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Butler Kicks Butt -- LAPD Investigates

10/8/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Gerard Butler is under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting a photog.
It allegedly went down early Tuesday in L.A. Gerard was leaving Crown Bar at 2:00 AM and got into his limo. The photog claims he was following Gerard's limo in a car, when the limo suddenly stopped. Gerard supposedly got out of the limo, approached the photog and asked why he was tailing him.

To that, the photog says he responded, "Hey, that's my job." Gerard allegedly then reached in the car, grabbed the photog's throat and and punched him three or four times. Butler allegedly then kicked the car and again punched the photog three or four times -- close-fisted -- for good measure.

The photog went to the hospital for stitches and then filed a police report. The LAPD confirms they're looking into the case and plan on interviewing Gerard.

No immediate comment from Gerard's people.


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assault~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it is LA, hollywood, duh???????? what a kook.. definatley assault

2203 days ago


Any witnessess??

If not... it never happened.

2203 days ago


2203 days ago


I don't blame Gerard Butler for his actions. Celebrities have a right to their privacy and society is always judging them. Isn't it enough that they entertain us? do we really need to invade their private lives too? It is no wonder some celebrities end up alcoholics or drug users or act erratic. Society expect them them to be perfect or role models but they forget that they are people just like us but with a higher pay check and maybe more talent in some cases.

Society expect them to be role models but when they try to encourage us to vote because it is important, society then says that they should not get involved into politics.

Give these people a break.

2203 days ago

Deport All Illegals    

If the man left the club and was on his way home, why follow him? I'm sorry but the "photog" in this case got what he deserved. Its such arrogance to think its acceptable to stalk someone just because they are an actor. Get a real job you jackass.

2203 days ago


gerard butler is one of the most patient, if not THE most patient celeb with the paparazi. i have often marveled at his pleasant demeanor in the face of the paps who are NOT just taking pictures but also yelling stupid, insulting and imflamatory questions at the celebs. if GB finally lost it and punched a pap in the face i don't blame him. it would be totally normal, understandable and justified at this point.

2203 days ago


I would think that if the pap was punched that many times, he would have a little more to show for it than a busted lip.

2203 days ago


Attention Actors:

If you don't want to be photographed, don't pick a profession in front of the camera.

If you can't take the heat, stop being actors and choose another line of work.

You cannot pick and choose when and where and how you get your media attention.

You cannot greedily accept all the spoils of celebrity but whine about paparazzi.

People who say he should be applauded are morons because by visiting gossip sites you are supporting the paparazzi.


2203 days ago


Can I vote for both options?

2203 days ago

King Beef    

What?? No jokes about him yelling, "THIS... IS..... SPARTAAAAAAAA!!!" while beating the pappers ass yet??

2203 days ago

White Pam in Tennessee    

You get 'em baby!!

2203 days ago


If I can get a guarantee to be on his Jury, Hell, I'd be willing to volunteer for jury duty. The photog had NO business following him home. End of story....Now, if it was me following him home, I would have guaranteed him a happy ending.
Oh hell, did I say that out loud? Inside thoughts, Gecks, inside thoughts!

2203 days ago


Follow a PAP home after a nite out & see if he likes it.
Blood sucking PAPs get what they deserve.
And I must agree with the above comment, No witness=never happened!

2203 days ago


Wow. My first question is Who is Gerard Butler and how does he qualify as a celebrity?

Is he on list C, D, or E?

Why is he being followed?

2203 days ago


ok, i'm an entertainer, and i get photographed all the time, and we can't have it both ways.
e.g. - when george clooney ratted out the papparazzi for killing princess diana that was one thing, but then mr man
went for a photo op at the awards, and when he walked forward, (as if to say, here i am, photograph me) all of the photographers pulled their cameras away and stopped shooting. i cracked up, good for your ass ! i said to the televlsion. so you can't rat out one, and rely on the other.

conversely, a photographer should not try to follow you if you say, i don't want to be followed. that's where it should end and THAT'S why some of these idiots get their asses kicked because they go too far.

it's a two way street, but when the double line gets crossed, one can run the risk of having a collision. POW!! in the kisser.

2203 days ago
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