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Supermodel Iman

Good Genes or Good Docs?

10/26/2008 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As a supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid Bowie, aka Iman, knows how to give good face, but is it all hers?

Here's the 20-year-old Somalian beauty at the beginning of her career in 1975 (left) -- and the 53-year-old version at a NYC event on Thursday (right).

Apparently, aging is not in this season.

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vile comments    

I always have to wonder how anyone could click on "good genes". One can CLEARLY see the cheek implants. Furthermore it's not possible that a woman at her age has no wrinkles. I would guess 98% of all celebs get plastic surgery done and injections.

2003 days ago


she was in a horrific car accident, people. she had to be reconstructed pretty much from scratch. but she's not a white chick who's business is splashed across mainstream media, so people don't know all that. plus she's older than all the rest of these irrelevant broads on this site.

2003 days ago

Black people don't crack    

Black is beautiful and we don't crack.

2002 days ago


Hey 67, I think she's a pretty woman period. The only thing that has me wondering . . . Has her face grown longer with time?
Her face seemed rounder when she was younger and her nose shorter. The changes in skin color don't bother me.

2002 days ago


Lighter skinned blacks are considered more attractive within the black community,by many.Also alot of people who are white favour the lighter skinned blacks.I know lots of whites who have aged well do to good genes,as well as many who haven't.I love Iman,she rocks,and look forward to seeing her on Project Runway Canada soon.

2002 days ago


it's apparent she's been bleaching her skin so she isn't so dark. a shame that dark skinned people are not proud of being dark. it's tragic that they bleach their skin to be lighter.

and yes.. she's has work don't on her... so... obviously her doctors are the ones who have done a good job on her

2002 days ago


TO TMZ: what you need to add is ''good make up''

2002 days ago


3 words...NIP, TUCK, BLEACH. She's much more attractive now i think.

2002 days ago


Black does sometimes crack, black people are not immune to wrinkles! Samuel L Jackson??? Hello?
She has obviously had an eyebrow lift,it is so obvious !!!

2002 days ago

DMX hater    

It is sad that Inman although claims to be proud of her Africian roots, seems to be looking more White these days!! She can cover up her Africian heritage "above", but everthing "below", she cannot change, as God has given all Africian descebdents the genes they were born with. Hollwood can change a black person to look White( although I still don't know why all these black people are changing their skin color and general appearance to look more White), but babies born by her will still inherit diseases in genes carried by her, including sickle cell anemia. In truth, the blacks are destroying this country with their Africianized ways!

2002 days ago

DMX hater    

This woman is no longer considered a black woman... and it is obvious that she hates being black, and chooses to lighten her skin, so as to increase the wrinkles and cracks that affect mostly Whites at a later age. Why don't all the blacks simply contact vitaligo, and this would remove the skin pigment that gives a person their color, and their problem of being black, that they hate so bad, would be solved! Even Obama is not really black, but everyone calls him that, the fact that his mother was white, but they still call him black. Fact is the black genes are more prominent, and therefore show more on the black side on an interracial child. But of course, with all these black men having children with dumb blonde White women, makes the skin color even more predominantly White. So, in essence they have the genetic code to changing their color, making another race, and in the process destroying a race!

2002 days ago


This is a pointless discussion. It is a fact that she had her face reconstructed after she was in a car accident back in 1983. I can't believe how some of you've allowed yourselves to be tricked by TMZ into having this racial debate. The majority of people voting good docs is not an issue of race. I repeat it is not an issue of race. The ones that voted good genes were probably unaware of her 1983 car accident that required her to have facial surgery. I'm quite sure that she would have aged nicely without the help of doctors but the fact remains that she had to have facial surgery as the result of a car accident. There should be no further discussion.

2002 days ago


I am about Iman's color and 50. I don't have any wrinkles. I also darken CONSIDERABLY when I am in the sun. When I return from the Caribbean, I am "unrecognizable." I know that if I lived even in Florida, I would be a much darker woman. (Not all blacks "tan" in this way, but many of us do, particularly if we are naturally lighter in the first place.) Pictures taken in different lights and at different times of the year show me in different skin tones. And, finally, bleaching creams don't actually work. Michael Jackson lost all of his pigamentation... he did not bleach himself white! But it's obvious that Iman has had some work done following her accident that changed the shape of her face somewhat.

2002 days ago

DMX hater    

I know nothing that leads me to believe the MJ is ALL White! Vitilago, which affects a large majority of the population, affects mostly parts of the face, the ankles, and the pubic area. I have never seen this disease remove all skin pigment on any person, White or Black. Since this disease affects the body in blotches or patches, I suspect any person including Inman and MJ and others, use some other medication to remove skin pigment completely, but gradual. The disease that MJ claims to have would not completely, uniformly make the face lighter, but show patches of white, but he most positively could cover them up with enough makeup. As for Inman, she looks like she is from the planet of Czar!

2002 days ago

DMX hater    

looks like Inman did a stretch on Star Trek, before and after!!.... And will the real Inman Mohamed Abdulmajid Bowie... please stand up!!

2002 days ago
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