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Big O Plays Big D in Lawsuit

10/22/2008 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're gonna sue Oprah WInfrey, go big or go home -- and one man just went real big. As in $180 million big.

First things first -- Keifer Bonvillain was arrested two years ago after allegedly recording conversations he had with an O employee and then shopping the tapes around to publishers and tabloids.

The Feds ended up dismissing the case against Mr. Villain on the grounds he perform 50 hours community service, undergo drug testing and pay back $3,000 he took from a company looking to meet with him over the tapes.

Fast forward to the present, when Keifer filed the $180 million lawsuit claiming Oprah and an attorney made false statements that led to his arrest.

Chip Babcock, Oprah's lawyer, told TMZ, "The whole incident started when the plaintiff (Keifer) wiretapped one of Harpo's California employees. We advised him this wiretap was illegal, and now we're gonna get the chance to determine whether we were right or not."


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If you don't like her show, no one's forcing you to watch, but why would you spend your time saying such hateful things. All this woman has done is overcome the most extreme adversity to bring light and love into the homes of millions of soccer moms. But I guess you can't even become successful in America without people bashing you. Not if you're black and female. I would hate to meet some of you people in real life.

2190 days ago


Yeah, # 13 and Oprah never fails to remind us ad nauseum of all the misfortunes in her life instead of being grateful for what she has now.

2190 days ago


Why does TMZ always publish the worst photos you can possibly find of Oprah?

2190 days ago


Their are so many greater philantropists. You just don't hear about them because they don't brag all the time like Oprah.

2190 days ago


Actually there are very few philanthropists who have given anywhere near as much of their own personal wealth as Oprah has. Business Week reports that Oprah has given more than any African American in history, more than any performer in show business. And this is despite having to overcome adversity of every kind. And people who've done squat have the nerve to bash her. Oh what a wonderful world.

2190 days ago

let's save the world    


2190 days ago


Bill Gates' charitable contributions make Oprah's look like peanuts and you don't hear him bragging about it. Even the abrasive Donald Trump doesn't brag like Oprah does...."Look at me, I'm so wonderful" Yeah, except the racist Oprah doesn't help anyone in this country!

2190 days ago


because there are NO GOOD PHOTOS OF THAT UGLY racist, she takes from whites and gives to worthless black charities. wake up idiots.

2190 days ago


Bill Gates may give more than Oprah, but Oprah's still given more than any other African American or performer in history. And Bill Gates came fro an upper class family. Oprah had to overcome extreme poverty, illegitimacy, racism, sexism, weightism, teen pregnancy & sexual abuse to get the money she so generously gives. And I've never once heard Oprah brag about her philanthropy. Oprah talks so little about her charity that most people think the only thing she's ever done is that school in Africa, when in fact, she's sent hundreds of kids through college in America, and given millions to Katrina. And even if Oprah did brag, what would be wronng with that? It's her hard earned money she's giving, so why shouldn't she tell people? And being vocal about it will inspire others to give too. And the fact that Oprah's helped blacks does not make her a racist, it just means she's trying to help those who are most in need. Blacks happen to be the most economically disadvantaged population in the world, and with AIDs, poverty & social disorder, Africa is in a state of emergency right now.

2190 days ago



I'm delighted with Oprah's success and when Obama is elected I would be happy to have some of her wealth spread my way. I wonder how she feels about supporting Robin Hood?

2189 days ago


Oprah, phone home! I never have been able to decide who is more evil: Oprah or Martha Stewart? Oprah needs to retire so she can devote more time to Gayle King.

2189 days ago


Spread the wealth you Fat Nazi Bitch!!!!

2189 days ago

Bite Me !    

I hope that Big O B!tch goin broke...

2189 days ago


Check out the latest paparazzi pics of Oprah in the GLOBE tabloid, she's HUGE! What happened to her full-time trainer Bob Greene and bieng, "In the kitchen with Rosie?"

2189 days ago

Oprah hater    

What most people don't know about Miss "O", is that in order to work for her at ANY capacity (from Janitor to Execs), you have to sign a contact to NEVER discuss with ANYONE the goings-on at Harpo or her magazine. This also includes when you leave or are fired from her employ.

2189 days ago
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