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Three Generations of Single Spears Women

10/23/2008 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 53-year-old Lynne Spears (left) held her 4-month-old granddaughter Maddie Briann (center), while Maddie's 17-year-old mom Jamie Lynn (right) looked on in amazement yesterday.

All three women are currently unmarried.


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Actually we're both right. The first there should be "they're, the second "their". Enough said on that subject.

2156 days ago


This is way too funny because of the comment I posted :) Thanks for careing so much to correct my grammer, I am flattered. I'm sure my spelling might be off in this comment so go for it, rip me to shreds for typing to fast.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

2156 days ago


It is a trend. In America there are now more single adults than married adults. Marriage is good for women and good for children but not for men. Face it, american women do not cook, clean and iron shirts. They are into their own careers. But the courts have not changed with changing lifestyles, so if the marriage doesn't work out, the man gets the shaft!

2156 days ago


Ahhh, I DO stand corrected. I was referring to the first sentence, but now I see the error in the second one as well. Apparently I need to brush up on my reading skills and stop worrying about other peoples spelling LOL!

Ok, I'll shut up now!

2156 days ago

UH HUH    

Wow. Do you all feel extra special now that you caught someone else's gramatical error? Man, you people are seriously lame on this board!!

2156 days ago


Ok back to the story and not some ones spelling.......... Very Dumb Comment! All Three Are Unmarried lets just hope one of them is........ This is pretty good the only thing you could come up with is they are unmarried....... Good Piece

2156 days ago


Counting the ex mrs fedex, then there were 4....

They are all wabbits.....

2156 days ago

two cents    

TMZ I love your snarkiness! Very funny.

Too bad some of your readers are just too stupid to get "it". "The baby is only 3 months old". Hilarious!! Scary thing is some of these posters will be voting in the election. Now, THAT'S a scary thought! LMAO

2156 days ago

Big Bear    

Comment #1 is correct. Strong women do not need to be married to be happy but the children they bear will be bastards. I am not throwing rocks at any person just repeating what Mr. Webster said in his book.

2156 days ago


An old whore, a young slut and another skank in the making.

2156 days ago


I don't see what the problem is with Jamie having the baby at least she did abort it. Why the hell do you guys keep saying her age. There are girls that are 13 and 14 years old having babies. She is 17 years old an adult according to the state of Louisiana. She did a good job waiting that long here in the south they start at 13 or 14 having babies it's terrible but hey it is what it is, TMZ doesn't have anything about Palin's little hussy having a baby @ 17. Do you now? then rumor has it, its for a black boy what the hell i bet ya'll anit got nothing to say about that huh. Leave the damn girl alone and start talking about these old hags having babies in there late 40's just for some attention. Speak on that. Peace

2156 days ago


Couldn't have said it better myself Kevin. I do feel sorry for Maddie though. Poor thing will be raised by and surrounded by talentess skanks her entire life. She's doomed. I hope that poor baby learns to run really soon so she can get the heck away from the losers that will be raising her.

2156 days ago


You people do realize that they do these things to get a rise and none of it is serious right?

2156 days ago


Jeez, I HOPE the baby is single. Well, considering her aunt and mama, she should expect to be knocked up by 12 by a never-has-been rapper.

2156 days ago


is'nt lynn married to jamie spears? britney and jamie lynns father? when did they divorce? says nothing about that on wikipedia.

2156 days ago
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