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Jamie Spears' Twang Too Thick for Jurors

10/20/2008 7:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' father hit the stand last week to help his little boo boo fight the System -- but his Southern drawl may have been a bit too 'billy for the jury to understand.

Jamie Spears' testimony -- riddled with country slang-style answers like "I have no ideer" -- is now being read back to the deadlocked jury by someone else.

Hearing the testimony from another mouth could play a significant role because -- according to our spy -- most people in the courtroom looked as though they had "no ideeer" what the hell Jamie was talkin' about the first time around.

Whatever it takes to git 'er done.

UPDATE: The jury wasn't able to make a decision today -- and has been dismissed. Day 5 of taxpayer-funded Britneygate will resume tomorrow at 9AM sharp.


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I think the prescution just wants another celebrity to go to jail. She could have gotten her licsense, they could have charged her a fine, and it would be over. The fact that they are dragging this out is ridiculous with California in so much financial trouble. The prosecuter should be fired

2195 days ago


oh I was first...that's a first!

2195 days ago


oh i love britney and her new #1 hit single womanizer, i know she will be okay in court tomorrow!!

britney rocks!!

womanizer #1 =-]

2195 days ago


Thank God California is going after dangerous criminals like Britney Spears and having a jury trial, even. Are they trying to make up for not convicting OJ the first time?

2195 days ago

The law is the law. If you don't want to follow any given law then pay the price. If you're wealthy and powerful you can pick and choose the ones you like to follow but own up and pay your fine if caught. You people who deny any accountability for your actions deny the accountability of other. Is it any wonder you have a country that holds no power accountable.

2195 days ago


I am not a fan of Brittany but this trial is just stupid. State license vs state license. Fine her ass and go on. It's not like a DUI .

2195 days ago


I so hope they deadlock and a mistrial is declared. No answer to an idiot question. To conduct a jury trial for this offense is right off the chain.

She deserved the appropriate plea offer which would have been pay a fine and the charges will be dropped. There is no need to make her a convicted criminal for this offense. The judge could have tried to broker a plea before scheduling a trial.

The judicial system in California is obviously in need of improvement, a mistrial in this case might speed up that process.

2195 days ago


He seems like a good man.

2195 days ago

huh, missing some documents    

She WAS offered a plea that involved a fine. Her and her mighty fine lawyer turned it down. What more would you like the state of California to do? The state followed their laws but they cannot make her accept the plea and pay the fine. That would be her own stupidity.

2195 days ago


Jeebus. Give 'em a break. After all, they are white.

2195 days ago


The law is the law. If this was Joe Blow, he would have paid a fine and the charges would have been dropped. And btw, low blow to make fun of her father that way. America, the land of acceptance, haha.

2195 days ago


Another stupid CA district attorney wasting the taxpayers' money, trying to create another circus over an expired/invalid licence.

All other people in CA either get fined right away, or they come in showing that they now have a valid licence, and the case is over.

Celebs should not get special tratment, that's true.
But they should not get treated WORSE than anyone else either.

2195 days ago


This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Of course dumbass SLUTney is guilty; she lived in LA for YEARS without getting a California drivers license. The law says that you MUST get a California license within 60 days of moving to the state; she was offered a fine when she was caught driving around without a California license (after being warned 2x by the police for the exact same offense; this is something us normal folk are not usually given), but being an stupid braindead celebrity (and a retard to boot), she & her arrogant attorney turned it down. Now, we get to waste our limited & dwindling tax dollars on a trial for a total mental case (& retarded leg spread slut) who should be seriously bitch slapped for wasting our time & resources.

SLUTney's guilty as sin, and the only reason I can think of as to why 2 dumbasses haven't voted guilty is that 2 jurors from the retarded original OJ jury have found their way onto this jury...

2195 days ago


3. oh i love britney and her new #1 hit single womanizer, i know she will be okay in court tomorrow!!

britney rocks!!

womanizer #1 =-]

Posted at 7:43PM on Oct 20th 2008 by allen
It amazes me how delusional & ignorant tw*tney spears fans are. It must be hard work to ignore all the mental deficiency, snatch flashing, drinking, drugging, child endangerment, stupidity, arrogance & braindead behavior this retard constantly shows. Get a life, Allen; your girl is a moron & not even close to being worthy of your adoration...

2195 days ago


Dang y'all! Jus' fergit abawt this whole thang and make her pay a big ol' fine aw-reddy!

'Nuf sed!

2195 days ago
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