came off as a psycho.

To those who think that Obama isn't a Christian because he is not pro life, Christians are also to care for the poor and hungry and those less fortunate. Now which party adheres more to this philosophy? If you guessed Rebulicans you would be dead wrong. I for one, who has voted Rebulican in the past, have come to my senses to see that the Rebulican philosphy doesn't work. Big business does not LET their profits trickle down but instead, they are greedy and keep their profits and/or give their CEOs, etc.. $10 million dollar bonuses, etc.. and then expect the government to bail them out when they fail. I'm tired of the rich getting richer and those of us that work our butts off every day can barely make ends meet. You can't really go far in this country unless you know the right (weatlhy) people or get really lucky. Unfortunately, most of us have neither of these advantages and we continue to be used and abused by the corporations we work for. VOTE OBAMA!!!!!

2176 days ago



It's flat out TRUE in 90% of the cases! You're the stupid one to think it isn't the case! LOOK at the poll numbers if you think it isn't true!!!! Nearly 100% of blacks are voting for BARACK. I don't think you can say 100% of whites are voting for McCain, or 90% or 80% or 70%, or 60%.....speaking of idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!

2176 days ago


Elizabeth is soo hypocritical herself, it is no surprise she supports Mccain- who gave info to the enemy while he was a P.O.W, so all this talk about Barrack paling around with Terrorists is amusing, that man would die before he cracked under pressure.

(Mccain even blatantly lied to David Letterman- talk about wimpy!)

2176 days ago


Am I mistaken, or did John McCain remain with his wife over 7 years after her accident before seeking a divorce? If that is indeed the case, it would seem that her accident did not have anything to do with the end of the marriage. Couples drift apart, he found someone else, she says she doesn't bear him any ill will, so why should we?

2176 days ago


What mudslinging? Elizabeth didn't bring up anything that wasn't true. (N)obama is scary and has friends that are CRIMINALS.

2176 days ago


The View is and has always been a complete joke. Might as well bring the KKK on, bring Star back and let them all go at it. Then I might watch.

2176 days ago


Elizabeth is the biggest self-important, narcissistic, retarded idiot I have ever heard. I wish she would leave the view, I cringe whenever she opens her mouth. I's just embarresing when she talks. I imagine her breath smells like a gargantuan pile of steaming crap.

2176 days ago

View Hater    


Conservatives sling mud, and liberals sling insults, huh?

Anyone who thinks either of these guys are going to CHANGE anything is the REAL IDIOT. Look where we are now. We were brought here by the Ivy League elites, and the the "rich man's playground" Congress - Dems and Repubs alike- that we've elected to lead us!

2176 days ago

Triple Play    

Sherri Shepard is a fat liberal RACIST PIG.and she shows her true color. She wouldn't care what Obama has done as long as a black men gets on to the WHITE HOUSE. Because of that attitude and lack of common sense sha and all other women of color will vote for Obama. What a shame for our country. If you have young children and Obama wins enroll them in Arabic and Farsi language lessons.

2176 days ago


I'll take the devil I know (McCain) vs the Devil I dont (BO). And it is funny how naieve women who cant think for themselves (Shepard, Whoopi and the left women) find so much hatred for smart and independent women like Hasselbeck. People who dont understand terms like, "military", "war", "terrorist", "super power", "democracy", "socialism", will likely believe anything Hollywood tells them. IE: vote for BO. We do....and you should too...dont ask why. Just do it sheep. Believe whatever we tell you.

2176 days ago


Obama wants to double almost triple our taxes. Then we won't be in our "Crappy" houses.

2176 days ago


Wow...did Barbara Walters just say she didn't want mud-slinging? That is ALL that worthless show is about anymore!! It is unfortunate that it is 4 hateful, loud-mouth, nasty, right wing, rabid Democrat, man-hating lesbian-bitches against Elizabeth.

2176 days ago


Sherri, you're my hero.

You GO Girl!

2176 days ago


i think hasselbeck might be retarded. seriously, like a special person. not that anyone else on the show is a rocket scientist, but hass is just embarassing to watch. as a republican, i think she does more to damage the party's rep than benefit. she and that idiot from the hills should go and start their own fox spinoff. notice that the only celebs in support of mccain are not very smart?

2176 days ago
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