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Cena Rumbles with Rappers Over Theme Music

10/28/2008 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guys of '90s hard-core rap group M.O.P. say John Cena and the WWE jacked one of their songs for John's entrance music and they're alleging some pretty slippery moves in the process.

Jamal Grinnage and Eric Murray -- that's Lil' Fame and Billy Danze -- want to put the kill switch on Cena's song, "The Time Is Now," saying it borrows heavily from their hit "Ante Up." In a federal lawsuit, they claim WWE's lawyers actually found some person to sign off on the license who was only a receptionist and didn't have authority to do so.

The biggest point of actual musical contention is one non-English line -- "BRRR Abado" -- that appears in the original song once, and in JC's song three times.

The suit asks for destruction of Cena's song and $150K from the defendants. No word from Cena or WWE yet.


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2184 days ago


My time is up your time is now.
I can't see you your time is now.
Something something something something
I can't see you your time is now.

2184 days ago


I agree with this.. but they should've done it years ago

2184 days ago


they should have done this back in 2005 when the cd came out whats the point of doing it now?

2184 days ago


WWE will just change his theme - he's been out a few months, and a new theme could help freshen his character. This will get settled out of court.

2184 days ago


They should have sued back when the cd came out. Lawsuits like this one are stupid, frivoluous, and a waste of judicial time. As for him using a similiar or the same word in his song? Please, if people sued over that there would be no music left! A new song might help his image, this song is getting a little old and stale. WWE will probably settle out of court, this is a stupid lawsuit.

2184 days ago


John Cena is the greatest !!

2184 days ago


jrad247, if you don't care, maybe you shouldn't post.

2184 days ago


They are probably broke off the asses and that's why they are suing now. And yes, it'll probably get thrown out...either because these guys are just ridiculous or the limitations on this issue has expired. And YES John Cena is the best...EVER!! I so love him... ;)

2184 days ago


I agree, if they wanted to sue John and the WWE they should have done it when the song first came out. They probably need the money. As for changing his theme song, they probably will since he has been out. This case will most likely get thrown out. If people were gonna sue for one stupid word, they would be suing everybody that ever made a song.

2184 days ago


With the past record of WWE fighting any and all legal challenges, the people who filed the suit had better be ready for what is called in the wrestling business, a Texas Death Match.

2184 days ago


I should explain: A Texas Death Match goes till one guy go any further. This kind of match is nowadays called a Last Man Standing.

WWE will fight this and try to win by making it a very long term and costly fight I predict.

2184 days ago


Not a Cena fan but this lawsuit should've been filed when the song was originally released in 2005! Why did they wait so long to say something! While I don't like the way WWE does its business at times, they should win this one.

2184 days ago


This is stupid and will more than likely be thrown out before it even gets heard if not they won't win and WWE will. Two words? OMG. They're greedy is what's happening.

2184 days ago


Anyone who is a hip hop fan and a wrestling fan knows that Cena did used Some Parts of MOP for his entrance song, (I always felt Cena should have gotten MOP on a remix track) but they should have sued back when it came out. Its not like MOP is broke they arent superstar rich but being singed and recruited by both Jay-z and 50 Cent labels (Roc a Fella, GUIT) over there careers they should be pretty comfortable.

2183 days ago
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