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Tom Green Blows K-Fed Out of the Water

10/16/2008 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Green no longer exists, there is only "TG" -- and he's gone straight gangsta.
Tom Green: Click to watch
The guy who dropped a huge hit with the "The Bum Bum Song" nine years ago has now recruited a posse, some thuggish shades, and a couple of skeezers for his new career -- as an aspiring rapper. And since MTV doesn't do anything related to music anymore, Tom dropped a verse on the street last night ... and it was shockingly impressive.


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His rhymes sound like something from a punkass whiteboy. I'm less than surprised.

2106 days ago

Barack McCain    

Thats pretty good for a spontaneous TMZ production. More celebrities ought to act out for the camera like this.

2105 days ago


Is it me or was Tom Green's fifteen minutes of fame over way back in the 90's? I looked up "funny" in the dictionary and Tom's face or name were nowhere to be found. You can only recycle old d*ck jokes and old "I've only got one testicle" jokes so many times before it makes you puke your guts out. Tom had his time and made a few bucks while he was at it. Why ruin some good memories? I know they'll be a few "Greenies" who will call me names and accuse me of being jealous, a loser, or an a**hole. Let' em have their moment too BUT remember this guys: at least I moved out of my parents' home years ago. My idea of a great Saturday night ISN'T to swill beer while watching "Cops" to see if any of my relatives are in that week's episode. And all my friends don't date that same waitress from the Waffle House and I don't think "dining out" means eating my MacDonalds' drive-thru order while parked on the far side of the parking lot.

2105 days ago


Oh far as "Rap" is concerned:..........WHO CARES? Rap is like a wet fart: Loud and obnoxious! Rap is the 8 track tape of it's time........eventually it'll be a fond memory to all the "Gangstas" sitting in the Dentist's Office waiting to have their "grills" removed.

2105 days ago


I heard tom green lost a nut in a rap battle

2105 days ago


Just another example of Americans not knowing (or caring) anything about Canada.
"Check the OR, you like it so far."
There is a reason he is not so bad!

2105 days ago


c'mon failed this time round..Tom Green started out as a 'organized rhyme', play check the may know it..why? cause it kinda was a hit...more than a decade ago..

2105 days ago

Jerry Jarvela    

Tom Green was in the rap group Organized Rhyme, yes.

But he also had a solo rap cd under the name MC Face that was even better. Came out at least 10 years ago and I still listen to it!

2105 days ago


well, the story made it to the tv edition - that's what i get for delaying on the remote after colbert. however, if i hadn't watched those few introductory moments i would have denied myself the pleasure of seeing pseudo-journalism come through once more with a completely unresearched lead story. well, paparazzi does mean 'sewer rat', so i suppose it's a regular occurence, these lapses in journalistic standards...wait, what am i saying? they're sewer rats - they just jump on something and hope it floats. happy swimming!

i've checked de o.r., i think i actually still have the video on a VHS tape somewhere. i think it was.... 1992? dang. way to drop the ball, tmz.

2105 days ago


It's over folks......the world has gone completely F**KING MAD! Why are all you "Greenies" getting all in-a-snit over this "Organized Rhyme" sh*t??? WHO CARES??? Y'all acting like someone committed capital murder for Christ's sake! If you folks are relying on TMZ for your only source news and information then let me sell you one of my Adjustable Rate Mortgages. The fact that Tom Green was once a Rapper only reinforces my belief that having to choose between painful rectal itch and Tom Green............painful rectal itch wins each and every time. Another thing you "Greenies" might want to consider is that if you spent time and money on "Organized Rhyme" ........therapy might be your best option. Otherwise enjoy your boy's latest fifteen minutes of fame..........I'm betting by Monday Tommy-boy will be forgotten in favor of another useless piece of sh*t........Spencer Pratt! At least he's smart enough to keep the pretty "eye-candy" hanging around rather than a bunch of thug wanna-bees!

2105 days ago


Tom Greene ... the least talented, unfunniest person ever to get attention for trying to be a celebrity. Just pathetic!

2105 days ago


And as far as Canada is concerned,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,get a life.....PUHLeeze!!! I mean what's Canada done lately? Take away Hockey and snowcones..........and then what's left? A lot of snow and rude French people who can't afford the price of a ticket back home or for a bar of soap!

2105 days ago


Hahah... and with the Drew Barrymore Covergirl ad right before it. Yes, Tom's been a rapper for years. Nothing new there at all. I've always had such a crush on him!

2105 days ago

Organized Rhyme Fan    

Geez...TMZ! Get Harry Levin to do some research before he airs this kind of thing!! Most of my fellow Canadians know Tom Green has been rapping for a long time! You guys better "Think twice before you act and try to tackle the funky stuff
I take you suckers out like meat on a shish kebab"....ya boi!!!! Please air an apology to Tom! :)

2105 days ago


tom & i were born on the same day

july 30, 1971

i was like it when i see him on tv

i tell my mom

there's that guy born the same day i was !!!!

i think of him as a twin




2105 days ago
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