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Wills Makes Paris His Subject for a Night

10/17/2008 1:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Queen will not be amused.

Princes William and Harry were out last night in London, reports the Mirror, with what the tab hilariously describes as "two showgirls" -– Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera. Apparently the heirs to the British throne were quaffing and "singing cheesy pop songs" with Hiltie and Xtina.

Another Brit source -- the Telegraph -- says the Prince and Paris were "flirting outrageously." And they say the sun never sets on the British Empire.


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Well, we know Harry didn't get any.

2199 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

William, don't even think about that sleazy Paris Hilton!! That girl has been rode hard and put away wet many times!! What would your poor mother say if she were here?

2199 days ago


What a loser God.No wonder he cant find anyone better than Kate and Paris/Booo.

2199 days ago


I think you need to check your sources TMZ. Wills wasn't "flirting outrageously" with Paris, it was Christina. In fact Wills was rather unimpressed at first by Paris. Eventually he warmed up to her, and they exchanged numbers, but there was no real flirting with going on (with her), especially not "outrageously".

2199 days ago

nira k    

Paris flirts with everything that moves: its part of the "Paris" thing. Xtina is married. People just having fun. Of course, poor Wills cant even blow his nose without someone looking for some meaning or motive.

2199 days ago


not true - they ignored her and walked away - !

2199 days ago


Pathetic paris once again looking for attention,anything that moves you know! I hope somebody told him the truth,she is the laughingstock to the public over here!!

2199 days ago


This is not what happened. She went right towards him and he (harry) ignored him. Then she was grinding against another girl in front of William. He ignored her and then he finally spoke to her, briefly. Everyone thought it was hilarious. They did speak for a while with Christinia. But, she was not as disgusting as Paris. Please, TMZ find better sources.

2199 days ago


Yeah, the Daily Mail said that Paris was trying to get Harry's attention by putting
on a "sexy dance" next to him but that he ignored her. And that William only spoke to
her briefly. She was apparently pouting because the Princes wouldn't pay her any
attention. Boo hoo!

2199 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Isn't that Wills engaged? Why is he even in the same room chatting with attractive famous women? Not cool..

2199 days ago


That's a really stupid story and totally unbelieveable. Britsh rags write all sorts of crap.
Neither the princes nor Paris Hilton would behave that way.

2199 days ago


So they were at the same club and exchanged pleasantries. Big deal.

But Xtina is married and the rest are in relationships. Andf they all hve an entourage whn they go somewhere.
Once again, some tabloids are feeding lies to the public.

2199 days ago


Come on now. Christina is married, Paris has a BF and she never goes out without a chaperone, the princes have girlfriends. The only thing true about this is that they were in the same club.

2199 days ago


I bet everyone just said a polite hello to each other and the ragmags have them all jumping into bed with each other.
Gotta sell stories.

2199 days ago


Yeah right. Like TheDaily Mail is such a believable newspaper. NOT. They always print the craziest stories.

2199 days ago
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