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Political Karma Will Get You in the End

10/24/2008 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If the path of Justin Zatkoff is any indicator, things don't go well for young Republicans who make up stories about fake beatings.

With the news that Ashley Todd lied about that whole "I was mugged and beaten because I support McCain" story, our good friends at Gawker reminded us of the tale of Justin Zatkoff. Back in 2006, Zatkoff invented a story that he was beaten up because of his political views after a Michigan College Republicans meeting.

Turns out Zatkoff made the whole thing up and was just beaten up by his friends. Ooops!

Flashforward to last month -- Zatkoff, now chair of the Michigan Federation of College Republicans, was fired from his position within the Republican National Committee's "Victory '08" Campaign. According to the Michigan Review, Zatkoff was fired after he stole 300,000 pieces of campaign literature from Michigan campaign headquarters.


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Susan Smith

2134 days ago

bite me    

ohhh isnt that sweet, a couple of people claim to have injuries, yet all the republicans are in on it. Someone forgot to phone me and let me in on this plan. I do not condone what these people are doing, and in the same token I don't condone all the mud slinging the Obama followers are slinging either.

.My thing with Obama, isnt because of the color of his skin to me, my biggest problem with him is who and what he is.....the problem is I really dont know the answer. He has sealed every record there is on him and his wife has followed suit with sealing her thesis as well and the only thing I know is he is a articulate orator (a good speaker, if you didnt understand those words) a committe chairman and a Senator of Illinois (a state which has gone into the toilet, with their own economy, and has more murders there this year than deaths in Iraq in the same time frame) for 143 days who doesnt like to vote except for present. Maybe if the information regarding him was made available about him, I might have voted for him, but since he is so closed lip about his past life, lied about his church leader, and general is an unknown, sure I am going to question.
Lying to excess causes you to be viewed as sneaky and distrustful.

2134 days ago


Ummm, I didnt read all the comments but its apperent she carved the "B" in her own face.....Its backwards, as if she was looking in a mirror when her dumb azz did it....stop the

2134 days ago


Yeah, Like Susan Smith!

2134 days ago


Thanks for the restraint TMZ, and not inserting a "Vote Obama' after every other word. lol

2134 days ago


Typical Republican

2134 days ago


I knew this was fake! Democrats don't want to kill us.....who would go to work?

2134 days ago

please take it down    

LOL backwards "B"..she must have crapped a brick when the cops pointed that out!!!!

2134 days ago

Ana Sarca    

Not as bad as Tawana Brawley, but still very bizzarro.

2134 days ago


How many times can tmz put the same old sorry story. It is obvious tmz are Democrats. Once is all that was needed. There are bad apples on both sides but must not be to many on the Republican side because they put it on over and over and over and over. I think I might have to get my celebrity new elsewhere and I think I'll let State Farm and Stressless know.
TMZ is tired.

2134 days ago



2134 days ago


Speaking as someone who wouldn't vote for McCain and Palin even if they were the only choices on the ballot (I have plenty of experience voting write-in candidates...) -- this girl's behavior has absolutely nothing to do with McCain or his campaign. She could just as easily have been working for any candidate. Her problem is internal, not external, and cannot be considered as a reflection on McCain or Palin or Republicans in general. Any organization can attract people with problems like hers, it's definitely not a "Republican thing". The Obama/Biden campaign is probably thanking their lucky stars that she wasn't working for them!

I hope they keep some legal pressure on her just so they can have a basis for getting her some help. It sounds like they are waiting for a medical evaluation of her problems before deciding how to proceed on the false police report charge.

2134 days ago


She made a fool of herself, but she is hardly Susan Smith. Susan Smith murdered her own children and all this tool did was scratch her face up and lie. I can see where the lying about a black man doing it does parallel Smith, but this idiot is hardly a killer.

2134 days ago


Wasn't this the same tactics Karl Rove used in his young Republican years?

2134 days ago


22. I knew this was fake! Democrats don't want to kill us.....who would go to work?

Posted at 5:50PM on Oct 24th 2008 by jen

Um yeah,i'm a demoocrat and i worked a doulbe shift last night and today,11-7,7-3. Stupid republican BIT@H!

2134 days ago
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