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Jacko -- Last Comic Standing

10/7/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just your typical human family outing -- dad takes his unmasked kids to the comic book store to pick up a few necessities. Except in this case, the dad is Michael Jackson and he wears a surgical mask, pajama pants, a pair of over-sized Nicole Richie sunglasses and a giant hooded sweatshirt. May the force be with Paris Michael, Prince Michael and Blanket.


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I feel sorry for those kids...he's such a weirdo. I hope they have some normal people in their lives. This is too weird. But this is the culture he's created for them. We shouldn't judge the kids.

2172 days ago


It doesn't matter who the biological father is as long as Michael has them legally. No one seems to know where Blanket (Prince Michael II) came from. For all we know, he was snatched off the street.

2172 days ago


I have to agree, those kids look like Michael Jackson. You can see it. These pictures are great, to prove to everyone else that these kids are his. When I first saw the pictures I was blown away. Bi-racial kids can come out looking white as snow, blue eyes, causian hair etc. I know alot of black people who look white but are not. I myself come from a family of kids with different skin colors like myself, light like Lisa Bonet to my other sister dark like Jennifer Hudson. We all have the same mother and father . Oh, btw the sister that lhas Jennifer hudson's skin tone, has the most beautiful straight long hair. She get's stopped everywhere she goes, by people(from diffrent races too) running her down about her hair, wanting to know where she got her "weave/hair done"?, She laughs, and let's them know it is no "weave" this is my hair, they are looking in disbelief. We laugh about this all the time. My family comes from a good gene pool. Think about this, I am sure we have all seen this ,ttwo ugly people have cute kids,. Families with one or two cute people, and the rest are tore-up-frm the floor up, can't explain that either. Most people are just ignorant ant sterotype people, that's the problem. Well I could go on, but I won't.

2172 days ago


If you take a good look the youngest child Blanket looks a lot like Michael.

2171 days ago


Those are beautiful children. Pity daddy's a freak show.

2171 days ago


The only ones I feel sorry for are you people! Disgusting, hateful pricks!

2171 days ago


Bi-racial children have a broad spectrum of skin color and features. Look at Obama. He is just as much white as he is black, yet he is referred to as possibly becoming the first black president. He is not black. My cousin is a very fair blue eyesd blonde who is married to a very dark black man. Their kids look nothing alike. One has blue eyes and very curly blonde hair and light olive skin, yet you can tell he is part black. The other has straight black hair and brown eyes and he looks like he could be East Indian.

2171 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

What a freak....he's truly crazy as a bed bug. Poor kids. Where's mommy? Oh yeah, counting her blood money. A real life example of crapping out kids for cash.

2171 days ago


Not only does he have a surgical mask on, but he's got a surgical bonnett used to cover people's hair in the operating room under his hood. Weird.

2171 days ago


Those kids are not his! Come on, they are white. It scares me that someone who has been accused of molesting children are allowed to have 3 that are for sure NOT HIS! He payed for those kids, I thought child selling was illegal? Hello! I am scared for those kids, There is no way those beautiful kids could possibly have a normal life. God help them!

2171 days ago


So, is blanket a boy or a girl? Looks like Paris to me, just smaller. Who is that scary woman with the white mask on? I think MJ has had too many surgerys and he has to hide a hole in his face. Very sad. I hope those poor children aren't living a sex-predator nightmare.

2171 days ago


Where is The National Enquirer when you need them?
Those kids are NOT his.
I don't even believe that Debbie is the biological mother.
I think that she was impregnated with eggs and sperm from some anonymous donor.
I can't imaging that a mother could let her kids especially a little girl grow up without a mother while the mother is still alive.

2171 days ago


They ARE his kids, of course He bought and paid for them, well, maybe paid for them, we'll see when he gets sured because the bill is overdue now. NOT his sperm to be sure, He bought white kids from a white, two white women...and you all remember don't you the story from crazy Jackson's very own lips how he grabbed the girl from the mother after she was freshly birthed, and he said he ran from the hospital with the newborn baby, still dangling her umbilical cord!! I heard him say it with his own mouth, he said he was so anxious to have the baby HIS he just couldn't wait for the handover and snatched her right from birthing...didn't sound like he even allowed the Doctors to examine and clean the girl, he claimed he took her with her umbelical cord still attatched and took her from the hospital!!! He could have endangered the baby,,, what kind of irresponsible person does that AND is allowed to just because he has a lot of money, purchasing children like that!!! Absolutely sickening!!! I hope his freaky ass dies and release those children while they still have SOME chance for a normal life in the real world before he damages them beyond all hope.....but it's probably too late allready.

2171 days ago


Those kids are reaching puberty and need to socialize with other kids their own ages besides their own sibling of the opposite sex. I hope the wacko isn't encouraging a sicko relationship between the kids. How would they know better except by what they are told by their "father"? I hope they have their own bedrooms.

2171 days ago


Those kids need to be taken away now . . . This freak is not a father in any sense of the word.

2171 days ago
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