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Tom Green Blows K-Fed Out of the Water

10/16/2008 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Green no longer exists, there is only "TG" -- and he's gone straight gangsta.
Tom Green: Click to watch
The guy who dropped a huge hit with the "The Bum Bum Song" nine years ago has now recruited a posse, some thuggish shades, and a couple of skeezers for his new career -- as an aspiring rapper. And since MTV doesn't do anything related to music anymore, Tom dropped a verse on the street last night ... and it was shockingly impressive.


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Not bad Tom- just don't go around molestering any more cow teats and we will be cool

2205 days ago


OH...MY...GOD!!! Can't you "Organized Rhyme" wackos get a f**king life? You're all acting like TMZ committed some sort of a Satanic ritual murder. GET OVER IT!!! Let's face it you glue-sniffing freaks: IF TMZ HAD NOT FEATURED tom green ON IT'S SHOW.........NO ONE....I repeat....NO ONE...... WOULD HAVE GIVEN A SH*T!!! Without all the free publicity I seriously doubt anyone would have known (or even cared!) that Tommy Boy was still alive.
Listen folks I understand y'all want to hang on to your precious childhood memories BUT at some point we all gotta move on. And speaking of moving on......Yo Canadians.......GO HOME AND EAT A SNOW CONE!!! If Tom Green is the only claim to fame you all have for Canada, besides Hockey, Snow Cones, and Anne Murray, then go build an Igloo. Isn't it enough we let you folks visit our country??? If Tommy Boy and those rude Frenchies were biodegradible I'd gladly flush' em down the pooper.......the same place where RAP belongs!!!

2205 days ago


Xzibit seems to be quite the fan of tom greens rapping ability...I wonder who tom cares for more...Useless TMZ board fiends,or a platinum selling artist...Hmmmm...

And..."Tom green is canada's only claim to fame,besides hockey"... ...Care to fill us in on who got MVP in the NBA 2 damn years in a row!?!?...OW,RIGHT!,Whiteboy,Canadian,STEVE NASH!... ...Not to mention Rich Harden AND Ryan Dempster of the MLB...As long as you feel up to "talkin' sports" ;-)...LOL

2204 days ago


Wow.....Ooh weeee........Rory28 (#32),
Wasn't sure whether your igloo was wired for the internet or not! I assume you're from America's Attic better known as Can-A-Duh! If I only had hockey, snow cones, or Anne Murray to brag about well I might stoop low and mention Rap. Though in my opinion both Tom Green and Rap are wothless. You know that if TMZ hadn't featured Tommy-Boy in one of it's posts no one and Ido mean NO ONE would've given a sh*t. My guess is that 90% of those folks who read the post or saw the segment on TV didn't even realize Old "One Nut" was still alive!!! As for the remaining 10% those people they believe that Spencer Pratt will one day be President..........or spokesman for Massengil Industrial Douche.

2204 days ago


Oh I forgot to mention mentioned two MVP's involved in sports that were concieved, practiced and perfected in the U.S. of A! Unfortunately so was Rap......oh well. And this thing about Xixibit?...........sounds more like a video game for the really slow kids in Special Ed. know where Tom Green hangs out.

2204 days ago


ORGANIZED was good..........Tom "lays more chicks than mother goose"...well...back in high school he didnt....i was there

2203 days ago


Tom Green is F*cking Awesome. Except for the time he got too serious with that guy who chain sawed his desk on his show. But even when he's really upset its still FUNNY! yeaaaaa Tom Green

2117 days ago
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