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Jerry Lewis Flames Out ... Again

10/25/2008 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry LewisIt's official -- Jerry Lewis will not be the Grand Marshall at the West Hollywood Gay pride Parade.

An Australian TV reporter asked Mr. Hey Lady for his opinion on the British game of Cricket. The 82-year-old, seen here drooling at the event, replied, "Oh, Cricket? It's a fag game. What are you nuts?"

We'd like to believe he's referring to British slang for "fag".

Try this Jerry: Cricket is a game for "smokers"-- yeah that's it.


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Ooooo Noooo!    

Hey, is that Don Knotts?
"Andy. . . help me, Andy!"

2187 days ago


This guy is a loser. I got into it with him in an art store in San Diego 'cause my girls wanted to take his picture. He had a total meltdown. Dean did the right thing dumping him. Shoulda never spoke to him again. Self centered jerkoff!!

2187 days ago

Wayne Donvale    

You guys are idiots!
He said "it's a fad game" joking about it only being popular for over 100 years.
Look up FAD in the dictionary.
Hope you get sued.

2187 days ago


Leave this guy alone....he's old.
Want to pick on somebody? Pick on an old guy?
How about that Byrd guy from WVa ; he was with the KKK.

2187 days ago

mmmmmm hmmmmm    

i remember jerry as a healthy vibrant handsome young man. unfortunately, now, this is the image i will get when i think of the Hey Lady guy. someone shoulda put him in a box and closed the lid long, long ago.

2187 days ago

Alma Marie    

There you Americans/Jerry Lewis go again, being disrespectful because you no nothing about the sport of cricket.
Cricket is a sport that has millions or fans worldwide and is played by professionally in England, Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa etc. With comments like that, you just show your ignorance which the rest of the world is already very aware of.

2187 days ago


He isn't drooling. He has been doing this for years. It's part of his "shtick"

2187 days ago


Come on even put this picture up is soooo cruel....GET A LIFE TMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

2187 days ago


What's the big deal? He can dislike anybody he wants. After all he's jewish and a lot of people don't like jews.
Let the guy fade away in peace.

2187 days ago



2187 days ago


Most of the Haters wore not even born when he was popular or dont even know his Life long Career ,he said the word in Jest, as in Jester, he clowns around all the time,hes not a hater ,hes a joker, hes worked with Gays all his life in hollywood and WEST HOLLYWOOD , ASK Harvey, he knows

2187 days ago

Aunt Esther    

So what? Why should anyone not be permitted to comment on homosexuals and their perversion if he wants to? Get over yourselves. This is America, and we can say and think what we want (unless Obama becomes president, then all bets are off).

2187 days ago


WHy are you surprised? He has also attacked the disabled, and women, and he has also used the "f-a-g" word before. Just look up his biography. Not a hater? uh-huh

2187 days ago

Lenn K.    

TMZ, you people are the dumbest on earth. He a celeb and that means he's not Sarah Palin which also mean he get's a pass. You know he meant gay people and you pretend he doesn't. You hammered Sarah Palin every damn day, but you can't let yourselves be fair and balance toward one of your own. Pity to you!

2187 days ago


Jerey Lewis is nicer than Milton Bearle ever was. Leave poor old Jerry alone.

2187 days ago
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