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Big John Daly Snookered at Hooters

10/29/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Golf trainwreck John Daly allegedly got so trashed at a North Carolina Hooters cops had to haul him off to the local hoosegow.

According to the Winston-Salem police report, Daly passed out at a Hooters on Sunday. Medics tended to him but Daly refused to go to the hospital. Cops took him to the station for his own safety.

According to the report, first obtained by Fox Winston-Salem, "Officers placed him in custody for a 24 hour sober up."

The incident further proves Chris Rock's theory that no one goes to Hooters for wings.

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get your facts straight tmz    

John Daly is awesome. He's a fun guy, good golfer, and it's sad to see him with his alcohol problems.

My parents hung out with him two weeks ago in Vegas. I hope he gets his life together.

2122 days ago

t wolf    

white trash drunk,he put the hurt on boys

2122 days ago


I thought Daly had friends that hung with him, that could get him a cab or drive hime home. If you are going to play this way, have the posse to protect you; you see how it works for Pacman?

2122 days ago

Lee Vernier    

Wow this drug is horrible for those who cant handle it and he sure cant. what a waste of god given talent. Applied properly this guys talent would be worth a fortune but instead is the comic of golf. shame

2122 days ago


John I know ya gonna read all this Your time is up The booze has won the battle. Its time to lay down and die. Good by John..... its sad that you let a little bully like alcohol get the longest drive.>>>> You are finished it has won

2122 days ago

Bob Daly    

Hey I like John..we have the same last name and same heritage..

My little buddy just needs to know we love him....and that the dog loves the wing sauce...

Look at the pic...he looks fine..just a little sleepy...

2122 days ago

Neal Norvell    

I wish I had just half his talent. Golf course talent that is.

Key man

2122 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

15. Listen, John Daly is a drunk and I love it. A drunk with money is like a trainwreck. Forget this bum.........why didnt he help Jennifer Hudsons family? Maybe HE IS THE CAUSE of that crime.Lets see.....who else can we blame.....????
John Daly for Prez......YES HE CAN YES HE CAN
Free Micheal Vick
Nancy Reagen for Prez of Brazil
God Save The Queen
I hate Me

Posted at 4:51PM on Oct 29th 2008 by YES WE CAN

God you are a loser... Yes You Are. You say you hate yourself.. I hate you too.

2122 days ago

Ron Jeremy    

Did he leave a tip?

2122 days ago


Know what's even funnier? Cirrhosis....NOT!

2122 days ago

Big Bear    

Daly is a drunk!! He is now and always has been a drunk. He can play golf when he is sober which is not very often. Daly gets the shakes so easy if he is not tanked.

2122 days ago


John Daly is the reason I watch golf. He is an interesting character. So what if he gets drunk once in a while. Who cares. Some people should lighten up a little. You only live once and he is having fun.

2122 days ago

All Of Them Be Infected    

LOVE JD - In the rare times that he's done well in a tournament, the fans have gone nuts (including me). An incredibly gifted athlete with a very loyal fan base whose talent has been seriously blunted by all his vices. Wonderful personality.

Daly ain't stingy with his dough, either, when it comes to charitable causes. There are several, but a for instance: When he won the PGA Championship in 1991, he put $30,000 of his winnings (the first real money he made playing golf) into a trust fund for the young daughters of a spectator killed by lightning during the tournament. Both those daughters used that money to fund their college careers.

2122 days ago


Stick his drunk fat a$$ in a beer delivery truck and staul it on some railroad tracks. Next, watch the biggest beer belly explosion in history when Local # 9 comes head on and crashes in a fire ball.................COOL!!

2122 days ago


AA is for Quiters - Go Johnny Boy. Hit it hard. You have a good ten years left buddy. It's Your time to shine :)

2122 days ago
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