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Mysteries and Twists

In Hudson Murders

10/25/2008 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 7-year-old nephew of Jennifer Hudson is still missing. The suspect in the murders of her mother and brother is in custody. And there are several interesting twists.

William Balfour, the estranged husband of Hudson's sister, Julia, is in custody but isn't talking. In a cryptic statement, a Chicago PD spokeswoman said investigators are talking to "a number of people in custody." She didn't explain further.

Cops say at least one of the victims had defensive wounds, which led them to believe the shootings involved domestic violence.

Here's the most interesting thing -- neighbors in the area who know the family well say a few weeks ago a family member tried stealing a car, which triggered a heated argument in which the would-be thief promised revenge. No one was named specifically, but Balfour spent nearly 7 years in prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen vehicle.

On Julia's MySpace page, recently posted a picture of Jason (one of the victims) in a vehicle. The caption below reads, "Jason picking up my ass from work, cause William bitch ass sold my car."


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i cant wait for this election to be over so this world can change for the better sick of all this drama

2167 days ago


16. See! You can take the blacks out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of blacks!
This is why we can't have a black man in the WHITEhouse!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 11:07AM on Oct 25th 2008 by Vote republican

You give Republican's a bad name.

2167 days ago


20. Please stop Black on Black Crime...I think if John McCain is elected, he just might listen to my plan..I would propsose moving them all down to Mexico, And adding another 2 feet to the Border fence......So please vote for John McCain....He will put a stop to this inSanity.....GodBless Our Country, and thank Goodness Mexico is close to us, so we can do this Plan of mine..Thank-you

Posted at 11:15AM on Oct 25th 2008 by HelenTootToot

You give republicans a bad name as well. People, please do not let the ignorant comments of these posters stop you from making an informed decision.

2167 days ago


helentoottoot......human is human, we all do dumb stuff, we all have intestines, all it is is just a different skin color. People like you sound sooo stupid it's not even funny. Putting racist stuff on here after reading such a devastating story. So Heartless!!!So the world is different and we all are not the same...get over it. Helentoottoot if you are seeking attention which obviously you are ....fix yourself up tonite and go to a club and get laid because obviously you are not happy with yourself and in need of someone to make you happy or something.

2167 days ago


There are people on here posing as republicans and McCain supporters who obviously are not. They are on here to fill an agenda to put republicans in a bad light. We are not racist....there are black republicans as well as white republicans.

2167 days ago


I am confused...why are you people talking about black and white?? People lost their lives and this isn't fun or funny for these families. To have something so shocking and unexpected happen is life changeing. We should just say our condolances and hope they find the young boy unharmed and leave the rest out of it. God Bless those who have been taken from their loved ones.

2167 days ago


I can't believe some of the horribly insensitive, and some even hateful statements that have been left on here. This family is experiencing a tragedy that it would pain anyone to even imagine. To loose a mother, a brother, and not know the condition of your nephew. I wish that all of you who think its alright to make these ridiculous comments would take the time to think about how it would feel if this was you immediate, or even extended family at the center of this story.

To the family of the victims

I am truly sorry for the lose that your family has suffered and i hope that the missing young man will be found safe and unharmed

2167 days ago


Datalord, you should Google Jennifer Hudson, since you don't know who she is, BEFORE coming here to post on a message board about her.

2167 days ago


There are people on here posing as republicans and McCain supporters who obviously are not. They are on here to fill an agenda to put republicans in a bad light. We are not racist....there are black republicans as well as white republicans.

Posted at 11:31AM on Oct 25th 2008 by this republican

i highly doubt these are plants. i work with my local democrat office for the elections. we do phone calls and you wouldn't believe the racist BS i hear from the people who are voting mccain. you are sticking your head in the sand about the problems of your own party. that's not helpful, it's harmful. stand up, be a man and realize what lunatics are hijacking your party and bring it back to what the republican party used to be.

2167 days ago

London Girl!!    

So such news, as for the racists on this forum u truly are sick!!!

2167 days ago


Once a thug, always a thug! Someone will say he was a "nice boy." Whatever!!

NO-bama on Nov 4!! There are way too many questions about that man that haven't been answered. He WILL take away everything we have all worked so hard for!! The latest is that Dems want to do way with 401K savings plans...WTF!! Let ME make the decision to contribute or not...I don't need you making it for me!!

2167 days ago


Sad set of events. Sad story. Sad that people commit such acts on each other. Sad that people commit acts of crime on themselves, i.e., the girl who carved a B in her cheek and blacked her own eye.
No man is the answer; the need is spiritual.
For those whose ruthless comments are only race-oriented;
they will soon find where they will be going...sentenced by their own wretchedness.

2167 days ago


#1. can people stop using this a an opportunity to come online and spew ignorance and filth. You are not convincing anyone to vote for McCain you are showing people that you are ignorant and racist. Kelsey Anthony killed her daughter so does that mean we should all vote for Obama because White people are killing each other? Or what about the girl who said a big black guy who supported Obama attacked her but she lied? There are plenty of hate sites for you to be ignorant on so go find one please.

#2. Was Jennifer Hudson's sister so desperate not to be a single mom that she was willing to bring this type of trash into her home? I meet women all the time who think that these types of losers are the only men who will date them. If your only choice in life is to be a single mom or date trash then be a single mom. I don't understad how you can look at someone like that and think that this would be a good addition to your life. Women need to wake up and stop being stupid. If someone has been to jail for attempted murder and car jacking then they will try to murder and rob you. Please stay away from trash!

2166 days ago

Tag Team    

I looked at the address of the house on, and the first thing I noticed was all the cars sitting around the house, I counted 5.

2166 days ago


How dare TMZ allow people to put racist garbage on this blog. This young woman lost her mother and brother to a senseless crime any way you look at it black on black or white on black. TMZ clearly states INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS may be removed well they don't get any more INAPPROPRIATE than these. GO TO HELL anyone who says these things or even thinks them! GOD BLESS THE HUDSON FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

2166 days ago
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