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"Politically Motivated" Mutilation - Real or Hoax?

10/23/2008 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley ToddPittsburgh law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have serious questions about the authenticity of the alleged victim who says she had her face cut by a politically-motivated attacker.

We're told there are several things about the alleged attack that don't add up. A Pittsburgh PD official says they are conducting a "thorough investigation" and have not determined if the alleged attack is real or a hoax. But we're told there is definitely a level of skepticism.

As we reported, the alleged victim claims she went to an ATM and when she turned around, a large dark-skinned man took the money she withdrew. She says when he noticed she had a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on her car, he became enraged, knocked her down and cut a "B" in her face.

We're told the woman refused medical assistance at the scene and said she would go to the hospital the next day.

The investigation continues.


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The backwards B reminds me of when Geraldo was attacked and carved up by Nazis.

2193 days ago


8 states are now filing lawsuits to see Obama's birth certificate. What is he hiding?! The people will not tolerate a thugocracy!

2193 days ago


Look closely at the photo. This is definitely a hoax, as the "B" is backwards. If you were cutting a "B" into someone, the straight edge of the B would be on the left, not reversed as it is on her face.

2193 days ago


She carved that "B" in her face while looking in the mirror... which explains why the "B" is backwards.

2193 days ago


Reminds me of Sarah Marshak, the Jewish student wrote put Swastika's on her own dorm door last year

2193 days ago


Funny how the comments have died down on this one...LOL racist pigs...


2193 days ago


U think it is real.....who would cut their face and risk having a scar for life.Maybe the attacker was dysletic.

2193 days ago


I bet "TODD" did it, since he's part of an Alaskan succession group.

2193 days ago


Now what do these stupid low down republicans have to say for themselves... This is truly a shame...all you who posted dirty blogs about Democrats before Eat Your Words....Obama 08..... and there aint a dang thing you can do about it HAhaha!!!

2193 days ago


#6 - Exactly...these closet Racist A**holes are pathetic.

2193 days ago

lost in lalaland    


2193 days ago


All of you McCain support are so stupid. I can't believe that you are so ignorant!!!! Ignorance is not bliss people! All of you jerk heads should show your birth certificates, move to Russia and leave this country to the REAL TRUE AMERICANS...I'm sure that you feel pretty upset with what I just said...Now feel the rest of the REAL AMERICANS who don't dwell in the world of dumb republicans who are so far out of touch from the real people of this country. I'm sure that mommy and daddy got you everything you want...GROW UP! Pay taxes, bills, rent, groceries and gas then talk about how great life will be if a republican was in the white house. It won't be good and the republicans who posted on this site are true haters!

2193 days ago

anon again    

Your 15 seconds are up, time to go back to obscurity Tawana.

2193 days ago

southern gal    

my2.5cent makes the important observation: backwards B. Only way to get a backwards letter, if you're doing it to yourself, looking in a mirror. This woman is crazy, dangerously crazy, and should be locked up.

2193 days ago


Get ready America...thisi is the beginning..Obama and his supporters are not the answer...this is just indicative of what an Obama administration will bring...

2193 days ago
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