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Press Crashes Hogan Homecoming

10/21/2008 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan was ready to talk to the cameras outside her house today -- but man was she blindsided!
Linda Hogan: Click to watch
After reading a statement written up by a publicist, one reporter asked two great questions: Is it appropriate to throw a party when John Graziano is still in a vegetative state and does Nick really think he's the victim in all this?

Trust us, it gets awkward.


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Jackie daniel Hayward CA    

He got off WAY TOO EASY!

He deserved MORE TIME!

If Id have done what he did my life would be OVER! It's B.S. and UNFAIR! Spoiled little BRAT!!!!

2191 days ago

Big Mr. P    

Friends - Wish Election day closing in on us please keep in mind what the Liberal Democrats are running as a candidate this cycle. Hussein Obama is a Marxist Socialist who will run this country into the ground and tax achievement into oblivion. Just look at Joe the Plumber. Please vote McCain/Palin on Nov. 4th and vote Yes on Prop 8 in California.

2191 days ago


Wow fantastic questions TMZ! Can't seem to get the video to load so what were her answers?

2191 days ago

100% Me    

TMZ, are you all sure this is Linda Hogan and not the horse that fell into the pool?

2191 days ago


Video won't play.

2191 days ago


This whole damn family has been in a vegitative state for years!!
One too many blows to the head i guess.
Just saying........

2191 days ago


If situation was reversed Im sure Johns family would be excited and celebrating after their son was relaeased from jail. They are both victims John and Nick. No on deserves to have this happen to them. God gave Nick a lesser injury but he has to live with what happened & his fault in it (they are both equaally at fault though I think) ) the rest of his life. Thats a life sentence if I ever heard one! People act as if he wanted this to happen or that he isnt remorseful. I think the entire Hogan family is extremely remorseful that John is in coma.

2191 days ago


Who forced Graziano at gun point to get in the car with Hogan???

They are both punks as far as I'm concerned.

I'm sure he was cheering on Hogan as he was racing, not saying, "Stop Nick, I'm getting out. I'm calling my mom."


2191 days ago


I think Linda handled that in a very approriate way and, the media needs to back off and let the family heal and move on.

2191 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So a-hole Mr. P, are you paid by your party to spam every thread? ON DAMN TOPIC! It was nice to see a reporter who knew enough about the facts shut down the BS self absorption of the Bolleas!

2191 days ago


All I want to say is Nick Hogan has done his time. Let it go people. I was in the Marine Corps and had a similar situation happen with two very close friends. Guess what the passenger died on the scene. The driver who was also a Marine did not serve a day in jail and was released from the Marine Corps. My goodness when are people going to stop being so one sided on everything. If Nick Hogan should stay locked up for the rest of his life what should happen to President Bush considering how many lives have been lost in IRAQ! I served my country for 8 years and I support my troops but if you're going to pass judgment you should really think about what you're saying. There's always two sides. Also remember John is a grown man and he knew the risks as well. Give Nick a break for crying out loud. I'm sure if the tables were turned it would have been the same way.


2191 days ago


I can only pray to the holy lord our father that you read this.
Please, for the love of god, do some porn.

2191 days ago


Hey Nick
Glad to see you are out. Come on up to SC. We'll have a party for you. I'm sure you can find us. We're at Parris Island. Bring that bald punk of a father with you. We'll all have a great time. SEMPER FI

2191 days ago


ok.. there was nothing akward about the video or anything she said, so why in the world is that posted below the video. For news attention i guess!! I thought that Linda answered the questions honestly and handled herself extremely well as well as being very calm at the same time.. WHO WOULDNT BE EXCITED TO SEE THEIR CHILD.. GIMME A BREAK. GROW UP AND LET THEM GET BACK TO NORMAL. EVERYONE HAS BEEN THRU ENOUGH.

2191 days ago


All Hogans are pure white trash minus only the trailer.
Linda will be doing barnyard porno within a year.
The kid will find another way to mess up his life.

2191 days ago
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