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R&B Star Stung in Stingray

10/22/2008 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B bigshot Lyfe Jennings just got nabbed by Georgia police for allegedly shooting off a gun, taking cops on a chase in a Corvette, and refusing to take a DUI test.

Smyrna, Ga. police tell us they were responding to a gunshots fired call when they spotted Jennings' Vette hightailing it away from the scene. A chase ensued and Jennings eventually crashed. He was charged with felony weapon possession by a convicted felon and he faces charges of attempting to elude, as well as discharging a firearm near a public highway and refusing to take the sobriety test.

Lyfe -- real name Chester -- was in prison from 1992-2002 after being convicted of arson.


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It looks as though Chester is going back to the penn.

2130 days ago



2130 days ago

Big Mr. P    

My friends, as election day draws near consider this. Hussein Obama has exactly 146 days experience in the Congress. That, my friend, is nothing to be running a country with the complexities of the US. Please vote McCain/Palin and yes on Prop 8 in California. Keep marriage between a man and a woman.

2130 days ago

truth hurts    

LOL @ #4

Kinda like the saying "just what we need...another black man in Wasjington, looking for change (ok so he is a half breed)

2130 days ago


1st - Chester is as dumb as he looks, R&B star risking the ruin of his career because he can't obviousy control his emotions and do what the police say when they asked him to stop or take a dui test .... I'm not feelin' sorry for this guy

2nd - No. 3, in the U.S., people have the right to vote for whomever they please. It is un-ethical to make a feable attempt at forcing your veiws on others. Your choice is to choose McCain and that is wonderful ... allow others to have their choice ...

3rd - No. 4's response (about Chester ) is ignorant and racist. I bet a million dollars if you traced your family tree back 100 years or less you will find other races. I am caucasion and I know for a fact that if I traced my tree I would find all sorts of nationalities .... seems to me that ignorance obviously has no color especially were you are concerned ....

2130 days ago


None of you you racist pigs would say that in a black person's face....especially not his or mine. I guess if you cant be a thug in real life then we should let you settle for being an internet thug huh.....Cowards. Yeah he was really stupid for doing what he did, but this doesn't even compare to the actions of Lohan a few days ago. That was no problem though huh? Out of nowhere comes Obama's name.....Say what you like but he will be the next president

2130 days ago

truth hurts    

#8 yeah yeah, it was a joke son, get over yourself.....

oh and btw, Obama wont be our next president, he will be America's 1st dictator and lead us straight into Hell with a first class ticket

2130 days ago


Just because some black people have done ignorant things doesn't mean we should group them all in to a group of bad people. If we do then the same should be said for all white people, and I refust to be held placed in the same group as G.W. Bush. the KKK, Charles Manson, etc.

2130 days ago

Ms. Smalls    

I feel so sorry for my boy Lyfe. I know he wasn't in his right mind and is obviously stressing over a woman or something else. This man is so deep and I feel like crying...OH BOY, I hope he doesn't go back in jail.

2130 days ago


# 8, I totally agree w/you. Sadly though it goes to show that some racist people of the past have raised their children to be racist as well. What a vial waste of energy and emotions. I apologize for any negative thing said within these responses that have negative racial undertones.

While I personally don't have a racist bone in my body ..... it's unfortunate that a lot of people do. I think someone has to stand up ..... right is right and wrong is wrong. All of you with negative racial comments really need to search within yourself. You are very angry about something and I doubt very seriously if it stems from the color of someone's skin .....

2130 days ago

Doesn't Matter    

First, let me say that everyone that has made a racist remark is just as ignorant as Chester's mihap. Now, lets get to the matter at hand. I'm guessing the racist pigs that have posted on this site feel so threatened that African Americans aren't intimated by your foolish tactics. What it seems is that your very intimated and threatened by our knowledge and sucess. You make statements regarding all Black people that is really sad and my heart hurts for your level of non education. You give examples of the Black people in the view of the public. What about Nick Hogan that actually almost killed a young man and has taken his quality of life? What about the white people that make all the wrong choices pretty much the same as other races? You really need to take a moment to search yourselves as to why you hate so much. You're the ones with the issues not the black people. Get a grip stupid A$$es Obama's Mother is WHITE and your looking at the color of ones skin is pathetic. Why don't you do your research before you make such a foolish statement. He is more educated then most people Black, White or whatever..

Maybe you need to get GOD in your life and he can show you how ignorant you really are

2130 days ago


Come on TMZ! How in the hell did this turn into an Obama hate forum? Perhaps you need to clean this up. Where is the FCC when you need them?

2130 days ago


You mean to TELL ME this country will be the United States of Africa if Obama wins?? Ohh Hell Yeah!! I am LOVING that...

2130 days ago

Caring Fan    

Yes, Mr. Jennings (Lyfe) was wrong in his actions. But might I ask..if anyone of you are without faults please cast the first stone. This is indeed a senseless act on his part. I only pray that this causes him to think of his actions, now and in the future; his life, his career and his family. In spite of this, he's a good person; perhaps wiser than his years but nonetheless a good person. Let’s not rally to his demise, less it be you. Remember that we ALL are in need of forgiveness. It’s Mr. Jennings today but could very well be you tomorrow. Here's to LYFE!!!


2130 days ago


This is sad Lyfe is a cool dude especially with all of the work he does in his community and countless PSA 's
as for all the people on this site saying racist stuff I thought tmz was a celebrity gossip forum
not a klan rally
oh well
I guess this is a new direction for this site
hope it works out for you
hey biggots need a place to feel comfortable too
I guess tmz is a welcoming home
it really must burn to know your president is going to be black lol
I hope all the hate on this site continues you need somewhere to let it out considering you just don't matter anymore
really your not even in the conversation anymore burn a cross you krusty racist the country is too busy looking forward

2130 days ago
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