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Elisabeth to Joy

Don't Hassel the Beck

10/28/2008 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The supposed catfighting at "The View" continues.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Elisabeth is none too pleased Joy did a "vicious impression" of her at a comedy gig. She wore a "ratty green coat" to mock the outfit Hasselbeck donned at a Sarah Palin rally, and took a dig at EH for ridiculing the press about the whole Palin-wardrobe thing. "Elisabeth spends that much in a month," joked Joy.

That's an exaggeration, admits an "associate of Hasselbeck," but it "apparently enraged" her nonetheless.


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All you joy haters we should start a campaign to get her fired and replaced with a conservative. All in favor let me know!!

2183 days ago

Get Real!    

#4 & #14...I TOTALLY agree with both of you...She is a narrow-minded individual who ONLY sees one side and one side only...I watch the show quite often, so I know.

#46 by Katie...It's really a Shame too...The side of American that you(along with everyone else) is seeing now has always been there, it's just that now, having a Democratic Presidential nominee who happens to be black, their hate-filled hearts have come to light (some not all)...In other words..."Hidden Racism"...All you can do is pray and ask God to heal them...Peace!!!

2183 days ago

Mr. A    

Oh boy guess you told me, oh the slings and arrows - ouch! Oh excuse me my sides are still aching form laughing so hard.

Yes bad, bad Canada for pulling out of Iraq, oh wait we NEVER sanctioned Canada going in - neither did the U.N. Security Council…guess they gave in to the BIG BAD AMERICANS. Shoot first and ask questions later - the American motto. I guess the U.S. must have a HUGE stockpile of WMD they got from Iraq. Wow, high five!!!

Canadians have been in battle from the Boer War, First World and Second World War, Korea and up to
Afghanistan., not to mention our Peacekeeping missions around the world. Frankly I have little faith or trust in the U.S. providing any protection to anyone unless there is oil involved - oh wait I guess we are protected because of Alberta oil supplies - oh yippee!

Living next door to the U.S. is like having , dare I say, the big bully on the block who will at a moments notice run hot and cold and if he doesn’t get his way will take his ball and go home. Freedom fries anyone, anyone? France must have been so hurt - ya right. (oh that one killed me) Sigh… kids today.

Oh and did I forget to say thanks for sending all that contaminated spinach our way. Yum!

I'm sure the Mexican people appreciate your vote of confidence in them since you have shown them such respect in the past.

Thanks for the laughs - Some of you crazy yanks are a hoot.

Excused me I think I dropped my knife - never know when I gotta back stab someone...oh too funny.

Posted at 9:10PM on Oct 29th 2008 by katie

ok then. Lots of nervous fake it!

whatever it is.

2183 days ago


I taped The View the other day. I watched the round table discussion where they discussed that they are not fighting and they can't wait for this to be over so they can talk about other things, because they are just sick of it. Joy was the one who actually made this statement. Then they go to video of Joy on Broadway. This whole segment had nothing political about it. Here was that chance she so longed for to discuss something other than politics and what pops up in the middle of this segment her making a (dumb) joke about Palin. She is a one note. Hate the president; hate the republicans while attacking Elisabeth. Elisabeth is a puppet. She misses real opportunities to state some legitimate arguments against some of the fictional statements at times made by the others. Instead, Elisabeth chooses to repeat talking points and repeat whatever is being said in her ear. This show is a joke politically. Get your political insight somewhere else.

2182 days ago


Hey Canada

Every country has problems and the USA has been a good neighbor to you so get off your high horse and go have some beaver tail and poutine.

2182 days ago


Wow, i just think it's now out of control, this is a serious political event and everyone has their own personal "view's'.
I think there is some fear too, in the world which has fueled some fire in us all, HOWEVER how we handle ourselve's
as far, adult's in a mature manner, i have not been impressed with anyone on the view. I don't feel like these particular women ,
Joy being my least favorite, show a lack of intelligence or at least together do not have good chemistry for tv and if you look at the comment's, it's obviously good for rating's maybe, which is unfortunate. I don't think women if there going to upset more people with just ridiculous comment's, just aren't worth the time. I think they should enjoy their view at home and be replaced with some fresh, more intelligent women.

