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McCain's Bro Trafficks In 911

10/24/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Tuesday, John McCain's younger brother, Joe McCain, called 911 -- not to save his brother's presidential campaign -- but to get an I-95 traffic update.
Joe McCain
According to WJLA, when the 911 operator questioned Joe's misuse of the emergency only service, the 66-year-old barked "F*** you" and hung up. The annoyed operator called back the number that placed the call and got Joe's voice mail, which included an endorsement to elect his brother.

No word on what caused the highway congestion.

UPDATE: Brother Joe called into a local radio station, WTOP, to apologize for the whole thing. Click to listen.


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Amazing T!    

I don't think that the issue here is political bias... I think the issue is a guy who obviously feels so entitled that he believes that a 15 minute traffic backup is such an inconvenience to him that it's become an "emergency"

2190 days ago


It's just another example of an Elitist who thinks "the people" are there to SERVE him.

2190 days ago


#23- Your post makes no sense. Whom are you addressing? What do Democrats do? The article was about McCain's brother-never mind, you're stealing our air anyway.

2190 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

27. Satan, that blog you are referring to shows a newsletter from the "new society" put out and they backed him and listed Obama as being part of their "organization".

Do your homework and research, and quit spewing your hate filling crap, I am dealing with facts. You are dealing with this like a child fighting on the playground. You have no real basis for your views except to follow the crowd, instead of thinking for yourself. Ignorance must be bliss.

Posted at 3:37PM on Oct 24th 2008 by bite me

Mr. A

I know this is you. I think you should take your "facts" and shove them right up your you know what. You probably could've had a life if you didn't spend your time hovering over a keyboard, angrily typing out your obvious racism with your fat sweaty fingers defending your hate spewing bigot and his reatarded "pitbull". It's over! Your boy is OUTTA here! Now, go back to playgrounds cruising for little boys, FREAK!

2190 days ago

bite me    

lol this should be fun if Obama does win the election, then he will be able to implement his "plans". Then I guess it will be the republicans turn to sling crap at all the screw-ups and major "changes" that the libs have wanted so badly, but by then we will be in a socialist society and these blogs will be a thing of the past.

On second thought, does that mean I can quit my job and let the governement carry me and my family?
Oh that sounds so wonderful, sit on my ass and do nothing and get paid for it, after working for more than 20 years in the financial sector that sounds heavenly.

2190 days ago

yummi26 - old school forever!!!    

Roger Clinton? Is that you?...

2190 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

30. It's ok if Obama is friends with Bill Ayer's, Louis Farrakhan, have a hate for whites minister who is also his mentor, the one that married him and Michelle, the one who baptised his two daughters and many other undesireables plus taking illegal campaign donations, but Lord help us if McCains brother, not John McCain, but his brother, makes a 911 call for a non emergency. True, he shouldn't have used the F word, but to get so upset about this with everything else that is going on right now seems pretty petty. As does crucifying a mentally disturbed girl with a B on her cheek, easier to do that than wish her getting the help she needs.

I hope you all will be happy if your guy wins the election. Me? I don't have to worry about it. With the cancer I have I won't be here long enough to see what happens to this country after January, thank God.

Posted at 3:41PM on Oct 24th 2008 by going home

Love the defense of the "mentally handicapped" girl. That doesn't sound like she was off her rocker to me, sounds like she was playing the game just like her "heros" McPalin were playing it. Nice trying to put the spin on it though.

P.S. Good luck with your cancer. I do find it odd that you'd rather die than have a black president however. Racism is a powerful thing huh?

2190 days ago


I'm more worried about the Reverend, The Priest, and The F^%$#@G Terrorist.

2190 days ago

bite me    

I am female you jerk lol
reaching for straws to sling crap, unfortunately it is all over you

2190 days ago

This is my Boom Stick    

39. I am female you jerk lol
reaching for straws to sling crap, unfortunately it is all over you

Posted at 3:53PM on Oct 24th 2008 by bite me

Not me, your beloved race-baiting candidate seems to have not just step in it but completely cover himself in it. Better luck in 2012 douchebag!

2190 days ago

let's save the world    

Okay TMZ>>>

so lately you have been bashing the it because you have also been bought by the Obama campaign?

I mean, they have been buying their way to the white house with all the terrorists money they've been getting

Just like to story with that girl faking her was all planed by the liberals to make McCain looked bad

I am still voting for him.......and he will win!

2190 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

That wasnt even a good fake. TMZ either you think your readers are morons or you are. I tend to think both are.

2190 days ago


I Love it..I dont know about ya'll..but right now but my "Black" fist is in the air right now...hangin high in victory...(Eat A Fat 1 McBush)...Hahaha Obama 08.

2190 days ago


#41 - why do you think it's fake?

2190 days ago

bite me    

Oh and btw satin, I never once mentioned race, you did, I would be
more than happy to vote for a man or woman, black or white, who I put
my faith in running America.

This is a matter of trust, faith and experience influencing my vote,
unfortunately, hate and bile spewing seems to be yours.

Curious, why are you voting for Obama?

I would like to see one intellegent post by a lib without name
calling, arent you supposed to be a mature adult to vote in this
country? I have been called a lot of very nasty things because I found something that should be reviewed, but because the get the truth in their face, satan lashes back with ugly name calling. Satan do you think you can handle an adult debate/conversation without it?

2190 days ago
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