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Hef's Twins Love Bottom Feeders

10/10/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does something smell like rotting fish to you?

Just one year before they found their 82-year-old meal ticket and moved into the Playboy Mansion, 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, were attached to a colder, deader creature -- this prize winning red snapper! The Shannons were obligated to pose with a winner of a spear fishing tournament in Florida back when they were working at a Wing House restaurant (think Hooters with better wings).

FYI -- Hef's not into red snapper ... he's all about the yellowtail.

UPDATE: Thanks to TMZ's loyal following of fishermen fans, we've learned the fish in question is not a Red Snapper, but rather a Hogfish. Our sincerest apologies.

ONE MORE THING: The comment about the wings was based on the opinion of the one guy in our newsroom who has actually been to Wing House. Our sincerest apologies to Hooters fans.


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I'm sorry... LOVE bottom feeders? they ARE bottom feeders.

2206 days ago


They might look okay if they had a decent makeover.

Wing House wings are better than Hooter's.

2206 days ago



maybe i will go to...

the HOOTERS tonight! for wings. and beer!! YAH!

2206 days ago


Thanks for the clarification on the wings! Actually I've never had wing house wings, but since Hooters pays my bills I'll have to try them in secret;-) And on a side note, the Twins coming out in the December issue are a lot better looking.

2206 days ago


As a member of the Tampa/ St. Pete area, I'd just like to point out that Pinellas Park is not full of trailors and rednecks. You're thinking a little further southeast.

The twins were snobby bitches in school who always though they were better than anyone else, which is funny considering we were all working at the same place together. Kristina is the nicer one of the two, while Karissa is a skanky golddigging BITCH!! She's a backstabber and I wouldn't put it past her to throw her sister under the bus just to have Hef all to herself.

As for the Winghouse....their mild wings have a tangy sweet sauce that is to die for. Waaaaaaay better than Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings put together!!

2206 days ago


How appropriate. Two pigs in the photo with a hogfish. Girls, whose turn is it to iron Hef's skin -- you know, get the wrinkles out. Whose turn is it to keep their finger on the "9" on the phonr, in order to summon 911 when the old man drops?

2206 days ago


Between the Hogans and these little freaks, It sure is hard holding your head up if your from Pinellas County. And yea, Pinellas Park is full of trash. Gotta love a double-wide!

2206 days ago

fans of President Obama    

These young ladies are in the pursuit of Purse First, Ass Last.
It's the Oldest Profession. These entrepreneurs are Ladies of Leisure.
Women Of The Night.

I'm sure mom and dad are proud.

2206 days ago

charlie crist    

winghouse rules - the wings are way better and the girls are hotter than hooters. i saw these 2 in pinellas park, they look good to me. pinellas park has trailers, but it's not full of them. it's a nice blue collar town between clearwater and st. pete.

2206 days ago


after giving this whole Hef thing some thought. it occured to me..viagra to many has been a blessing & a younger woman for an older guy is a pretty good thing..but (and maybe money makes you feel that your above looking like a jackass) somebody needs to slap the s@#t out of that old 82 or whatever years of age,, a little dignity looks much better on a man than a couple of pigs that can be his great grandchildren...

2206 days ago


hey hef, where's kimberley now!!!!!!

2205 days ago


#41 She's next door raising their boys and they're still married, thats why I don't get why Holly was so upset, she knew he was still married. Whatever!!

2205 days ago


Thank goodness my nieces have more class than this! Mom & Dad must be really proud to see their little teenage girls giving themselves up for some fame and a few bucks. Hef should be embarassed to still be creeping around little girls.

2205 days ago


the wings are better!

2204 days ago


Actually, a hogfish is a wrasse, not a snapper. But it is a hogfish.

2203 days ago
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