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Jacko -- Last Comic Standing

10/7/2008 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just your typical human family outing -- dad takes his unmasked kids to the comic book store to pick up a few necessities. Except in this case, the dad is Michael Jackson and he wears a surgical mask, pajama pants, a pair of over-sized Nicole Richie sunglasses and a giant hooded sweatshirt. May the force be with Paris Michael, Prince Michael and Blanket.


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Why is he always wearing pajamas?

2206 days ago

Voice of Reason    

@ WACK JACKO and all the others saying thats not his kids needs a lesson in biology, first of all I have a cousin who is mixed and her mother is white and of course my uncle is black/African American and you know what she came out with blond hair blue eyes and skin as fair as milk and if she was standing before you all right this minute you would have no idea she was mulatto, now you say that because all Mikes kids are "white" they can't be his...tisk,tisk,tisk...well I got news for you..drum roll please...Michael's father Joe Jackson is biracial! 8-O, SHOCKER! yes, his Father was part native American/black and his mother was French creole from Louisiana, so with all of that in the mix it is more then possible for those children or for any ones kids to come out like that my family is living proof of that! Oh, and in case your wondering.....yes I happen to know the Jackson family.;-)

2206 days ago

susan w    

these kids do not look like they are biracial. can't believe that they are his biological children. if they grow up and aren't all screwed up just like he was it will be a miracle.

2206 days ago


I have a friend who is as white as can be...she has blonde hair (think tow head), blue eyes, and a very fair c omplexion. Her ex-husband is black, and her kids are most definitely black. My point is that there is no way those are his biological kids. Does it matter? Absolutely not. I just hope that we don't find out down the road that this house has been a house of horrors for those kids. I do agree that they seem strangely thin. Let's all hope & pray that there is SOMEONE normal in that family who would recognize the signs if these kids need help.

2206 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Geez--nothing wrong with those kids. Normal looking kids. Being with a nutcase dad probably is taking its toll. I just hope they are safe around that freak.

2206 days ago


I agree with the person who said they'll one day write their own book about growing up with a wacko. All I could thin when I was looking at their photos is "I can't wait to read their tell-all one day." That will be the most interesting book ever written.

2206 days ago


I keep reading that a biracial child can look more white than black, and that may be so, but usually not three times over. Everyone of those children are white and with straight hair. If they are biologically his then they were scientically fixed in a lab, because that is not just nature. Nothing will make me believe that a black man will have 3 kids that all look white, not a drop of black.

2206 days ago


No. 53...My Dear, I already live in Canada. Your comment proves my point correctly. Ohhh ignorance is NOT bliss.

2206 days ago


"They probably wear masks so the filthy paparazzi cant' get a decent photo, coz that is all they want -to make money off off kids who shouldn't even be in the spotlight. Let them grow up, and be kids. They aren't in their tearing up the joint, they from all accounts of those that KNOW and have spent time with them them, are extremely well behaved, polite and intelligent kids. At least Michael aint whoring them around like certain other celebrity families in Hollywood, he aint making his kids into celeb's so they can't live a childhood. You can all disrespect him for whatever reason you want, but it says more about you than it does about him. Concentrate on fixing your country, economy and fighting/starting wars rather than trying to make yourselves feel better by bashing an eccentric musical genius."

We need to show our support sublty, don't let the negativity win over.

OMG AMEEEENNNNNNN!!!! Thank yopu, ya'll are making me sick. Leave Michael and his kids the hell alone damnit.

2205 days ago


I ran into a support forum discussion for people with vitiligo a few years ago, and they unanimously agreed that Michael Jackson had that disease. They said they could tell from photos of him over the years - they could spot the progression of tell-tale patches of colorless skin while his skin was still mainly the original color. They also said that for a while, makeup to match the unaffected skin works - but eventually, in some people the patches become so large that it makes more sense to just bleach whatever pigmented skin remains rather than trying to color the colorless skin.

Sun sensitivity is also part of the disease syndrome.

The disease is difficult psychologically, especially for people with a darker original color since the contrast between the affected and unaffected skin is so much more obvious than for paler people. I can see how MJ would become more socially withdrawn as the disease progressed, especially with people claiming he was "trying to be white".

2205 days ago

tonie rose basa    

wow! at last michael' s children were finally unmasked!! they're so cute!! blanket is so adorable! paris is beautiful and price is handsome!!! lol. so happy!!!! i love you michael!! king of pop forever! no one can replace you!!!

2205 days ago


Her arm looks skinny cause it's partially hidden behind the boy. Does MJ not believe in haircuts or putting on something other than pj's to go out in public? The older girl kind of looks like Madonna's kid, but with better eyebrows!

2204 days ago

Jane Ross    

Here we go again, cameras stalking these children, so that the mean spirited and ignorant can make their hateful comments. Why do people assume Michael did not want, or was not able to have children of his own, nobody seems to have an answer to that do they. The kids have a blonde, blue eyed mother so of course they are mixed race and wouldn't necessarily have his skin tone, pre-vitaligo.

In any case it is nobody else's business, by all accounts given by people who actually have met them, they are bright, very well behaved and very happy kids, and unlike other celebrities Michael has never sold their pictures to magazines, he prefers to protect their identity so they have been able to go out to normal places, without him and not have cameras shoved in their faces.

Just stop the Jackson hating, it is boring, and unfair.

2202 days ago
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