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Hef Twin Busted for Catfight with Her Sis!

10/10/2008 4:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner's new twin GFs don't just beat the living crap out of other people -- they also kick the s**t out of each other.

We've learned Karissa Shannon was arrested just two months before she and sis Kristina were pinched for aggravated battery back in January. In this case, however, she was popped for kicking her own twin sister in the face. Lovely.

Here's the blow-by-blow, according to the charge report: When cops showed up, Kristina was lying on the ground outside their apartment "wearing only blue jean pants" and "bleeding from her nose," while Karissa was standing over Kristina asking who had done this, "as if she had no idea what had happened."

Best part: a neighbor said he witnessed the one twin kicking the other twin in the face, though "he could not identify which sister was which." Karissa eventually fessed up.


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hef downgraded to these to hillbilly bitches but hef most likly will be dead soon so f##k him and his saggy old balls

2171 days ago


What a pity! Hef is such a nice guy ( I know him personally) Being old is one thing and having bad taste in "women" is another. Why would someone move in these 2 numnuts who obviously have some mental issues? Hef seems to have a thing for lonely lost soles like those 2 redneck inbreds, Kendra..... BTW, I saw Kendra on Chelsea lately's show and she was dissing those 2 inbreds! Kendra learn that no one gives a crap what you have to say, even less Hef. Your fans are fat dumb dudes who wanna sleep with you and your football boyfriend most likely won't have babies with you or marry you. There is such a thing as a "lady" and a woman you bring home to mama. None of the playboy girls are that kind of material. Well.... I take it back! Bridgit is a nice woman... however at 40 its time to grow out of the all that pink crap you have everywhere in your bedroom. Your clothing needs to be more mature and classy. Kendra, I know you read TMZ and one word for you, I hope you don't show up at the halloween party... you are a disgrace... Holly needs to NOT show up either... yall are losers!

2171 days ago

Triple Play    

HO HO HO"s Merry Syphillis

2171 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

I love LezzySluts who wrestle... Hef is in the poor house now, (bankrupt).. he can't afford ho's.

2171 days ago

Joy Sigle    

Hey, come to think about it GeezLouis is probably from McCains camp trying to swing some votes...LOL!! Anyways.....

Hef has really downgraded to these skanks. I really hope the show does not continue with them....I wouldn't watch it then. E! needs to give Holly, Kendra & Brigitte thier own show. Girls Next Door...Life outdide the Mansion.....LOL

2171 days ago


TMZ - Take down that long Obama comment on page one. Please. None of us come to TMZ for that crap. Thank you.

2171 days ago

Jackie daniel Hayward CA    

They look SOOOO much better PREplayboy!

2171 days ago

charlie crist    

i love thses girls but i fear for hef's safety. but they defenitely need their own show. weren't they also on that mtv Miami modeling show? that had twin blondes from st. pete too

2171 days ago


After reading most of the comments, it sounds as though the Dem's don't care for the truth. Does it sting a little bit and make you feel ignorant because you have been sucked in to all his rehtoric!

May God be with you if Obama is elected!

2171 days ago

Kim Gerlach    

This girl( and her twin) are butter faces. She must have a good body....but her face..

2171 days ago

Kim Gerlach    

This twin is a butterface. She must have a good body, but her face....

2171 days ago


TMZ - Why did you photoshop the moles that were all over her forehead? Did Hef get to you?

2171 days ago

mickey lou    

Can anyone say trailer trash? Hef, money can't buy you class!

2171 days ago

Dave the pig    

Posted at 3:42PM on Oct 10th 2008 by Jeezlouise

_________________________ I appreciate your post. Thanks for taking the time.

My grandfather use to say "tell me with who you walk and I'll tell you who you are" ..... Now that I am a grown woman, I live by those words when choosing my associations and my friends.

This country will be in serious trouble if that man is elected!

2171 days ago


Jeezlouise: as someone else said, go somewhere else... And even if they do let you stay, at least try to make what you copy/paste not look like you pulled it out of your email. It's ugly and annoying, not to mention it doesn't require brain cells. Regarding the story... Geez, what a huge step down from Holly, Bridget and Kendra.

2171 days ago
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