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Wahlberg to "SNL": Say Hi To Your Mother For Me

10/18/2008 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ sources close to "SNL" tell us the show has been scrambling like crazy to get Mark Wahlberg on tonight's episode.

Wahlberg was pissed beyond words at "SNL" for doing a sketch called "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals," and has ranted that he wants to kick Andy Samberg's ass. Now the show is trying to turn Mark's hard feelings into a ratings booster. No word yet if Wahlberg is going to comply.

Marky Mark should really relax. More people watched that sketch than the entire box office run of "The Happening."


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who fuggin cares    

maybe he could do a sketch in a pair of calvin klein underwear where he raps surrounded by dancers


2195 days ago

Team Kim    

What happened to peoples sense of humor? It was a joke...don't be so friggin uptight and showup at tonights show....Don't fall off your high horse Mark.....R e l a x!!

2194 days ago

Mr Right    

"Marky Mark" is a total ass clown!
Only pompous jerks can't take a joke!

You couldnt pay me to see this midgets lame movies.

2194 days ago


ok people....first of all mark didnt go on a "rampage" about it. he thought it was funny. go watch the full clip of the interview he did with jimmy kimmel..... he has a very dry sense of humor, that only some people get. obviously, you people dont get it.....

i predict that he WILL show up on snl, and make fun of himself...... then what will all you haters say then?

2194 days ago

Philly Love    

Leave Mark Wahlberg alone! He's from Philly now so he's allowed to have an attitude!

2194 days ago

Ice Water    

Mark Mark was prisoned for a brutal, racially motivated attack against an Asian man several years ago. Is he anti-semitic, too?

Why does he hate everyone? He should be happy he can get work despite looking like an ape.

2194 days ago

Bill Cosby    

PEOPLE! Let us not forget that Mark Whalberg BLINDED a guy for LIFE while in a fistfight a few years back. Violent, none?

2194 days ago

Triple Play    

Hey Marky Mark Get ove yourself. No one cares whoi you are and why you were offended. Now that is a Funky Bunch

2194 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

If this story is true, Mark Wahlberg needs to grow up. The sketch wasn't even derogatory or insulting -- it was just an impression of him, and it was funny.

Actors like Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne and Cary Grant had impressions done of them all the time and they didn't cry about it like illogical, narcissistic little pansies. An impression is a tribute, and apparently Wahlberg isn't deserving of an honor that should be reserved for people with intelligence and humility.

2194 days ago


mark wahlberg is just to uptight I seen him do a couple interviews and he doesnt smile or have fun he was on bet with ludacris and the whole time he did not smile once and it really seems like he didnt want to be there and has no sense of humor what so ever he's just a really dull type of guy he looks pissed off all the time

2194 days ago


andy did nail that snl sketch,he sounded exactly like wahlberg.

2194 days ago


Mark needs to get over himself. He's not the only one SNL has poked fun at before and he won't be the last. He needs to learn how to laugh and not take everything ao seriously.

2194 days ago


I take it none of you gise know what TMZ likes to do. They take a story about nothing and try to make a huge one of it. They print stuff on here that they know to be untrue and wait for a reaction from you idiots. THE ONLY REMARKS HE MADE OF THE SHOW WAS THAT HE DIDNT FIND THE SHOW FUNNY ANYMORE!! And i totaly agree with him. The skit was sooo stupid and unwatchable. are reaching for a story from nothing. I cant believe i even read these stories from your site still, knowing that 99% of them are total B.S.!! But you still have your faithfull morons reading and believing them. Keep up the SHI**Y reporting!!

2194 days ago


LOL, Markey Mark is from Boston. He likes Philly but we can't lay claim to him. Now Will Smith is a different story. It's all still Philly love! Go Phils!

2194 days ago

bobby speck    

I doubt he will comment he has too much class!

2194 days ago
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