2182 days ago


I like Elizabeth..shes not afraid to voice her opinion..whether people agree or disagree....Rosie was a big fat ugly ego...please dont ever bring her back!
The other ladies are ok....Joy is a big mouth u thinks shes funny...and shes not...cant wait for the election to be over

2182 days ago


Hey OneWhoKnows I'll tell you one thing you don't know your Obama is gonna lose the election. Come tuesday you are gonna need to change your name to Don'tKnowS**t.

2182 days ago



2181 days ago

Allred Tree    

Ugly UNFUNNY Obnoxious Joy Behar should dress like she did on Halloween ALL THE TIME! She looked much better dressed as a man and it suited her UNFEMININE personality better also.

Elizabeth does not belong in the media at all. She is a big zero who thinks she is really something clever, witty and hot and she is not. She really needs to stay home and attend parenting classes. There might be something wrong with Grace as she is always wearing that hideous big bow on the side of her head in every picture. Google her name and pictures and see! Elisabeth rarely mentions the little boy so there could well be something wrong with him too.

Elisabeth does not belong in politics and I will never understand why the Republicans have allowed her to insert herself into their official activities. Elisabeth made those snotty remarks about Michele Obama at the luncheon honoring Cindy McCain and although they were true, they were stupid and inappropriate. She had no reason to bring up Sara Palin's clothes either. Elisabeth is conceited and dumb and so is Joy.

The entire show has been ruined and should be cancelled. Barbara Walters just looks like a fool as do all the rest of them and none of them are qualified to express their opinions on politics more than any of us are.

2180 days ago

Neal Norvell    

EH is immature and needs to grow up. It's unbeleiveable to me that BW keeps her on the show. There are so many more qualified, intelligent capable women that could replace her tomorrow. She really makes my skin crawl. Put her back on survivor but let's leave her on the island this time!!!!

2179 days ago

Neal Norvell    

Thank God she's pulling for McCain/Palin. She cannot possibly add any value to a ticket. She falls right into the negative ads the RNC was running which were having a negative impact overall on McCain. By pulling for McCain she is actually strengthening the Obama ticket.

2179 days ago

Allred Tree    

Is it any wonder why Barack and Michelle Obama did not reappear on "The View" after Elisabeth made the remarks she did about Michelle at the luncheon honoring Cindy McCain??? Hasselbeck was rude and how embarassed Cindy and the rest of the guest must have felt!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck apparently has no shame nor does the rest of the members of the "View" panel, including Barbara Walters.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has no talent for anything whatsoever that I can see. Her "art" is childish and trite. Most of us could do better! She does excel in a big EGO and her parents must have spoiled her terribly. Shame on Mr. and Mrs. Filarski!!!

Today, Barbara Walters did a lousy job of pretending to discuss the criticism her show has received for being biased toward Obama. ABC should cancel "The View." George Stepanopolous is as slimy as Barbara and the rest of her crew and I will never watch one of her specials again.

2179 days ago

Patricia Leadsom    

Evnough of Joy bashing George Bush and Sarah Palin. She should have watched Judge Judy on Larry King. She sees only one opinion and that is hers. It seems to me that Elisabeth is the only one that has anything sensible to say and she gets put down by everyone on this show. Get rid of Joy.

2156 days ago

Susan Ertell    

I used to make it a point of watching the view. I used to read anything I could about Barbara Walters because I admired her so. Joy Baher(hope I spelled her name wrong) has always been a egotistical, mean spirited, obnoxious , outrageous loudmouth who tolerates no one unless they totally agree with her. Sherry is tolerable, but not in combination with Whoopy! The show is something I don't recognize anymore. If Elizabeth wasn't on the show, everyone I personally know would never watch the show again. There is no tolerance for an opinion other than one having a severe liberal slant. I turn on the show maybe once every 2 months and turn it off almost immediately unless Elizabeth is allowed to get a whole sentence out without the whole panel getting nasty because she doesn't agree with the rest. Joy looks like she is going to self destruct - and don't we wish she would! Imagine, I've been told Joy was given her own show - what could they be thinking??? Barbara is the biggest disappointment of all! I, at one time, admired the fact that she would stay neutral. The only hope the show has is to create controversary so people will watch. This show makes me so angry! Don't fire Elizabeth, fire Joy - please! Barbara has lost any credibility she once enjoyed. And, the show should be taken off the air because it isn't a DISCUSSION of hot topics, it's a panel of liberals tellng us what to believe. Don't take time to enjoy "The View, it will feel like brain washing...

1629 days ago
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