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Brinkley Split

Takes Turbulent Turn

10/14/2008 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whatever Christie wants, she doesn't get.

Brinkley tried getting a restraining order against Peter Cook last week, supposedly in an attempt to keep her kids from seeing his "20/20" interview -- no dice. The feuding couple then reportedly agreed Cook would drive the children to upstate for the weekend -- he flew 'em instead and she was pissed.

The kids allegedly were freaked to fly and cried to mama -- but Cook tells it a little differently.


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Although Cook is a looser Brinkley needs to stop using the children to vent her spite and anger.
Kids are not afraid of flying unless it's instilled in them, I think it's just another game to make Cooks life miserably difficult to spend time with his children.

2178 days ago


Brinkley needs to look at the common denominator in all of her failed marraiges = her. I think she wants to make everything a bfd in order to get back at Pistol Pete.

2178 days ago


As an ex wife, Christie didn't give Peter the chance to make the marriage work. I don't agree wtih cheating, but there are reasons my both partners can and do cheat. It seems that Christie wants it all her way or the highway. Look, this has been her 4th marriage and two of her ex's cheated on her. I think she has the problem Christie, go get some counseling.

2178 days ago


I think it's a terrible thing when a spouse cheats. It causes pain that transcends the divorce period and lasts a lifetime. Cook broke their marriage. however, I remember Brinkley cheating on Billy Joel. She not only cheated, she flaunted it and her pregnancy by the affair with the man who began ex-husband #3.That's why I won't cut her any slack. It was perfectly okay for her to cheat, but when she is cheated on, it's something of a different matter.

As I recall this story, he (Cook) was very sorry when the affair (which had ended) came to light, and promised her he would not fight the divorce. He only contested the proceedings when he discovered she didn't want him to see his children.

She reacted vindictively, (unlike Billy Joel when she did this to him), and drug the man into court, airing every dirty story she could come up with. And, oh by the way, did anybody else notice that she stopped the public proceedings when it was HIS turn to tell his story??? No wonder he went on Barbra Walters. Also, please don't try to tell me those children have never flown before!

Again I say, Karma, Christie. You are getting what you deserve. Karma is a beautiful thing.

2178 days ago


She had every right to know if her children were going to be on an airplane instead of being driven. Cook probably did this just to go against Christie. The kids were freaked out to be on an airplane? Maybe they have never flown before. This is also the same "man" that dragged Christie's older daughter naked from a shower and would repeatedly harass her while married to her mother all those years. Stop defending this borderline pedophile.

2178 days ago


Christie Brinkley doesn't have a clue how she is coming across to the public though, on the other hand, she probably doesn't care since she's a simpleton narcissist. It wouldn't be anybody's surprise that she is poisoning the minds of these children behind closed doors while hiding behind the legal system. Some women do it in clever, manipulative, and subtle ways, i.e. phone and personal conversations with friends and family that are loud enough so their children will overhear. If these children end up with severely messed-up preteen and teenage years, it's due to their mother.

Personally, I think she publicly used Billy Joel through this fourth divorce ordeal which was not fair to either him or his wife.

2178 days ago


I don't blame Christy for being pissed that her ex took their kids on a small plane instead of driving them.... she was almost killed a few years back in a helicopter accident and she is just trying to keep her children safe. I don't mind flying, but I can see her concerns as a mother. We all don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but I just wish the media would have stayed away completely for the kids' sake!

2178 days ago

ho hum    

Both of these people need to STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Shut up and take care of your kids, period, and spare us anymore drama, that includes Christie. It happened, deal with it and make life better from now forward for your children. Also, Christie, please learn that you cannot control everything the man does with his kids, you can only control your part of the world. As soon as you get that, your kids will have a better life with both of you.

2178 days ago


I'm responding to this comment " Looks like Peter the Pig thinks he has the right to terrify his children by making them fly when they clearly didn't want to." WTF. These are children, and they have no say in how their parent chooses to transport them. If they have some sort of emotional problem with flying, I can almost guarantee that their drama queen mamma put it in their heads. If he chose to take them to NY on muleback, that's is his decision. She wants to control everything, but the court should be able to see right through her issues, which she seems to be making her children's. That, to me is the essence of child abuse.

2178 days ago


Personally, I think what Christy Brinkley did to this guy stinks. He worked and made her millions in the real estate market while married to her and he didn't get any of it in the divorce. She made out like a bandit and wants everyone to think he is the only bad guy in this divorce. Every divorce has 2 people at fault. Unfortunately he had a prenup for 2 million and spent 1 mil of it fighting to keep a part in his kids' lives.
Christy is the vindictive person here. I know Cook was the one who "cheated", but I think it was 50% Christy's fault. Just because she didnt' cheat didn't mean that she didn't have a major part in the break up. Christy may be beautiful on the outside, but I think on the inside she is very ugly.

2174 days ago
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