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Hulk -- That's How He Rolls

10/29/2008 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan and Linda HoganHulk and Linda are at each others' throat again, and this time we're told it's over a combination of Hulk's prized Rolls-Royce and his worst enemy -- Linda's 19-year-old boyfriend.

The Rolls-Royce in question was to sit in storage until their marital assets were divided -- because the car loses value if driven. But Linda recently wanted to take it on a joy ride anyway.

Once Hulk's counsel got word Linda was having the car prepped to drive, they had the Rolls moved to an undisclosed location.

Sources tell us the car's insurance was "woefully inadequate," and Hulk had fears Linda's 19-year-old boyfriend Charley Hill would drive it -- which could have put the extremely expensive car at risk.

It wouldn't be the first thing of Hulk's Charley has ridden.


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I kinda liked Linda while the show was on, no I just cannot stand her! Really pathetic!

2164 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Let Nick race it with Linda and Hulk in the back seat, Linda has no care in the world, just think , you are the worst mom in the USA and she still spends money that she never earned, her daughter is washed up ,her son is a jail bird, they both are so dumb that none could go to college,what a wonderful family

2164 days ago


I cannot stand either one of them and they really don't deserve anymore attention. If anything these two were both so miserable it made me happy. They really deserve each other. They are both nasty and I don't think that either one of them has thought about anything before jumping into the situations that they have. I say boycott them., that's how I roll!

2164 days ago

jenna elich    

who cares-ever since i saw her boy toy carrying his skateboard haha I had enough-
hes not tony hawk and to date a young guy is one thing but he was carrying his skateboard like a BLANKIE

shes embarassing her kids man

2164 days ago


It's Counsel, not concil, numbnuts!

2163 days ago


@ mike,

They said "council" not "consil", dumbass

2163 days ago


Why do people pick on Brooke? She hasn't done anything wrong.. Nick, yes. Linda, yes. Hulk, yes. But not Brooke.. I have seen her reality show; she seems sincere to me.. So there..

2163 days ago


OMG, this is getting so stupid, even the parents needs to grow up.
ALL OF THEM, and Hulks G/F and Linda's new BF....get REAL and act your age.

2163 days ago


Linda is trying to re-live her 20's with her new boy toy and by divorcing Hulk Hogen. I am almost positive she never really loved him. She knew he loved her and stomached him until both of their children were grown and then she dumped him like last nights garbarge.

Rich Men and Women need to have their significant other sign a pre-nup. I don't give a sh!!t how much in love you think you are with them. Also, the main question prior to any marriage would be to ask yourself if I were not rich would this person evan entertain me .... most likely the answer is NO therefore get a pre-nup rich people ....... geesh .... !!!!!

2163 days ago

hollywood resident    

SHE IS A PIG GET IT TOGETHER LADT THINK OF THE KIDS "QUIT EMBARRASSING THEM" YOU FREAK WOMAN and for gods sake tone that sh----- hair down you look like a street hoochie you are not 20 any more you willa lways pick up trash men or should i say boys . You're poor kids they suffer from this FOE HOE

2163 days ago


@ # 6 MyTwoCents

He said "concil" not "consel", dumbass.

2163 days ago

Carrys F.    

Who cares about these 2 anymore? They're so yesterday's news and no one cares about their fights over their stuff. No one. Bring on the Madonna divorce!! That's interesting.

2163 days ago

From under the overpass    

It was the Hulks cash that bought all the goodies, and he should be allowed to keep the lot . Wifie looks like a bleached blonde two dollar whore, ( no offence to the whores out there) no wonder the youg guys want her , however that will only last until gravity catches up with her ass. If ya look close, she is not really that attractive to begin with, ahh yes, she looks better from afar... the farther away the better for the Hulkster. have a good un eh

2163 days ago


Hey L, he said consil not consel, dumbassessssssssssss!!!! All of yas!

2163 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#6 if you've watched brooke's show and haven't come to the conclusion that she's a superficial airhead - then I just don't know what to say. A girl who said she wouldn't vote for a female president 'cause she thinks women are too emotional - esp. when they get their period. Sexist against her own gender --- how... endearing? Or lets talk about how she dresses like a 'happy hooker' all the time with a ton of make up plastered on? In general her IQ is so low it's in the single digits. As for her singing - she's mediocore at best and doesn't have an original bone in her body.

2163 days ago
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