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Elisabeth to Joy

Don't Hassel the Beck

10/28/2008 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The supposed catfighting at "The View" continues.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Elisabeth is none too pleased Joy did a "vicious impression" of her at a comedy gig. She wore a "ratty green coat" to mock the outfit Hasselbeck donned at a Sarah Palin rally, and took a dig at EH for ridiculing the press about the whole Palin-wardrobe thing. "Elisabeth spends that much in a month," joked Joy.

That's an exaggeration, admits an "associate of Hasselbeck," but it "apparently enraged" her nonetheless.


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Jeremy Bosco    


That's fantastic. Getting information on ANYTHING, much less politics, from Michelle Malkin, a known right-winger and staunch Republican, who continually and habitually bashes anything NOT Republican, only because it isn't Republican, and not because of any real and good reasons. Shows just how intelligent and free-thinking you are... which is to say, since I'm sure you really don't understand the point of SARCASM, that you AREN'T intelligent, and sure as hell don't think for yourself. Shut the bleating up, sheeple, and go away with your stupid and utter crap.

2184 days ago


Obama=Karl Marx

Read Karl Marx's works and you will the Obama's hidden agenda. No more 401ks, steal your money, and no more free speech with the Fairness Doctrine.

2184 days ago


Palin is the governor of a state. What experience does Obomination have? FU!

2184 days ago


Palin is an aduterous whore and her daughter is slut.

Why is EH kissin up to such white trash?
Because she is just like them.

2184 days ago


The McCain campaign just wanted to step away from the whole "she needed clothes" debacle but Palin wanted to clear her name and somehow Elizabeth got in on the act, thus prolonging the story. Two points: when is the last time YOU bought clothing with plans to give it to charity? Like the red jacket straight out of Thriller? Second: whether she likes it or not, these were gifts to Palin and she can only claim part of the amount as a charitable contribution when she does get rid of them.

2184 days ago


I will vote for Obama, and E.H. just made up my mind this election year, cause if McCain has someone like her in his group, God help us all/

2184 days ago


Bidden said that Obama had no ties to ACORN...LIES< LIES

2184 days ago


i think liz should go to fox where she belongs.that girl wears blinders i only give her a pass because she is still young
and so nieve.she look good sitting next to Bill O.Oh but wait a minitue she would not have the great easy job she has at the view.Sometimes she makes me so upset i want to throw something at the tv .I for one would not miss her if she was gone

2184 days ago


hy are you Republicans crying against Socialism?
We just had to bail you fat cats out to the tune of $ 800 BILLION dollar
.Yet you would deny universal healh care to American taxpayers.

2184 days ago


#30- You should be ashamed of yourself. This is about EH, not a CHILD! Grow up!

2184 days ago


It's obvious that one of the two men is going to win. So far I have read and heard horrible things about both. I guess America should really come to grips with the reality of it all. Those who like Obama will be happy if he wins .... those who like McCain will be happy if he wins and vice versa. No one is ever really satified. I live in Washington D.C. and every year massive amounts of people complain as the weather changes from season to season .... my first question to them is always how long have you lived in this area and I swear the answer is always 10 years or more or their entire life. My response is usually the same ..... "You have dealt with the weather changes for years or your entire life ... by now you should be use to it". Humans always have something to complain about and or dislike ..... I think it's what keeps them functioning .... Having said that .... each election we hope and pray that it will bring changes of great multitude and almost each election we find ourselves gravely dissapointed ....

2184 days ago

criss angels girl    

I wish Joy would shut the frig up and get fired. I CANNOT STAND HER. She looks like a prune with that old smug smirk on her face. What a bitch. She is cranky and needs some damn Lexapro or something. I cannot believe that she would be a stand up comedian, what a bitter old hag. Go Elizabeth!!! Shut up Joy, leave the show and maybe I will watch it again!

2184 days ago


Who in the hell buys $150,000.00 worth of clothing to give to charity???
How stupid does the lying GOP think voters are??

Palin is a WHORE!!!!

2184 days ago


Who in the hell buys $150,000.00 worth of clothing to give to charity???
How stupid does the lying GOP think voters are??

Palin is a disgrace !!!!

2184 days ago


Elizabitch needs to get a life and stop kissing McCain ass so much!!

2184 days ago
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