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McCain Backer Attacked, Mutilated in Pittsburgh

10/23/2008 7:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley ToddHere's what went down with the McCain/Palin supporter who was allegedly attacked in Pennsylvania last night.

According to Pittsburgh cops, around 9:30 PM last night, Ashley Todd was robbed after she went to the ATM. The victim says during the robbery, the assailant saw the McCain/Palin sticker on her car and became "enraged." He struck her and knocked her down, and allegedly carved a "B" on her cheek.

The assailant is still at large. Police tell us all they have is a description -- a man, 6'4", with dark skin and dark clothes.

A McCain spokesman confirmed to TMZ Todd volunteered in McCain's Pennsylvania office.

UPDATE: Anthony Pugliese, Pennsylvania state chair of the College Republican National Committee (of which Todd is a member), tells TMZ, Todd is "shaken up" but is doing OK. Prior to the attack, Todd was doing phone banking at one of the McCain offices.


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Too bad there is a restriction on carrying a gun, Blow this rodent into next week.

2188 days ago

Mr. A    

Hey...when our politicians play the FEAR MONGERING game and make us all think the absolute WORST of the opposition...what do we expect from out of our "passionate" society of morons?

I already posted weeks ago, that i took my McCain/Palin signs out of my yard because of vandalism to another neighbors vehicle that had a sticker on it for McCain/Palin (which was scratched off).

James Carville already warned of the danger of NOT voting for Obama and how much violence will break out if he loses.

2188 days ago


Oh and I want to give TMZ props for posting this...fair and balanced is all we ask for.

2188 days ago


I also find this S**T AMAZING We either get crazy Muslims running this country OR Our Economy go down the SH**TER EVEN more Take your PICK!

2188 days ago


80. Oh and I want to give TMZ props for posting this...fair and balanced is all we ask for.

Posted at 5:33PM on Oct 23rd 2008 by KD

People from both sides are saddened by this kind of behavior

2188 days ago


#70 re: health care.

No system is perfect, not even Canada, but I can only speak for myself. For me it works just fine and we do pay extra for Blue Cross and other health supp to cover certain things. It is not 100% paid by the government. We pay higher taxes but I feel I get a lot for what I pay. IMHO.

I do know people in the U.S. who do pay big bucks for health care, but they can afford it. How does it work there for people who have no coverage?

I can't wait until this election is over, I'm getting carpal tunnel from switching the channel any time a political ad comes on - I don't watch any of them - too scary man.

Must go and feed the sled dogs, top off the snow on the igloo, fuel up the ski-do, and get in a quick round of hockey before the sun goes down and we’re stuck in six months of darkness…lol

2188 days ago


I know mr. A.... My husband didn't want me putting up my mccain sign on the lawn and the sticker on my car due to vandalism. But I refused to give in because that is my first amendment and i will be darned if i gave into fear. I can tell you that my son goes to school in the city (even though we live in a Delaware suburb but my children are forced to goto a city school to be fair to the les fortunate people even though i pay more taxes then them) and when i pick him up from school I am not going to lie, i get some evil looks and i am a little intimidated but i don't show it.

2188 days ago

let's save the world    


2188 days ago


Adrienne, I know that, sincerely, but TMZ is so one sided this just took me by surprise when they posted it.

2188 days ago

The Doctor    

"a man, 6'4", with dark skin and dark clothes" (huh, sounds like ANY BLACK MAN WILL DO)

not surprisingly it sounds like another white person trying to get the, "destroy all black men" call out... Show me the "B" on her chest (maybe her ex did it because she was a bitch) and it's amazing how people are ready to believe the worst about black men without proof. next comes the cries to "lynch 'em!"... woo, beware the scary black man and his jungle slashing way!, tell your jewish boss that if anyone made disparaging remarks about jewish men-

"a man with a kippot and dark clothes with apple sauce on his breath"

they'd be called 'anti-semetic' but it's okay for him to do other minorities that way. blacks had their blood spilled to save their sorry asses in WW2, show some f-ing respect...!

2188 days ago


I know all about riots and looting being in the Big Easy, and the Katrina Aftermath will look like a Sunday's Picnic if Obama wins or loses.

2188 days ago

I call bullshit    

'This is awful! Don't blame one party though, this was an act of a lunatic.'

* * *

A lunatic who supports Oblahblah, gee what a surprise....

2188 days ago


STOP IT!! Just STOP IT!! Ignorance is Bliss and too many of you are blissfully ignorant....... STOP IT!

2188 days ago


Interesting comments here, most of them extremely hate-filled. Crimes of any type in large cities do not surprise anyone in the USA. Those of us who live in rural areas, without fear for our lives, can only sympathize with anyone who chooses to or is forced to live in major cities where thugs rule the streets. Incidents like this could never happen in my area of the country, we would take care of the perpetrator ourselves and save taxpayers money. The poor woman has the sympathy of the decent folks in this country, may she heal quickly and move out of Pittsburgh as soon as possible.

2188 days ago


Posted at 5:40PM on Oct 23rd 2008 by katie

Thanks Katie for your reply

The ones here who can't afford health care borrow money or go bankrupt, we have free medicaid for low income families, it usually just includes the children unless mom is pregnant or they have extremely low income

2188 days ago
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