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Holly to Hugh: Hef Off

10/7/2008 8:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Holly Madison dropped some big news on us Monday night -- she and Hef are no longer together.
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If a love affair between a 28-year-old woman and an 82-year-old man can't work, what hope is there for the rest of us?


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Are you people serious? How can you say Holly will feed off of Hef's for the rest of "his" life??? He is damn 82yo already how much longer do you think she can feed off of him. I have been watching there show since the beginning and I cant see where anyone of you have the right to say anything about Holly that does not also apply to the rest of the girls. Look at Kendre where the hell did she come from? She was not even old enough to drink when they got together. Did anyone see the episode when they went to Kendra's momma house. GROSS! It was filthy and looked like she was about to have a heart attack because Hef was coming over. Talking about GOLD DIGGING I would like to know who paid for Kendra's Momma's plastic surgery!! I can promise you it was not her. If you watch the shows you would also know Kendra looked like a dude before she was with Hef. I too gross out when I see them all kiss but I think all the girls are equally guilty of being there for the money. Kendra looks like she hates when she has to kiss Hef on TV and she always says Hef was the first star she has ever met. So lets be real do you thinks she is there for the money???

2204 days ago


NOBAMA, Just when we all felt that Dumb and Dumber was just a movie you make a comment, I don't think they make them any more Dumber then you these days .. Hush little BOY and go off and play, your ignorance is showing...

2204 days ago


And also, I believe they all got alot out of this. I'm not talking about serious relationships. The girls are all famous now, and they've made money, so they can do what they want. They are all in their 20's. They had an opportunity, and Hef willingly offered it to them. I'm sure it was beneficial to all while it lasted. Now it's time for the girls to start a real life. Hef is Hef. No matter what he seems, he's 82 years old. Whatever he does, it's for show. I hope he enjoys the rest of his life. He's given alot of women opportunities. What they do with it is up to them.

2204 days ago


I guess she got tired of waiting on him to kick the bucket. How long were they together? Guess she figured he could live another 5-10 years!

Actually, I think she gave him an ultimatum because she wants a baby (surprise, surprise) and he doesn't want one. I don't blame his ass....she just wants a baby to inherit some of Pappy's fortune.

Hope he does take her back!

2204 days ago


61 ... Just so you know actually, Bridget is 35 so not in her 20's.

2204 days ago


@NObama, you were born 50 years too late. You should be goosestepping in 1933 Berlin with the other Nazis

2204 days ago

Single Dad    

It's about time that Hef got smart and dumped her ass (or she got pissed and left the mansion) From the beginning I always felt that she was just there for to be in the show and not very sincere about being Mrs. Hef. She was always pissy to Barbie and other of Hef's women....get over it Holly, your man has slept with more women that Magic Johnson and it's a wonder that he doesn't have a STD by now. Now if only that bow legged freak will leave...she's worse that Holly

2204 days ago


Frankly Holly and Hef deserve each other. i crack up every time I read where someone feels she is the only one who truly loves the old fart. Yeah right. Let's face it, he has slept with more men and women and god knows what else in his 82 years. I just caught a glimpse of Sunday's show where Holly had her vagina done in chocolate for the SOB. That was truly disgusting. I marvel at the complete lack of intelligence of the 3 so called women. And puleez, don't start on Bridget and her college degrees. a 35 year old woman with no job other than serving Hefner? There is a name for women like Holly, Bridget and Kendra. You all know what it is.

2204 days ago


Yeah, she was in love with Hef! She was in love with his bucks! Back to Alaska you shallow gold-digging tramp!

2204 days ago

Big Bear    

Holly cannot make a living on her own abilities!! Holly needs Hef to support her. What is she qualified to do to make a living?? Holly is not all that attractive and there are tons of ladies prettier than her. Maybe with a lot of training she could ask " You want fries with that?.

2204 days ago

typical fan    

Don't know what's going on at the Playboy mansion, but I have enjoyed the show. Guess nothing lasts forever. All three of the 'girls' have their charms, but come on, Holly, did you really think Hef was going to marry you and give away half the empire at this late stage? When Hef goes, the executives and Power People will swoop down and take charge, and Holly would have been cut loose like an employee anyway--the grown kids would have seen to that! Hope everyone had fun the last few years, that may be all you get. . . .

2204 days ago


If she was in it for the money wouldn't you think that she would stay w/ him til he dies???? Come on.

2204 days ago

krissy wilson    

Wow lots of you guys are probably just jealous
1) she is gorgeous
2)she loved hef with all her heart and still does
3) hef saved his sperm so she can have his baby when he passes on.
I thought they were awesome and cute together, i wish they did not break up but everyone who breaks up with someone obviously has a reason to.

So how about all you jealous people shut up

2204 days ago


Oh please. So many of you are just jealous. She was smart. She was a nobody, Got to party with the biggest celebrities, live in the mansion, with the staff and all the material perks, jet set around the world in high class. Now she is famous in her own right. She doesn't need Hef anymore. She should move on from Hef, the old geezer, keep banging Criss Angel and continue on her own. Good luck Holly!!! Nothing wrong with being a gold digger as long as you get the gold!! And Criss Angel is HOT!!
Go Holly!!!

2204 days ago


Wow, #3 take your crazy pills lately???

2204 days ago
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