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Baby Mama to Evander: Pay Up or Prison!

10/14/2008 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

46-year-old Evander Holyfield is trying to get back into the ring for a final payday, and maybe this is why -- he's got to pay thousands in child support or face jail time.

That's the knockout punch his baby mama, Toi Irvin, could deliver next week when the ex-champ goes into court to explain why he hasn't paid up like he was ordered to on September. 1. Irvin's lawyer, Randy Kessler, says he's going to make him pay for the ex-couple's 11-year-old kid -- or ask the judge to toss him into the clink.

Holyfield made a reported $248 million during his career but has been less than liquid -- so he says -- of late.


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Lenn K.    

Here a question that almost all of us would like answered why don't idiot like this use a 50 cents condom? All the pain and money that's involve just so it will feel better. Dude, you are not smart and making 248 millions and broke on your ass tell me that.

2167 days ago


1 million or 248 of them - any man AND WOMAN that has unprotected sex and makes the decision to be a parent has a responsibility to plan for the next 20-some years for that child, not party and screw around with all the money. I am sure there was probably a very large percent of that that went to taxes and management, but that is a LOT of money to mishandle. Hope he does better with any more he gets.

This is a HUGE LESSON for all these other MORONS that make a lot of money, especially in sports or music and other fickle careers, as well as the skanky groupies that get knocked up by them - you're both going to end up PAYING for the kid.

2167 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Don't worry, if he does fight, he will get the living crap beat out of him! It's a small consolation, but it's better than nothing!

2167 days ago


"its a famiy's a family child grows up to be ....someone who just loves to learn and child grows up to be , someone you just love to burn, Mamma loves the both of them .they say its in th blood."

2167 days ago

Bill NM    

Another gene pool without chlorine.

2167 days ago


Lennox Lewis once said it best about Evander Holyfield: He's another one of these hypocrites who walks around talking "Jesus" this and "Christian" that, yet he has eleven children...NINE out of wedlock. Scratch that...Holyfield has said himself that he's had nine children out of wedlock THAT HE KNOWS OF. And now he's apparently having trouble supporting at least one of them.

2167 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Mr. Holyfield repeats the same mistakes over and over again.
It's hard to feel sorry for an unrepentant fool.
Will any of these eleven children even have enough of an inheritance to afford a private university?
I hate seeing people squander their dough. Here's a man who sacrificed blood, sweat, tears, and an ear lobe. And he's poised to be left with nada, zilch.
I pity the fool.

2167 days ago


So I am just SURE that the baby mama is adamant that Evander has visiting rights and a firm sayso in this childs' life, RIGHT? Or is he just another man that has to pay for a kid he gets no time with because the mama can go and get child support? It makes so much sense, jail a parent for not paying a debt (I thought imprisonment by debt was ILLEGAL in the USA with the exception of income tax) and further prevent him spending time with his child. FACE IT PEOPLE-CHILD SUPPORT ULTIMATELY BENEFITS THE OTHER PARENT. If it was TRULY in the best interests of the child, the 'obligor' parent would have much more legal recourse to ensure said child is benefiting from the payments (most states DO NOT demand accounting from the receipient parent to show said money IS used for a child's benefit.) AND ensuring the 'obligor' parent also has rights to protect their parenting relationship with their child. And before all the charming posters begin their 'think of the children!! flamewar....two things.........

1. I am a married woman with a child. My husband pays child support on a child he is never allowed to see. It must be because he is a deadbeat father right? No. he is a father who went to the mother and questioned his child drinking at 13-with booze Mom admits to buying-, said child having their sig. other spending the night-S.O is 18, child is now 14- and Mom providing birth control, and Mom laughing off that she allows child to smoke weed so child is 'easier to deal with'. He also found out his child regularly goes without food because Mom spends his support payment at Wal-Mart and Target getting all the latest things SHE needs. She laughs and admits all of this in court, and she STILL gets away with it because she is the custodial parent. My husband has been told flat out by a magistrate to 'Shut up and pay up.' He would die for his kids, and now it looks like he will paying for one of them.

2. I am from a single parent family, raised by my Dad. My mom took off. I think a crappy parent comes from either side.

2167 days ago

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