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10/15/2008 8:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are putting the brakes on their marriage, according to reports.

Madonna and Guy Richie
There a million reasons we can think of as to why they're calling it quits: The A-rod scandal, her "film" career, Kabbalah ...

Your guess is as good as ours.

Madonna's rep is mum.

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They'r divorcing, but they might not go to court. Both have plenty of assets, and they don't need money from each other. They might just come up with a private legal agreement.

2206 days ago


Hope Guy Richie gets well rewarded for getting into those Granny-panies

2206 days ago


I'm sure NONE of us expected that this would happen!! Puhleaze!!! Yes, she's a self-made multi-millionaire...good for her, BUT that doesn't excuse her behavior. Just because she's earned more money than she could ever possibly need does not give her carte blanche to behave in any manner she chooses within her marriage. I'm sure her her husband is no saint either and it's not easy to be married when you are constantly in the public eye...but seriously, who really thought this marriage would last?

2206 days ago


The same people who are making the age comments are probably the same ones who would be offended if someone mentions Obama's middle name. Because somehow that's NOT FAIR and it's RASCIST! You are a sad bunch of hypocrites. And those of you who support Barack Hussein Obama (Madonna, Matt Damon, PDiddy) have alot in common with the terrorists and all those who hate this country. You want Obama for President. Now ask yourselves why these terrorists SO BADLY want him to be the next President of the United States? Why? They want to see this great country of ours destroyed and you SHEEP who support Obama are not seeing things as they really are.

2206 days ago


Madge has done alot period. Shes not the best singer or the best dancer. She has never claimed to be either infact I remmber a interview she gave in the ear nineties where she said just that. She has always maintained she wanted to be the best performer giving her audiences a show they would enjoy which apparently many still find her relevant in their minds. She has made her career by pushing buttons and that has gotten her to where she is now. She has gone through everything in her life with single mindness to whatever goal she wanted to acheive. This marriage was doomed from the start because of that single mindness. I liked her when she first came out and I applaud her for her ingenuity of taking the little talent she has to acheive what she has. But shes a selfish person she never thinks about anyone but herself. I'm sure she loves her son David but she chose him for selfish reasons. I dont agree with people adopting designer babies especially when their are so many children needing homes in your country. It has become so fashionable to adopt a baby from third would countries that it makes me sick and I wonder people truely appreciate how selfish it looks to push aside children in your own backyard who pray for a home.
Madonna looks sickly there are TONS of women in the industry who are older who take care of themselves and look so much sexier. In fact I can think of several but I will name the true Icon that Madonna will never be able to compete with on looks and class Tina Turner now that bitch rocks!

2206 days ago


that's too bad, I wanted Madonna and Guy to be a happily-ever after story!

2206 days ago


Too bad Sarah Palin wasn't welcome on Madonna's street. Sarah could have given Madonna tips on successful long term marriages....

2206 days ago


I don't care for her politics or her ignorance, like the Sarah Palin comment, but I do respect that she looks so great at 50 and is still doing her thing. I think age discrimination in this country is rampant and it's accepted in many social circles and it's disgusting. Many of the same people who are trying to play the race card when it comes to Obama. What a bunch of hypocrites all around us.

2206 days ago


This is no shocker NOT to anyone. Madonna needs to face even after giving birth with a REAL man with no public hang ups she still can't get it right. Seems she must be selfish back on the stage after all these years. She knew when she married this man what he wanted. And they seemed to do fine until she gallivanted back on stage. That had to be the deal breaker along with the possibility of infidelity. Madonna along with so many other people need to take their wedding vows and family obligations MORE serious if they expect their marriages to work. Its sad for the kids but they won't be the first ones to experience parents divorce. They will be fine and hopefully both parents will stay involved in the childrens lives.

I just hope we don't see A-Rod and Madonna together as that would be strictly sex and never last. Not good for the kids Madonna.

Enough said!

2206 days ago


"Mind your own business people! How would ypou like your private life on the evening news??? Madonna, from one Detroit girl to Go, Girl!!

Posted at 8:27AM on Oct 15th 2008 by ShellyBelly"

Madonna has made it her top priority to be in the news for twenty five years. That's why we're talking about it now. A great mother? I'd bet she is! And I'm sure Guy is a great dad. You know, they will prolly take what works in their relationship and focus on that now. I don't think we'll be seeing a tell-all by Guy anytime soon.

2206 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

It's about time he ditched this HAG! She looks like death suckin on a lollypop. Besides, she's had every wenis except George Bush and of course, he's got better. What a skank - hope Ritchie takes her skank ass to the cleaners!

2206 days ago


I would like to see one of these celebrities step up and do something for these children up to age 17 who are being abandoned under NEBRASKA'S UNIQUE SAFE HAVEN LAW which I support. I am glad a woman drove from Wisconsin and left her 13 year old at a Nebraska hospital rather than murder him or dump hiim in the streets. I believe it is saving children's lives. You Hollywood people have all your money and your Asian and African babies. Now somebody please do something good for these poor rejected American children. Everyone wants the babies, what about the older children in this country who need good homes? Children of all ages are the most precious thing in the world. May God bless each and every one of them.

2206 days ago


She has no class or taste. Her Sex book was so nasty...then she goes on to write children's books? Give me a break. I wonder if they had any crotch shots in those. I guess Vanilla Ice could use the work and could work something out with her for her next book for kids.

2206 days ago


they didn't have a pre-nup. So, Guy going to be a multi millionaire after the divorce

2206 days ago


#52 I couldn't agree more! God Bless America.

2206 days ago
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