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We Got Nothin'

10/11/2008 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thousands of celebrity photos come across our desk every day. For some, we're able to craft a clever story. But others just defy description.
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Slow newsweek for TMZ? I can't believe it! *rolling eyes*

2173 days ago


I'll tell you what you just cant please some people!!! And where in that did you get that they was hurtin animals... You people complain about everything if you hate tmz so much stop comming back!!!

2173 days ago

let's save the world    

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS SO FULL OF IT....they are picking on "Sarah Palin, accused of abuse of power"
Helloooo! she was doing the right thing by trying to stop corruption even from a family member! the way, the accusers are all Obama's supporters

what about Obama and his involvement with ACORN?, what's his excuse? I don't know about you, but this is total corruption to me.

I know that all the liberals out there already have an excuse to defend their MESSIAH.... because the "suave" Obama has manipulated so many people's mind.....sort of a cult

At least McCain_palin are for real..what you see is what you get,,,,and I rather get people like them than someone that is hiding his past

2173 days ago

let's save the world    

If Barry Obama wins this election we can all say goodbye to the traditional American way of life.
Bye-bye Free Market Economy.
Bye-bye Capitalism
Bye-bye Free Speech (can’t have people criticizing the dictator or his agenda)
Bye-bye Private Gun Ownership (it’s easier to control a defenseless populace)
Bye-bye Democracy! (dictatorial rule, ala Castro, is his goal)
Hello Communism! (a form of government that has failed every time it has been tried…no people risking their lives to “defect” to Russia, Red China, or Cuba, are there?)

God help us! (though open worship of God will also be a no-no under Obama’s dictatorial rule)
Think this is all hyperbole? Well, I hope so. But I don’t think I’ll be proven wrong.
This country will be riding the fast track to hell on a bullet train.

2173 days ago


Baretta's bird had to get a job.

2173 days ago


Where's Barretta?

2173 days ago


You only think you "craft clever stories", everyone else just thinks ya'll are stupid, vile and heartless. When you are done patting yourselves on the back, I dare you to actually "craft a clever story"!

2173 days ago


HE didn't kill the bird too. They have been known to talk!

2173 days ago


How about "Even a bird is more talented then Britney Spears".

2173 days ago


you got nothin is right... & it has been happening for awhile- TMZ is going downhill =( Each week I check you less & less... X17 rocks!! - TMZ fans may want to check them out instead--- Please get it together!!!! I'm sooo close from deleting you from my favorites... good news stories are better than just posting junk to keep constantly current--- & I don't mean the bird - I mean many of your recent posts for weeks now !!!!!!!

2172 days ago

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