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Vehicle With Body

Timeline Critical

10/27/2008 1:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The vehicle that was found in Chicago with a body inside could be the key in unlocking the mystery behind the murders.

A neighbor who lives a block away from where the SUV was discovered says he remembers seeing the car Saturday. During the police press conference, the man came forward and claimed he called cops that same day but no one responded.

Meanwhile, two other neighbors tell a Chicago reporter they are sure the SUV was not there on Saturday. If true, it would mean someone other than the suspect, William Balfour, drove it there with the body inside. Balfour was arrested Friday night.


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So sad, God help us all

2154 days ago


how heartbreaking...

2154 days ago


OMG! I hope that is not the body of Julian King. Who ever the little boy that was found dead in the vehicle. He is now in heaven. Either way, my heart goes out to the families of these poor innocent children. RIP baby.. RIP =*(

2154 days ago


Remember what goes around comes around so everyone who was heartless and non compassionate will definately get theres

2154 days ago


Was the Hudson family aware of Balfour's past? Wasn't he in jail for attempted murder? I assume they are not surprised by these tragic events.

2154 days ago


I am so sorry this happened. What a waste. What's wrong with people? Why do they have to take their aggression out on children? Innocent little lives - the poor sweet child. My condolences to the entire family. We all deserve to live in a better world. Vote for Obama!

2154 days ago


The amber alert has been canceled .

October 27, 2008: The Illinois State Police canceled the Amber Alert on Monday morning after the body of a young black male was found in a white Chevy SUV on Chicago's west side. As of this update the police have not released a positive identification of the body but they have officially canceled the Amber Alert. A suspect has been in custody since late Friday night but has not yet been charged.

2154 days ago


This is such a sad and awful situation. When kids are involved, it is even more terrible. Any family going through something like this deserves a lot of love and support

2154 days ago


I heard a news report that said Balfour has a girlfriend that lives close to where the vehicle was found. Hmmm...I wonder....
Anyway, how very sad and tragic this whole situation is. My heart is breaking for the Hudson family. I am so sorry and am at a loss for words. I can only imagine the pain your hearts must be enduring. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. :-(

2154 days ago

Obama for President 2008!    

I honestly believe that the body is Julian King, It's so sad and unbelievable that someone could do this to anyone, let alone a innocent child. This is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard, To think he might have witnessed the murders and then was murdered, That is so unimaginable. God have mercy on the killer's soul. I hope he rots in jail and then hell. GOD BLESS THE HUDSON FAMILY, YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS.

2154 days ago

No Excuses    

And now the circus begins. It seems that the people in the neighborhood where the SUV was found are telling conflicting stories to the police and media at the price of finding the killer or killers , all for one minute of fame. Unless they have real truth to their stories, they should stay out of it and let the police do their job

I think there is going to be more to this story then there appears to be. I watched the mother of the poor child who was murdered and she doesn't seem right. She seems to know more than she is telling and she seemed strangely detatched and deceptive for a person who's whole family was killed (except for her rich sister) and whos only child was missing...

2154 days ago


The outrage over this should also be that if you saw the white truck and the license plate, you should have called the police asap. And if that stranger's claim is true, which I doubt, that stranger should have called 911 again - I kind of don't believe that person because this case is national and the police would have responded. But there are plenty of people out there who saw this truck and did nothing. If that innocent boy was somehow still alive, his life could possibly have been saved. But because people chose to keep their mouths shut, he never had a chance to fight for his life.

2154 days ago

This is why we need to stop and take a good look at our socitey that we live in. When you can take the life of a innocent child, what right do you have to live, because they are our future.
My heart goes out to the Hudson family. May you find peace through this ordeal. God Bless you!!!

2154 days ago

criss angels girl    

How sad can things get? My prayers go out to that family. What a beautiful little boy and life is so so so unfair.

2154 days ago


Ladies please be careful what kind of man you invite into your home and your life. This tragedy need not have occurred.

2154 days ago
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