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The Butler Moves In on Travis Barker's Ex

10/14/2008 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler has traded Travis Barker's bedside .... for Gerard Butler's!

In the latest Hollywood bizarro pairing, Barker's ex and the alleged photog basher got cozy at a L.A. club last night.

After Barker dissed Shanna on his blog saying she hasn't been to the hospital in over a week, Moakler updated her blog with the quote, "With great tragedies comes great truths, these truths either bring people together, or tears them apart ..."


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2199 days ago

no name    


2199 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    


2199 days ago

hot snot    

I am no prude, and am all about getting some free loving...but this chick has slut whore bag smeared all over her. Doesn't she have 3 kids at home? Travis is an excellent father, she is an absentee mother more concerned about being seen, having her picture taken and partying. gold digger

2199 days ago


I am so happy for her that she is out! Good for her. He doesn't have room in his life for a wife. He really f-ed up this one! you would think he would have realized how important family is after his near death experience, but nope, he lost the love of his life! Oh well. GOOD FOR YOU SHANNA! MOVE ON! YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED WELL!

2199 days ago


That's excellent # 4 !! lol but I think we can officially say that Butler has jumped the shark .. big time

2199 days ago


Go ahead Shanna. Do your thing. I feel bad for what Travis has gone thru but it seems regardless of his tragedy, he's more concerned with bashing his ex-wife. Seems like he never learns cuz this is not the first time he's blogged against her. All that immaturity and for what. Be a father to your kids and leave your "Ex-wife" as you have called her to live her own life. Remember that she's your ex-wife and under no obligation to be by your side except for the kids.

2199 days ago

Nic Nic    

exactly how is she a slut? she is single. she has a right to go out and meet other people. damn i guess if your single these days and are caught with a guy you must be a damn slut :/

2199 days ago

Team Kim    

Butler doesn't look interested in her at all, looks like he is looking around to see who is looking at him....

She did the right thing, she rushed to his bedside, they are divorced people, was nice of her to do at all....

2199 days ago

hot snot    

Hey Morgan, do you live with your eyes closed? Shanna is out all of the time. What we rarely see is pictures of her and her children. If Travis is still in the hospital recovering, shouldn't she be home taking care of her litter of bastard children? Just a thought. But hey, with all the money in child support payments, she is hopefully buying condems and paying a babysitter

2199 days ago


Slutbags like Shanna or Dita Von Tease(Marilyn Mansons x) are a good test of a fellows true nature. No Man with a shred of anything good would go near these types of Women. Not only are they each like a thousand groupies rolledinto one they are the sloppy seconds of entertainments MAN WHORES. Gross !

These Guys have the motto: innocence pure and sweet, not half as nice as rotting meat !

2199 days ago


As he said in his blog his "EX" wife hasn't been to see him in a week. Ok. She did visit him, but she is his EX for a reason - they probably both don't get along I suppose. But I hope - for their children's sake, that they respect each other face to face and don't talk smack any further in their blogs, etc. They may think they don't or won't see it - but it's out there and these online publications are big on pointing them out. They seem to want to lash out at each other? What really is the point? She has every right to move on as she is his EX... and he has the same right. But moving on doesn't mean bring out the negative.. unless they really haven't moved on?

And her quote is pretty spot on.

2199 days ago


I agree with the person who said Butler doesn't look all that into her. She leans in but he's not looking like he's reciprocating to her overture of a kiss.

2199 days ago


all i can say is ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

second pic explains it all.

i feel sorry for the kids. a mother who'd rather go out than be with her children is rather depressing, no matter how much money you make or what your name is....

2199 days ago


she is the definition of white trash...well, next to hef's twins. i don't know what travis was thinking when he married her. she's gross and a skank!! i hope she gets burned.

2199 days ago
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