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Casey Aldridge -- Your Ass Is Grass!

10/13/2008 8:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears' 19-year-old baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, is mowing Mississippi one patch of lawn at a time.


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Ding dang jamie lynn. By buy him toys i meant fancy cars and cool clothes! Not a dang ol lawn mower! Now he can look like he's being responsible. Now when you get tired of the kid and fake your meltdown folks is gonna think he's not that bad a guy. Geez you cant get nuttin right. Hurry up an trick so you can have another kid. Its time to party!

2200 days ago


Please help me understand why both Jaime-Lyn and Casey are constant victims of your smears, but Palin-spawn and her baby daddy (Levi??) ARENT. A slut is a slut, is a slut....and yet not one word from TMZ...about Bristol!!!. WHY?

2200 days ago


And the winner of the First Person to Appear on Who Has Done an Honest Day's Work in His Life Sweepstakes is...Casey Aldridge!

Stick to telling us which Hollybore is sticking it to which other Hollybore's sloppy seconds, and let people who reside in the real world live in peace.

2200 days ago


i hope someone got fired over about instead of paying whatever idiot out there you got taking photos of someone mowing the lawn...just pay me :) i think the whole Spears thing you need to just drop and walk off, nothing interesting is going to happen any time soon, you milked that cow to death.

2200 days ago


Dangit Casey! Jamie lynn gots lots of partying to do! And she's already 1 baby behind. Now how we gonna get our freak on with you out bein mr responsible mowin the grass an such. An don't ferget she's gotta pretend to hav herself a meltdown when she gets tired of the kid and dump it on you! Big dummy!

2200 days ago


Hey, #65 - So funny I forgot to laugh. But then again, children rarely say things that are funny unless they are 5. Get a life. Idiot.

2200 days ago


Come On TMZ.... I worked in my garden, you missed your photo op ...I'm disappointed..... Now, I'm going to mow, (I'm working with you-heads up) on my John Deere mower, it's brand spankin new, and my baby daddy and I bought it for me to mow! Now, remember it's your last chance today to get a pix of me stylin and profilin on my mower, because that's NEWS WORTHY!!!! And, I am famous by association I live 4 hours from Brad Pitt's home town. And, 70 miles from the Mark Twain's home town. I visited Elvis home town and I have personally toured Laura Ingalls Wilders home! Enough said, come get my pix!!

2200 days ago


hey man he decided to get buzy with a cute blonde and now he has to face the consequences..haha but wata loser!
i mean his a ordinary guy..but u dnt see celebs. dating/or planning to marry normal guys...they always find sum1 in the entertainment industry..
but thats down though..
i kno how it feels 2 cut grass/awn

2200 days ago


I see a lot of classless McCain supporters here today.

I guess using this thread to slam him is just another example of the desperation these losers have to turn to, supporting a candidate who lacks any substance and a VP nominee who totally lacks principle and class.

It's unfortunate that the Republican Party had to tap into this base of voters to gain support rather than engaging good Americans who have ideas and true beliefs and who don't have to resort to childish name calling because they lack the intelligence to understand anything else.

It's people like you McCain supporters posting here that have cost him any chance with moderate voters and swing voters. Nobody wants to align themselves with the trashiest, most hypocritical, most classless and least civilized people in our society. Most of you would do a patriotic duty to stay away from the polls in November and save our country from being tainted from your bigoted, ignorant, destructive vote. Stupid people like many of the posters here are a greater threat to our country and our people than those foreigners we call "terrorists." The true terror is the blatant stupidity displayed by John McCain's supporters.

2200 days ago

..... poor delusional being. The crack finally got to you hunh. Poor thing. Whats really sad is that when obama, who is one of the most racist people on the planet, gets elected America will become no better than a third world country.

That being need to take your dangerously stupid self to a political blog. TMZ is for fun. MORON!

2200 days ago


Why in the hell is anyone taking a picture of this looser. And why is TMZ reporting on

2200 days ago


I have more respect for CASEY then that fat, rapping, cheating, making baby, noshame, child support collecting, money hungry, faux mohawked, did I say fat? gigalo K-FED. bahhhhhh. k-fed sucks.

2200 days ago

Brenae S.    

At least the boys taking care of his business. There are some grown men out there that just walk awawy from a "baby mamma drama" situation. And this kid is 19! Why does it matter HOW he supports his child and Jamie? Sorry we can't ALL live the lavish life.

2200 days ago

c'mon now    

He's trying to live a normal life. Well as normal as can be. Let him be!! This annoys me............when paps take pictures of people who are obviously not looking for attention. They don't live in LA, they don't go to high price stores and restaurants to get noticed, so just leave them alone. Jaime Lynn isn't flashin her "britney", and Casey isn't going to Vegas all the time and trying to rap. Let them be!!

2200 days ago


don't people have better things to do then to go to po-dunkville and take a pic of some unfamous hillbilly cutting some grass. he is just as boring as jamie lynn.

2200 days ago
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